Soul Order Online Mage Best Build

Soul Order Online Mage Best Build by OmegaMidnight

Okay this is the best Mage build there is.
I tested it my self.Same lvl and same gear [NPC] but different build.
Pure fire or frost build versus mixed build.
Mixed did more damage,much more and it has more mana for almost 1000 more.
Anyway if you are up for the Mixed build here is the prescription.

Improve Fire Dragon – Max
Increase the damage of the skill: Fire Dragon.

Spirit Increase – Max
Increase your Spirit.

Improve Instantaneous Moving – Max
Decrease Cool Down time of the skill: Instantaneous Moving.

Mental Concentration-2
When you are preparing to use Magic, enemy has some chance to disturb you and stop you. This skill will decrease this chance.

Improve Vagueness Imprecation-2
When you use the skill: Vagueness Imprecation, there is extra probability to make target mob dizzy for 5 seconds.

Meteor Flame-1
Summon meteor to impact on the appointed area, causing target certain points of Flame damage.

Improve Thoughts Clarity-Max
Increase the Intellect Boost generated by the skill: Thoughts Clarity.

Intellect Increase-Max
Increase your Intellect.

Flame Proficient-Max
Increase your Flame Damage.

Improve Meteor Flame-Max
Increase the CS Rate of the skill: Meteor Flame.

Thats about it.

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