Soul Order Online Guilds Guide

Soul Order Online Guilds Guide by TrinitySylvari

About me:- Pro Guild Master. I’ve learnt what not do, and earned admiration from other Guild Masters. Now and then, I post up guides in different games I’ve joined as I have done here. My first post was Allods then Aika Online/Global etc… long list… Yes I am Raven Starsong/Triniti/Trinitysylvari


About Guilds/Clans/Legions

Guilds/Clans/Legions are usually set up by a group of members that share the same goals or ideals.

Benefits of joining a Guilds/Clans/Legions
Guilds/Clans/Legions members benefit each other by assisting and or joining groups within the Guilds/Clans/Legions  for questing, grinding, raids, sieges or dungeon runs as opposed to using chat to find groups, which at times can take a long time to either form or join parties.

One of the greatest advantages of joining a legion is getting to know its members, their style of play, strengths and weaknesses as opposed to joining parties with players you haven’t met before or have met, but don’t like their style of game play or skill.

Good Guilds/Clans/Legions leaders – officers and their members are at hand to help players with build/ skills/armours or weapon choice, if needed, which is an added bonus.

How to join a Legion
A lot of Guilds/Clans/Legions usually advertise for new members through chat. Some are general shouts, example: Arcane Society legion looking for new members, whereas some Guilds/Clans/Legions will be specific as to the requirements that they are looking for Example: Arcane Society legion looking for level 50+ members, pm me now – or Arcane Society legion looking for warriors and crusaders only. Other times you may receive a PM or direct chat from player asking you if you want to join their legion.

Another method for Guilds/Clans/Legions looking for new members is to refer you to their forums/website and ask that you register there if you want to join. Some forums/websites have a membership form for you to fill out. Another way is to ask legion members if they can sign you up, or put you in contact with someone who can.  Also check the gaming forums for Guilds/clans/Legion recruitment threads or posts.

Finding the best legion for you
The best way to find a legion that suits your style of game play or share a similar interest to you, is simple – ask questions. Not everyone wants to join a PvP based legion; some prefer to run with Guilds/Clans/Legions that specialize in dungeons, or prefer those that grind to level. Whatever your preference, be sure to ask questions before joining, and or get a link to their website, as this can tell you a lot about a legion.

Starting a legion

Think about what type of legion you want to start and what ambitions, goals and purpose you wish to set for your legion.

A lot of Guilds/Clans/Legions fail to live out the first couple of months due to inactive players, especially leaders that are rarely online and or inexperienced leaders that lack the skills or direction to maintain one.

Join a legion first before starting your own, just to get some idea of what’s involved in running a legion. Remember, being a legion leader is a lot of work. Make sure you have time to maintain and interact with your members.

Legion Size Think about the size of the legion you wish to run. The larger the size of the legion, the more work there is involved to keep your members active. You need to think about weekly taxes that is payable each week – whether or not your able to maintain weekly payments (dependent on legion size) to keep you legion in game. You will need to plan on how to pay for these weekly taxes before considering a larger type legion.

Purpose of a legion  Give a brief history or story line of how and why your legion was formed. Your cause, your motivations, your legion purpose. You’ll want to include a brief introduction about yourself, about your leadership skills and what path you wish to lead your legion on or to. Also add the advantages of joining your particular legion and why.

Choosing a legion name  Legion names is the first thing players will see. Divinity Guardians – makes me think this is a legion fighting for the right of good. The Banana Bandanna Clan has the under tones of a “Fun legion” more then anything else.

Select names for your legion name carefully, as this will draw potential new recruits to investigate your legion further. The idea of your chosen legion name is to attract their attention away from the many Guilds/Clans/Legions listed in the legion section. Get creative. Put those thinking caps on.

Types of Guilds/Clans/Legions 

PvE/Quest Player versus Environment guilds/legions/clans  Not all players enjoy “PvP”nations/Servers but rather prefer to stay within the PvE sector of the game. I also call this type a guild/clan/legion “Quest” guilds, preferring instead to focusing on quests as a group, especially hard to complete quests which may require more then one player. New players may prefer this type guild/clan/legion to rank/level up faster as opposed to going it alone.

Social based legion  This type of legion is made up of individuals whom prefer to socialize with one another, and from time to time will venture out together as a group to help each other with quests or help each other in acquiring hard to get items etc… No driving force behind these types of Guilds/Clans/Legions, no strong objectives/goals to reach, just a legion that likes to hang out. Pretty laid back type legion.

Ethnic Guilds/Clans/Legions  are made up of players from the same country or region or have an understanding of the language. Sometimes joining a legion in itself can be confusing, if you don’t understand what the majority of players are saying, let alone what language their speaking. So finding a legion within the comfort of fellow countryman makes game play a lot easier. It’s good to have players within the legion that are able to help with translations to make your game play a lot smoother.

Role-playing based Guilds/Clans/Legions  This type of legion is made up of individuals whom prefer to act out their characters given traits and or the alignment implemented within their perspective games storyline. Each account holder is encouraged to assume the role of their avatar (character) and must maintain the characteristic of their gaming avatar throughout the duration of the game whilst they are online. Truly, a charismatic type legion.

PvP based Guilds/Clans/Legions  This type of legion is strategically driven – player versus player, battlegrounds, arenas, and or castle sieges. They are knowledgeable in class builds as well as strategy. This type of legion will ensure the best possible build for your chosen class/es, and most importantly, you will learn to strategically out play, out man-oeuvre your enemies, making game play that more enjoyable. Not all PvP based Guilds/Clans/Legions, get it right the first time, over time, like any good wine, they just get better.

Leveling Guilds/Clans/Legions  This type of legion is made up of players focused on maxing out their characters in game level cap. Though there seems to be no prejudices as to the level range, as to who can join. The main objective here is to level up. The more the merrier. Battles, quests and or monsters are chosen that offer the highest experience points. Players will be expected to farm and or repeat such quests and or monsters for long periods of time. Often then not, you could be fighting and or doing the same quests/monster repetitiously until your characters level cap is reached.

Dungeon Guilds/Clans/Legions  This type of legion is primarily focused on dungeons. Dungeons offer some of the best challenges within the PvE sector as well as offering better drops then those that would usually be acquired through questing and or drops from grinding/farming outside of dungeons. Dungeon Masters or leader will help – advise you on builds best suited for dungeons, so you’re able to run through dungeons much faster. Added bonus of dungeon Guilds/Clans/Legions, secondary to questing, is the xp generated from dungeon runs and the drops within the dungeons sell for greater amount of gold. By far one of the more financially, beneficial, type Guilds/Clans/Legions.

Legion Content

 Legion forums/Website Optional:-May want to make a website for your Legion. Good place for legion members to post their ideas, talk, pictures, videos, etc. If you’re not good at making a website, find someone in your legion that is. All players love showing off their character wins and or outfits etc …

However, I have met leaders that can’t be bothered with websites, or don’t have the know how – how to start one. The key to success is communication. The most important asset for a legion forums. It is important to maintain a link with your members, through forums. This allows your players to discuss any concerns and or issues they maybe experiencing, either with game play or another member of your legion.

It’s also a great way to organize events/campaigns for your members, ensuring maximum numbers. Some of your members may need assistance with certain quests, maybe yourself, so your forum is a great asset for both yourself and fellow members wanting help with particular in game events/quests.

However, it is of great importance that you get to know your board moderators well before giving permissions to players to help moderate your board. Sabotage is not uncommon within legion forums, so allocate one moderator per board, rather then giving permissions’ to edit all threads/categories. Another good thing is to confer with your offices and members as to the content of your boards if your unsure what type of threads/categories’ should be posted, defer to your members as to the threads they would like to see posted.

Meetings-Establish set time/date for online meetings … legion websites and or forums, so players are aware of any new changes and or new members to your legion. Could be “campaigns, raids”, what the reason, keep your players informed.

Conduct Social Grace: You need to be civilized not only to your legion members, but also to other Guilds/Clans/Legions and their members as well. It is not uncommon for members of other Guilds/Clans/Legions, whom may prefer to change over to your legion. So be polite, patient, and smile.

Be very subtle with players whom wish to leave. Having a “Traitor list” with ex member names published on your forums/website is a “no no”. This will deter potential no recruits, and may put off your current members. Remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so that player may wish to return. Instead, players wishing to return back to your legion you could set them a task, like, you must recruit 5 other members to come back as a form of punishment instead. Not only is it beneficial to your legion, but it still leaves you in good standing amongst your members.

Connect As legion leader, you need to connect with both your officers and legion members. If you lack the skill to do so, delegate this responsibility to someone more suited to the job. An ambassador if you will, or Liaison officer.

Leaders and officers  Please ensure from the get go, that new members are aware of you Guilds/Clans/Legions hierarchy. It’s amazing how many members don’t actually know who their commanding offers are, let alone the legion leader. Officers: – You will be constantly sought after for advice or help. The weight of a leaders responsibility needs to be carefully delegated amongst your most trusted officers, your most aptly suited officers per position – after all, they are the ones, your members will look up to when your not online, choose carefully.

Interest in joining a legion It’s good to see what type of people is wanting to join your legion and why. You can see if they follow the same goals as your legion and their commitment they are willing to offer your legion- without running off to another legion because their name sounds better and or has better leadership or larger in numbers. So ask questions you find relevant to your legion – to potential new recruits. You need to ascertain whether or not new players are to remain loyal to the legion. Trial new recruits. This always a good idea.

Legion requirements  Some Guilds/Clans/Legions may have certain entry requirements, like what type of players are you looking for? High profile players, high level players or hardcore gamers. Make sure you state your Guilds/Clans/Legions specific preferences to members scouting for potential new recruits/ or when advertising for potential new recruits. Give clear guidelines to those you have trusted to find/recruit new legion members.

Keep a list of character names of legion members, levels and class. Keep this separate (word document) with brief notes, such as “warnings” you may have issued and to whom, and or players wanting help with build etc … you can’t be expected to remember everything, so write it down. You’ll be able to see whose’ stopped contributing/helping the legion progress etc … think wisely, before acting. Discuss any repercussions first with your officers/hierarchy.

Legion recruitment application Besides legion requirements, what requirements do you want of your new recruits? Think about the type of players you want in your legion, and their roles that they are to fill. Write down questions you think are important for new recruits that would help benefit your legion. (See skill set).

Membership interview  Sounds like a job interview. Well it is. Each of your legion members has a job/role to fill. Make sure you have the right person for the right role. Ensure to include how often a potential new recruitment is online. A level 30 player that’s on once in awhile is useless to you. Choose carefully.

Player activity Another good thing to find out is what type of gamer are you recruiting and or looking for! Casual gamers, active gamers, hardcore gamers. Casual gamers are the most difficult to keep in touch with, although they do swell your ranks.

Guild/Clan/Legion Template
Guild Nation:
Guild Name:
Guild Leader:
Guild Officers:
Guild Type:(PvP/PvE/Dungeon/social Based/Role playing based/leveling based)
Guild Website/forum link: (private site)

Recruiting Officers:(Names of contact)
Recruiting Status: open/closed
Enrollment Requirements:

Guild Signatures:-
Guild Purpose-Story /ideals behind your guild

Optional Extras:
Code of Conduct:-
Warnings: Rule breakers
Enemy guilds:
Guild Ranks (List name of all guild members/class)
Code of Conduct:-
Warnings: Rule breakers
Guild Motto/oath
Guild banner

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