Soul Order Online Bard Guide

Soul Order Online Bard Guide by Azrielle729

Leveling up from 1-30 isn’t really much of a hard work since the system has designed comprehensive “guiding” quests which give you both the experience you need and the informations that will help you understand how the game works. All you need is time, perseverance (especially being as a Bard) and be updated with your quests, as well as your skills.

Bards don’t deal much damage as other classes do (i.e. Mages, slayers). However, Bards excel at surviving through various quests since they can heal themselves, so questing seems spontaneous.

The following tips may help your Bard level up faster:

1. Be sure to take and complete the starter quests provided by the system.

2. When you reach level 5, you may search for a Master to become his/her apprentice. (Even if you’re soloing quests, you gain experience with each time you “Report” to your Master. You receive one report point for each level you gain. To report, press “K” and click “Report”.

3. Be sure to claim your daily Quenching Marrow (a buff pill which gives you +30% exp and soul point gain) from Blacksmith NPC.

4. When you reach level 15, you may now enter Black Cloud Cave (BCC). You need a team to finish your quests in this cave.

5. Make sure you claim Spirit Seal Tokens from City Master as you will need those to finish dungeon quests.

6. For a skill combo, you may best use this: Chilly Wind+Wind Power+Wind Blade/Strepitoso. This way you kill a mob faster and safer.

7. For additional damage, you may use your Shadow/Fire Soul (which you can obtain from a quest by Soultreasure Child). Remember, leveling up your Shadow/Fire Soul will help you a lot later in game as it improves some of your stats, and will increase your CS (Critical Strike) damage.

8. To be updated with your quests, press “L” and check your “Current Suitable Quests” and “Profit Quests” lists.

9. Remember to do Mystic Principle Quests (schedule available in game events calendar), convoy quest (General Wu), and daily mobs quests.

Hope this helps, and enjoy the game :)

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