Singed 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Singed 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends
Summoner Spells
1) Ghost: To kill and to escape
2) Flash: To kill and to escape
1) Defense: Resistance, Hardiness, Strength of Spirit
2) Utility: Good Hands, Meditation, Utility mastery, Greed, Quickness, Intelligence, Presence of the Master
1) Mark of Insight (M.Pen), Seal of Vitality (Health/Lv), Glyph of Shielding (M. Resist/Lv), Quintessence of Swiftness (Move Speed)
Champion Skill Priority
1) Insanity Potion (Ultimate)
2) Fling Lv 1.
3) Poison Trail Lv 1.
4) Mega Adhesive Lv 1
5) Poison Trail
6) Fling
7) Mega Adhesive
Item Build
1) Boots of Speed
2) Philosopher’s Stone
3) Boots of Swiftness
4) Force of Nature
5) Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
6) Thornmail
Early Game:
1) Don’t Solo
2) Mega Adhesive + Fling then block their escape with Poison Trail.
Mid Game/Late Game
1) Initiate with Insanity Potion + Mega Adhesive + Fling, go crazy and attack + run about Poisoning everyone.
2) When you health is low enough lure enemies by running away, poisoning them the whole time.
3) Use Mega Adhesive and Fling to catch running enemies or to save your teammates by disrupting enemies.

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1 Response

  1. Jon says:

    Lets see. Since this is prety outdated id assume.
    A) Singed is a great soloer.
    B) Why get HP/level runes, when you could get Mana/Level runes, which also increases HP (2 for 1)
    C)He doesnt really need tenacity.
    if you go Boots of swiftness, and with the new masterys get juggernaut(reduces Crowd control on you)
    i just use mega ahesive, and Exaust so they cant catch me, and when theyre about to, just fling them the otehr way, and run back from where you came.
    Force of nature is good
    Crystal scepter is okish. When they realize theyre being slowd, theyll stop chasing, which is not what you want. Thornmail- only good if they have an auto attacker.

    I prefer
    Boots of swiftness
    Rod of Ages
    Force of Nature
    Rabadons Daethcap
    Zhonyas Hourglass(or Randuins Omen for a third slow)(or abyssal scepter if the other team is AP heavy)
    Gaurdian Angel(or Frozen heart if your not dying to much)(Or banshees veil for AP heavy team)
    just run in there, poisin+fling, and run away.

    If you solo, just dont over extend, Fling and poison, and let the minons do the dirty work. when you get low on health, run back to your turret, and fing them into it.
    IMO Solo singed is better then laneing, since he gets great feed.

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