Shakes & Fidget Game Mechanics Guide

Shakes & Fidget Game Mechanics Guide by fistikis


I have read a lot of posts in this forum trying to find out how the mechanics of the game work. Until now this is where I have come to:

  • Damage = (weapon damage) * (1 + (my primary attribute)/10 – (enemy value of my primary attribute)/20)
  • Crit = Luck * 5 * /( (enemy level) * 2)
  • When crit happens, double damage is occured.
  • Health = (Constitution) * (2 for mages, 4 for scouts, 5 for warriors) * ((my level) + 1)
  • Evasion = 50%, only for scouts since they hit level 10
  • Block = what the shield says only warriors
  • Noone can evade, block or “resist” a mage’s attacks
  • Damage scales during a battle linearly by 0.4 each round (eg. 1st round: (initial damage), 2nd round: 1.4*(intial damage), 3rd round: 1.8*(initial damage) and so on)

I am trying to put up a couple of tools online for my guild evaluating items, simulating battles, finding best attribute to raise and things like that. I would like to use the most up-to-date information available so please let me know if I have understood something wrong, or if there is something I miss…

Any help is appreciated.

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