Pockie Ninja Stats Explanation and Analysis

Pockie Ninja Stats Explanation and Analysis by babot

1st thing you need to know is this.


the underline part in the image is the stat you get from the item which is armorbreak + 42.
so whats with the 47? well it is the ceiling  stat you can get from that item. which mean you can get up to 47 armorbreak stat on that item. (you can reach that if you refine, reroll or buy another item)

now whats with the 2nd picture then? ohh! it explain that ceiling stat varies in level of the item. as you look closely the 1st item is level 22 and the 2nd one is level 9, (encircled part)
the ceiling stat of a lvl 22 item for amor break is 47 and for level 9 is just 38. (huge difference right?)

and now your stats!


well this is your stat window.

ATK = well its self explanatory

BLK = chance to get a partial damage of your enemy attack, BUT if the attack you receive has an effect like paralyze you’ll still get that debuff. good thing in this stat is after you block an atk, you’ll get a bonus speed for one turn! bad part of block is, its not allowed in world cup.

Speed = your move speed in the game. you can hover your mouse to the word speed in your stat window to check how many seconds you need on each atk

Dodge = chance to evade enemy attack*including skills*

HP and Chakra = self explanatory

critical (crit)= chance to do critical damage!(higher value of this will increase your chance and CRIT DAMAGE) bad part of crit is, its not allowed in world cup.

defense = reducing you enemy’s attack damage

pierce = this is for lowering your enemy’s block

armor break (GB)= this is for lowering your enemy’s defense!

hit = lowering your enemy’s dodge

constitution (constit)= lowering your enemy’s crit

ok ill put a chart showing there corresponding counter part

pierce —————————————— block
Break(armor break) ————————- defense
crit(critical) ———————————— constit(constitution)
dodge —————————————— hit

lets do some math!

if your pierce is higher than your enemy’s block then, he doesn’t have a chance to block your attack

*your pierce* 110 – 100 *your enemy’s block* = -10(it is also zero) so he cant block a thing ^^

if your constit is higher than your enemy’s crit then, he doesn’t have a chance to do crit

if your hit is higher than your enemy’s dodge then, he doesn’t have a chance to evade your attack

if your armor break is higher than your enemy’s defense then, its simple! it gives you more damage!
for further analysis….

lets say your GB is 340 and his DEF is 290= then you got an increase of damage approximately 3-4% of damage!
HEY! if thats the case ill just buy items that increase my ATK%! and ill have more than that!

ok calm down my child… lets say all of your item give you a total 20% of atk% and your base damage is 70, then you will receive 14 atk dmg a total of 84 damage and you got (0 GB). but your opponent got 290 def so it can reduce upto 17% of damage.

84 – 14.28(17% of 84) = 69.72 *YOUR* damage to your enemy
BUT if you choose that GB stat that give u 3% more damage, here is the math for you.

70 +  2.1(3% of 70) = 72.1 DAMAGE!

well it explain now that GB is better than atk% stat.

moving on…..

Strength, Agility and Stamina


STRength = increase your attack and block

AGIlity = increase your speed and dodge

STAmina = increase your HP and Chakra

well each character have different Base Multiplier Value(BMV)
=.= relax my child
just like the picture above, that’s hinata and her BMV is 12/11/17[str/agi/sta]
*ohhh! you can check your BMV by hovering you mouse to the word Str, Agi or Sta*
so it goes like this.

every 12 points of my STR gives me 1% of atk and 1 point of block

every 11 points of my AGI gives me 1% of speed and 1 point of dodge

every 17 points of my STA gives me 1% of HP and chakra

so it means the smaller the value of BMV the better!
~if you got a high value of BMV like my Sta its 17, better to get stats that raise  HP or Chakra in PERCENT%~

————-ok lets take a break before you move on MisatoChan.gif ——————-

done? ok! in this part you will know the different skills that can affect your stats.(excluding HP and Chakra)
i divided the skills in 2, NEGATIVE and POSITIVE

let’s start 1st in NEGATIVE skills:

mud1.jpg mud.jpg mud river (Duration: 12 seconds)
~slow your enemy for 12 seconds.

TF.jpg tf1.jpg thunder fall (Duration: 3.5 seconds)
OTB.jpg otb1.jpg one thousand birds (Duration: 3.5 seconds)
ftg.jpg ftg1.jpg flying thunder god (Duration: 3.5 seconds *its just for the paralyze debuff*)
~you can slow your enemy for 3.5seconds(one thousand birds and thunder fall stacks each other, i still don’t know if flying thunder god stack too)

lotus.jpg lotus1.jpg lotus (Duration: 8 seconds)
~after using this skill you will stop for 8 seconds and your block chance will decrease. (i still dont know exact value)

liquor.jpg liquor1.jpg liquor (Duration: FOREVAAH! *but it can be remove by tailed beast*)
~it decreases your hit by 12% (and your enemy will increase his chance to dodge!)

snared.jpg snared1.jpg snared (Duration: 1 round)
~it can lower your enemy’s dodge by 6%


you must know how the SLOW and STUN debuff works!

lets say your tsunade attack every 9 secs(you can check your speed like what i said earlier in speed) and your enemy is using a hinata and she attack every 7 seconds.

x represent 1 sec
o represent your attack
tsunade xxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxox = 28secs and you attack 3x
hinata    xxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxo = 28secs and she attack 4x
that fight is at normal speed(no slow debuff)

lets say in this time hinata will use mudriver on the 2nd attack of tsunade

z represent the mud river

tsunade xxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxozzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxo = 39 secs you attack 3x
hinata    xxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxo   = 35 secs she attack 5x
(see the gap? you will wait for 19sec before tsunade can attack again)

when you are slowed this will happen,

and lastly the POSITIVE skills

gates.JPG gates1.jpg 8 inner gates (Duration: FOREVER)
~it will increase your speed by 10% every 10 seconds and it will stop to increase when you reach 80% of boost speed

liquor - Copy.jpg liquor1 - Copy.jpg liquor (Duration: FOREVER *as long as your tailed beast doesn’t remove it*)
~well, it has a positive effect too! it can increase your critical by 3%! ^^

cs.jpg cs1.jpg cursed seal of heaven (Duration: FOREVER)
~this skill will increase your attack  by .5% to every 1% of your HP that missing *so lets say your HP is 1000 and because your POWERFUL NINJA! you took a 500 damage from an enemy with that  50% of your HP is now missing and you now will gain 25% increase of ATTACK*

now we are done! Yipee~


Don’t know what Gems you will use?
if your BMV is 11 or less, go for + stat gems, if 12 or more go for % stat gems

want to know how many damage increase you will get from your excess GB(armorbreak) from your enemy’s def?
lets say your excess GB is 50, wear an armor that is equal to 50def(a single item will do) then go to your stat window and hover your  mouse to your def and check how many reduced damage you will get, and that is also your damage increase.
50def = 3% reduced damage
50GB (excess)= 3% increase damage

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…. now you know it … gear up and plan your stat well ^^

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