Pet Forest Pet Integration and Fusion Guide

Pet Forest Pet Integration and Fusion Guide by Muninn

Since many people seem unsure of this feature. I might as well do a tutorial about this so that it can clear up some misconceptions about Pet Intergration.

But there are still people asking about it so I’ll just write down what I know about it.

Well here goes nothing…

Introduction to Pet Integration

Pet Integration (Otherwise known as Fusion) is a feature in Pet Forest which lets you fuse your pets so that they can have better stats and talent ranks.

Starting a Pet Integration

To activate a pet integration, visit any Pet dealers in any town and select “Pet Integration” to begin.

It should give you the stated window below.

Picture is used for illustration purposes.

So what do I need for Pet Integration?

Now let’s look at the numbers listed on the diagram.

1. 4 Minors (Genius Star One and above)
Minors refer to pets that you usually don’t want. It can be ANY species regardless of what you are fusing. So if you are integrating an Android 18 doesn’t mean that you will need Android 18 (Or other Androids in that matter) as your minors. In fact even Flying Piglets will do a fine job, as long as their ranks are suitable for integration. It is absolutely okay to use a pet with a higher talent rank than your Major pet as a Minor. (But why would you do that though?)

2. 1 Major (Genius Star Two and above.)
The Major is the pet that you are planning to integrate and get a higher rank out of. It has to be ranked Genius Star Two and above in order to be able to enter integration.

3. Material for Integration (The Fusion Stones)
Fusion stones serves as a catalyst in pet integrations. Any pet that is below Supreme Star One will require Primary Fusion Stones to be fused. Whereas, anything above Supreme Star One needs Exclusive Fusion Stones to be fused. The said stones are listed below.

Primary Fusion Stones:

* The basic “Primary Fusion Stone” can be bought at any Pet Dealers for 5g. (4g 50s for those who are VIP.)
** “Primary Fusion Stone – Plus” can be obtained at any Pet Type instances from the mobs in there. Not very tough to get, and adds a higher percentage (10%) of success compared to the basic version.
*** Also gotten from Pet Type Instances as a treasure box prize with a small chance. Adds a huge amount of success (30%) to the overall success chance.

Exclusive Fusion Stones:

* Gained by completing Quests or by system gift packages for leveling up. Can also get via Pet Type instances either by mob drops or treasure box prizes.
** Similar to its basic version, it’s also gotten via the same way. Adds a higher percentage of around 10%.
*** Same as the above, but the hardest to get among all three. Adds 30% to the success rates. (Contrary to popular beliefs, this stone does NOT immediately increase a pets rank upon successful fusion. All it does is add more success chances to the fusion and that’s about it. Players usually say that because they simply want to sell it off quicker.)

4. The Gold (Well, obviously. Since nothing is free.)
5G is needed to initiate the process of pet integration. ’nuff said.

If you have fulfiled all the steps above, good. You can now start the integration.

Now it boils down to whether you will pass or fail

Okay so here’s the part which gets relatively confusing…

Guide to Successful Integrations

I know it’s frustrating to fail your integrations, everybody wants Perfect pets. (Well, obviously.)
I personally took a long time to get three pets to Perfect.
There’s no real secret to it, except hard work, time and well… Luck.

Increasing the success percentage is firstly, the key factor to a successful fusion.
Now how do I do that?

What affects the success chance?
The talent ranks and level of the Minors as well as the type of Fusion stone used. The number of “steps”* that Minor has will also affect the overall fusion rate. So a Pet nearing the end of Genius Star Three will add more success chance than that of a low end Genius Star Three.

The level of the Major pet does NOT matter, except for its rank. The higher its rank, the harder it’ll be to fuse.

A pet has several “steps” it has to go through before it is able to rank up. So it may not be able to rank up within one fusion unless your pet only has a single step to go.

* For the “steps”, refer to Yuan’s Pet Dictionary here for further emphasis:;=213

Classic Example of an account of Fusion Enthusiast:

Taken this way, let’s say I have a Supreme Star One Android 18, and use four GS2 Royal Frog minors as well as a Exclusive Fusion Stone – Plus.

The success rate was initially around 37% before, but why is it down to 20% now?

Most important thing, remember that the success % will fall with every successful fusion you perform on that pet. If the % drops drastically, it means that you should probably get higher ranked pets for your fusion.

Muninn’s Integration Tips

From Genius Star Two/Three to Supreme Star One:
– Using 4 Genius Star Ones OR Twos. Try not to use any GS3s at this point because it is quite wasted at this stage since it is easy to fuse your pet to Supreme Star One.
Fusion stone used: Primary Fusion Stone – Plus

From Supreme Star One to Supreme Star Two:
For the earlier stages, it would be advisible to use Gs3s or a mix of Gs2s and Gs3s in your integrations. Remember to use Pet Experience Shards (Can be gotten easily from the Gold Gachapon) to level your minors up to increase the percentage.
At the later stages, do NOT try to use Gs2s here as you will realize a drastic change in the success percentage so it would be more advisible to use Gs3s of a higher tier as well as low tier SS1s. Of course, you probably won’t need too many SS1s at this stage because they add a huge amount to its success. Sometimes, I don’t even use SS1s at all.
Fusion stone used: Exclusive Fusion Stone (Earlier Stages), Exclusive Fusion Stone – Plus

From Supreme Star Two to Supreme Star Three:
Still Gs3s and SS1 mixtures. For later stages, include one SS1 at the very least to safeguard a healthy percentage (Mine is around 35%).
Fusion stone used: Exclusive Fusion Stone (Earlier Stages), Exclusive Fusion Stone – Plus

From Supreme Star Three to Perfect:
My least favourite part of pet integration as this is the final step to getting a Perfect pet. You are strongly encouraged to use only SS1s, or maybe SS1 and Gs3s to the ratio of 2:2 or 3:1 for the later stages. This is when the success rates are fairly low. I would not use SS2s because of their high value and rarity, in fact 4 SS1s secure a good percentage of around 35% to 40%+ during the final fusion, so it’s all about luck as you may even pass at a measly 20%.
Fusion stone used: Exclusive Fusion Stone – Plus*

* Notice how I never used Ultra stones so far in my steps because of their rarity and value. You may even fail when you use an Ultra stone, so that’s wasting the extra gold you have.


Do not get dismayed if you failed to fuse your pet, because it is normal to have failures. There is no wrong that you did, it’s just your bad luck. I personally failed like EIGHT times in a row but I haven’t given up. So don’t give up and you will get there eventually!

Of course, other people will have different fusion stories. This is mainly how I do it so you don’t have to necessarily follow my advice.

Other Questions about Pet Integration
Q.Do I lose my Major pet if I failed my fusion?
A. No, you will not. The only things that will be lost upon a fusion failure are the four Minors, fusion stone and Gold used in the process. The stats and level of the Major pet remains intact.
Q. Does the type of pet matter? Say I want to fuse Plain Pigs (Warrior type) to my SS3 Steel Dragon (Warrior Type).
A. It really doesn’t matter what kind of pet you use in the integration. As long as it meets the criteria of being a fusion fodder, you can fuse it without worrying.

Q. I am too lazy to hunt for my Minors. How much should be the standard price for them?
A. Unfortunately this is hard for me to say, because the price fluctuates differently according to the current status on the game and may vary from server to server. From what I observed, this is usually how it is.

GS1: 1G – 2G
GS2: 2G – 4G
GS3: 7G – 12G
SS1: 30G – 50G
SS2: 80G – 120G

* These are Breeze Coast rates. So it may not be the prices on your server.

Anything beyond SS3 will not be listed since I highly doubt you’ll be using them for fusion.
Q. Will a Pet’s physical appearance change after a successful fusion?
A. Unfortunately, no. This isn’t a monster mixing game so there’s no such feature available. The only things that will change are the active stats* as well as the growth stats (Passive stats).

* Active stats refer to the stats that will constantly increase after a level up or successful integration. Growth/Passive stats will remain the same unless you have successfully integrated the said pet.

End of Walkthrough

And that’s all for the Walkthrough, of course, if there’s any uncertainty or any mistakes I made, feel free to pinpoint them out.

Thanks for taking your time to read this lenghty wall of text.

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