Operation Gamma 41 Marriage Guide

Operation Gamma 41 Marriage Guide by Boycie

Marriage, everything you need to know

One major cause of confusion in OG41 is the marriage system, which is understandable as the process of getting the best results can be quite confusing.

The first thing people ask about marriage is, why? Well that’s simple, marriage ranks up your commander, making them more powerful and possibly getting them unique skills to use in battle.

The next question people ask after that is, how? This is where it starts to get a little complicated but stick with me, the results are worth the effort.

For the example I will be using two lieutenants, John and Mary.

Now, the first thing you need to know about marriage is that you are going to lose one of your Commanders in the process, but don’t worry you get to choose which one (press marry on the commander you want to keep). In this example I have chosen to lose Mary.

At the rank of lieutenant your main commander (the one you want to keep) will need to be Lv.40, and the secondary commander (Mary) needs to be Lv.20, the Lv. changes the higher rank you are trying to get but don’t worry about that for now.

Both commanders will need to be identified, which you do by simply clicking the button and paying some cash. Doing this will tell you how much valor each commander has and let you see who is worth keeping, which in most cases is the one with the most valor.

Valor is the most important part of marriage and the whole reason you are doing it. Each 10,000 Valor your commander goes up one rank. 20,000 is Lieutenant rank, 30,000 is Captain, so as you can see John is almost a Capitan. Each marriage adds valor the remaining officer, maximum 1,000 valor per marriage.

Now the important part, how to get 1,000 valor every time! Your talent points effect the valor you get from the marriage. If you look at John you will see he has 35 unclaimed points. This will affect the amount of valor you can get from the marriage (see the picture below).

0.551 Valor added, due to Johns “Perfect level degree” been only 55.1%. While you can still marry and get the 0.551 valor added to John you will only get half the max valor possible. So to push the valor added up to 1.000 you will need to reclaim those missing points with a “Warsoul Potion” (50 per potion). After claiming back the points they will appear in your unspent points and will need to be allocated, don’t forget to hit save! You will need to do this on both commanders if you are aiming for 1.000 valor and you should see a screen that looks like this.

So now all you need to do is buy a wedding ring and press “Marriage”. You will now lose your secondary commander but gain the valor on the main. You should also notice that you commanders Lv. and stats have reset to Lv. 1. Generation indicates the amount of times a commander has been married, so looking at the picture below you can see the increase in valor (29.000) and generation (2).

With his current valor John is now one perfect marriage away from been promoted to Captain (30.000 Valor).

These are the basics of marriage, as your commanders get higher ranked they will need more Levels and high ranks to marry each other but the requirements are explained in the marriage screen.

Hope this helps you guys, you can post questions and fan mail on here is anything is unclear.

GM Boycie

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