Operation Gamma 41 Frequently Asked Questions

Operation Gamma 41 Frequently Asked Questions by SeanMungo

(1) How can i chat?

Today, were gonna start off with a basic,
Just go to the Chat, Click on the typing area,
and type your message, then click enter.
That Simple!

(2) How Should i start out?

Basicaly, when you start the game, you will be Low Leveled.and most people will already be Very High Leveled.
Unless you just joined the server when it was made.

But i Recommend, Joining One of the Strongest Legions in the Server. They will give you tips and tricks,
and also help give you aid if they are strong enough.
Also, Legions also have Weekly Allouance [Legion Allowance, see number 3]

Overall, Joining a Legion is the first thing you should do.

(3) Legion Allowance

What this is:

This is a Weekly Allowance your Legion will get.
They just have to go into Legion Tab.
Legion Operations.
Then Legion Allowance.
Then Click Claim.

Based on Your Legion Level, The Amounts of Resources and Cash you Collect will be Different.

(4) How to Earn Honor [Small Tip Tag]

There may be more ways to earn Honor,
But one way i know, is Arena.

Just attack a sitting duck.
And Earn Your Honor!

(5) Story Mission [Story Mission Tag]

I heard some players had “Problems”, With this Level.
So heres the Guide for it .

The Story Quest ” Something isnt Right ”

To find this, click on the right tab button. It is Gold. And
Says Story Missions When you roll over it with your mouse.

When in it, Read it if you want,
Click Start Mission, Then go to your map.

Kill 10 Level 1 Neutral Troops.
They will be Fairly Easy,
And can be killed with about
15 marines.
or just about 30+ Riflemen, if you have the right tactic.

After you Kill 10. (Keep your Mail on them, so you can count)
Go back to the Story Mission Tab Then click Reward.

(6) Extra Resourses [Ultra Hint Tag]
Go to the Battlefield Tab.
Then Go to Saving Hans,
Just Click Randomly,
as it seems you dont do anything in it.
It does cost 5 Normandy Medals though.

But you get 1 Material Box. Which Contains
10k of all Resource

(7) How to Attack [Small Hint Tag]

Just go to Map
Then Click on a Neutral Troop.
Click attack, then Dominate.

Good Luck

(8) Extra Cash or Resources to help you out

As you know, You start out with 30 gold
You should use this to improve your city when you need cash or resourses.

To do so, just go to the Mall.
Treasure Chests.
And either the Material Bag or the Cash Bags can be bought

Or if you need a extra push in the game,
Go ahead and click the Charge button….

(9) Tech… [Small Hint Tag]

I would like to talk about Tech,
This stuff annoys me cause i never can get it up.

Well heres a way for you to do it!

basicaly, you have to just force yourself to check it, everytime you do something,
such as buy troops, building is finished. Just check the tech, Make sure its rolling.

If its not then put up a new one .

(9) Unique Commanders? [Small Tip Tag]

Do you want a Unique Commander? But not sure how?
Well then this is a post for you, To get Unique Commanders,
They will be Blue in your MA or Military Academy

(10) Need Rep Fast? dont know How? [Big Tip Tag]

How to get some major rep Quick.
Well, what i like to do, is find 3 nice level 4s.

This trick will get you about 900 rep in under 30 mins if the level 4s are close.

All you need for a level 4 with 0 losses is:

250 Snipers, 325 Armor Piercers, 340 Marines, and 4 riflemen.

Put the Snipers in the first spot. then put 1 set of 200 Marines. then another set of 140 marines in the next.
Then put 325 Armor Piercers in the next. then 4 sets of 1 riflemen.

How to Win:

Dont move your troops till the Tanks/troops are in range, but havnt attacked yet.
you want the first hit. So when they are close enough for you to move in on,
Then move you riflemen right in front of the spot your moving your troops.

Move all the other sets of riflemen a little bit closer.

Move your troops so they can shoot downt he enemy.

The rest speaks for itself.

These troops cost me:

30-34k for the Guns

10-14k for the troops themselves.

I also spent 40k Food on the Citizens.

I used 40gold to complete all of this in under 5 mins.

(11) How to Chat [Small Hint Tag]

How to Chat? This is Easy,

All you do is Click on the Chat Enter Area. Then Type What you Want.
Then Press Enter, or Click the Send Chat Info Button

(12) Should you make a Legion, or Not [Cool Hint Tag]

Today, im gonna tell you a reason not to make a Legion. Or be the leader of one.


1.) Lots of Responsibility

2.) You have to Upgrade the Embassy for new players to Join.

3.) You have to Fix Most Problems

4.) You have to do Diplomacy, unless you have a Master Diplomacy Player in Your Legion

5.) You have to work your Legion up the food chain ladder.

These are some great reasons why you should just join one.

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