Metin2 Money Making Guide

Metin2 Money Making Guide by TaloredTruth


There are many ways of making money. This can be done by farming, upgrading materials such as Pieces of Gem, Pieces of broken Armor, Rusty Blades, and once you get to a higher level mining. Farming Horse Medals , farming Metin Stones , farming Full moon swords and Antler Bows and more , Merchanting is also a good way to make money.

Farming Upgrading Materials

To farm upgrading materials you need a low level account lvl 21-30 any class.Go to Maadi/Corinth and find Black Wind/Tornado Jak-To and kill them to drop “Pieces of Gem”. There will be alot of groups so kill Black Wind Gu-Ryung and Black Wind To-Su to drop “Rusty Blade and Piece of Broken Armour”. While killing these monsters Weapons & Armours drops too and some of them with awesome stats. You Can sell Piece of gem for 300k each, Piece Of Broken Armor for 200k each and Rusty Blade goes for about 120k a pair.

Farming Horse Medals

Farming Horse Medals is a little more harder then farming upgrading materials. First of all you need to make a warrior lvl 21-25 preferably. The warrior should be a partisan with M1 Might or a Arahan with nice gears. After getting lvl 21 go to Sujijn Dungeon located in Corinth and start killing monkeys there. They can slow you and they can get into walls so be aware. The minimum gear needed is : Tradition helm +6 , Broad sword +6 , Tiger Plate +6 and Battle Shield +6. Horse Medals should drop like 3-4 every 1 hour.

Farming Metin Stones

Farming Metin Stones requires alot more time. Make a warrior lvl 21-25 , you can use same one for everything. Now go to Longdon/Corinth and start searching around for Metin Of Black (Lvl 25), Metin Of Darkness (lvl 30) and Metin Of Jealousy (Lvl 35). Kill these metins and they drop any spirit stone from +0-+4 , Skill books , Weapons & Armours and potions. This require alot of time to find Metins.

Farming Full Moon Swords , Antler Bows, Antique Bells, Black Leaf Dirks, Red Iron Blades & Autumn Wing Fan

Farming Full Moon Swords is a bit hard because bestial specialist and bestial archers hits a little hard. This time account can be up to 35 but drop would be a little more rarer. Go To Nula Valley, or Corinth and search for bestial specialist or bestial archer. Kill them and they drop Full moon swords and Antler Bows with nice stats from +0 – +3. Price range depends on damage/skill damage. Worst fms would still be worth 500k. The Antique Bell can be found in Greenriver Village. You must kill Cursed Blue Wolfs for Antique Bells they are as rare as FMS. Cursed Alpha Blue Wolf drop Full Moon Sword. Cursed Red Wild Boar drop Black Leaf Dirk. Cursed Black Bears drop Red Iron Blade, and again still in Greenriver Village. Another weapon that can be found in Greenriver Village is the Autumn Wing Fan which can be obtained by killing Cursed Alpha Blue Wolfs.

Merchant Mode

This is my specialty and an easy way I think to make gold. People will buy anything it’s almost like selling Cherios on Ebay. First you need an ammount of money like 1kk +. Go to Ch1 Shops and start looking at shops. If you find something cheap example a Heroic Strike skill book for 900k buy it and sell it for 1.2kk. If you find a Piece of Gem for 250k buy it and Sell it For 300k. This also works with high level items with stats.Example : You Saw a cheap Steel Plate +6 with HP / Absorb HP / Resist and good stones , buy it and sell it for a higher price.

Greenriver Village

You will be farming Antique Bells, Black Leaf Dirk, Red Iron Blades and Autumn Wing Fans already here but the things is things drops fast here you get tons of drops and on a nub account can make lots of gold and get many upgrade materials such as pig nose and Bear Galls.

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