Metin2 Farming Guide

Metin2 Farming Guide by SpitTanker

I see that may players has difficulty making money, i would say that with every class you use, it’s not hard to make some money, it only requires to stay online some hours without wasting money and paying attention.

FIRST METHOD:Pure reselling.I know this may be a bit rude, but for example, what you do if you don’t have any armor to level up and don’t neither have money to buy a new armor?Or just you see that you make few money so you want to round?That’s the only method that doesn’t require a good character, but betetr start with low value items or if you make a wrong trade with big value you lose alot of gold.Do not abuse of it, it’s no fun doing it but sometimes, in emergency cases you have to use it, no way.

SECOND METHOD:That’s the most funny.You need to farm using your character.I will explain best methods for all levels.If you are around level 15, you could use horse riding tickets to find metins in first village and break them (gain books and some stones).
For levels 18-24:You can try cursed mobs, the map it’s accessible from wasteland (calles sandwasteland, near valcon portal), or from second village, something calle dlike exiom village.You can drop level 30 weapons and level 21 shields.
You can also try to hunt bestial mobs, you will find them in nula or second village, you can drop level 30 weapons and gold keys.
Or another way it’s to hunt horse medals in sujin den, accessible from second village.
For levels 25-35, you can hunt metins in second village, to gain some books and stones.Also kill esoterics to drop rib or level 42 bracelet and curse books.
Levels 40-55: Now it becomes harder, you can farm chief orc in nula, looking also for level 45 metins, or go in wasteland hunting level 40-45 metins (but more rare than nula), and snake tails+ from snake archers.
Level 50-60: you could go in v1 or forbidden temple.Try to drop level 48-54 armors, also level up and sometimes go in DT.From level 40 you can try to scrounge some free upgrades from dt run tankers, upgrade your items without materials, don’t abuse of it, respect tankers and don’t keep unlock !!
From level 60-75 you can go both in tangra, looking for 55-60-65 metins and nine tails, or in valkus, where you can find flame king and metins of murder.Those are really hard to kill, you need alot of speed and defense.
Level 70-78: daily DT runs (like you was doing before ), valkus and v2.From v2 you can get alot of junk items to sell to trade vendor.With full inventory you can get like 2kk each travel.Also keep hunting bossed like nine tails and if you are mirage/partisan with P skills you can try death reaper.
Level 80+:Here comes the fun
You have alot of choices.You can hunt clams from watery cavern killing mercenaries level 86, they can also drop counter attack strategy.
Of course again DT, at this level also classes like dragon mage, arahan and dagger asassing can tank.Remember that you can get level 42 bracelet at 8th floor, level 65 weapons and from death reaper box, 70/75 weapons.
Giants: here you drop level 65/70 weapons,black armors, bravery capes, liutao, and also some peach blooms I suggest to hunt giants expecially if you have ghost symbols quest opened, so put alow level character in a safe zone , and once you drop ghost symbols give to the noob character.You can pm me in game to have some hints of how kill giants easily^^
Forest: in dark wild leaf forest you drop from level 85/90 metins : level 65 weapons, blessing scrolls, experience rings, bravery capes, level 61 armor and some potions
From 86 you start dropping from mobs things like steel plates and level 65 weapons.
Also try to hunt tiger ghost using poly when few ppl are online, you will get 5-6 boxes.

THIRTH METHOD:It’s a relaxing method.You can use your fishing pole, or try hunting some veins in tangra.You will find alot of them, expecially if you search with your wife, so each one can teleport to husband/wife and make double profits
And if you are lucky you can also try stones, upgrades not even in DT.
Some people make money by adding stones, stating armors,etc…it worsk fine if you have money to do it.

That’s everything,watch your cash and never beg for it, whatever is gring with your efforts is enjoyed 2 times !!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you forgot that at level 46 (my current level) —> 60 you can kill queen spider , and with double drop, you might get 2x soul stone or 2 x box, and at level 40 ( best luck) –>46 ( not so good at 46 but isn't bad) you can hunt keepssakes and gems :D
    hope i helped

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