MapleStory Fire/Poison Mage Guide

MapleStory Fire/Poison Mage Guide by Imperial Exile

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Ahh…It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but updated I have none-the-less. It’s something small though – a few tweaks to the leveling guide! I also updated the monster drops which are worth while, since the drops have been changed since I first wrote this guide.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
-1.1 Legal Crap
-1.2 Real Introduction
-1.3 Updates
2.0 Basic Fire Mage Overview
3.0 Skills
4.0 Skill Builds
-4.1 Magic Composition Build
-4.2 Explosion Build
-4.3 Poison Mist Build (Pure)
-4.4 Poison Mist Build (Mixed)
5.0 Leveling Spots
-5.1 Magic Composition Areas
-5.2 Explosion Areas
-5.3 Poison Mist (Pure) Areas
-5.4 Poison Mist (Mixed) Areas
6.0 Screen Shots
-6.1 Magic Composition Screen Shots
-6.2 Explosion Screen Shots
-6.3 Poison Mist Screen Shots
7.0 Ludibrium
8.0 Bosses
9.0 Non Related, but Useful Tips
11.0 Movie
12.0 Closing
13.0 Credits

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Legal Crap

This guide is mine only, and shouldn’t be posted anywhere else without my permission. The guide you’re reading cannot be altered, taken, and if you get my permission to use it, all credits = mine. Anywhoo…

1.2 Real Introduction

That’s right; I’ve decided to post my own version of various Fire Mage skill orders, depending on where you want to train, how and on your level of patience. If you’re curious, I play a level 90+ Fire Mage on Scania who goes by the name of Flenaris, though I’ve never played beta. I’ve grown tired of people consistently bothering me about where to train, what skills to invest into, etc. Before I begin, I’d like to explain some of the abbreviations I will be using:

AoE = Area of Effect
YnP = Yetis and Pepes
MP = Mana points
HP = Health Points
Matk = Magic Attack

Due to the fact that I don’t feel like covering Fire Wizards, I’ll assume everyone goes with the casual skill tree, as follows.

Fire Arrow – Maxed
Slow – Maxed
Teleport – Maxed
MP Eater – Maxed
Meditation – Maxed
Poison – 0-11 (Depending on how you spend the left over skill points)

The goal of this isn’t to review Fire Wizards, there are enough posts and guides to do that crap, this is specifically meant for Fire/Poison Mages.

*Note: If you don’t agree with anything here, I don’t care. If you don’t like it, close your current window and go cry in a corner or something, I really couldn’t care less. This doesn’t mean I don’t accept constructive criticism, but I don’t want any hateful comments being given to me for this. The guide you’re reading now IS my first one ever and I hope it’s sufficient enough for everyone.

1.3 Updates
-added additional information to the Explosion Leveling Areas.

2.0 Basic Fire Mage Overview

As some of you may have noticed, Fire Wizards had claimed domination between the clash of fire and ice. Though, let’s face it, what used to make us popular was the fact that our single hit skill, Fire Arrow could out damage any Ice Wizard. Now that 3rd jobs are here, this has all changed. We’re no longer meant to be the class that dishes out big numbers, now we’re the class with the most devastating and useful AoE skills. We’re meant to be in maps with monsters clustered together and there’s no way around it. Knowing this, it ISN’T unusual to be seeing level 80+ Fire Mages training in maps such as Jr.Yetis and Grupins. For everyone who’s still in their 40~60 range, please understand that this is the way we have to train and there isn’t much we can do about it unfortunately.

Other classes may choose to avoid partying us for various reasons. First of all, we don’t offer any support buffs. Secondly, Wizards have become known as the “Kill Stealing Class” (which isn’t true) and unfortunately other classes like to keep this in mind before partying a Mage. To top it off, we’re usually considered “Weak” due to our lack of doing major damage on one monster, though people overlook the fact that we’re not supposed to be doing that anyways. But, even if it does seem like soloing is the right thing, trust me, it isn’t. I HIGHLY recommend Fire Wizards/Mages to party. Anyone who’s capable of killing at the same speed as you and who doesn’t leech (sit around and soak up their party’s exp) WILL give you better exp. There IS an exp boost for people who party and it will make things easier on you. Now, how you decide to share your drops is completely up to you. Partying doesn’t only give better exp, but it also prevents you from always having to move around when the mobs shift. With another party member killing in another section of the map, you’ll both have an equal share of kills and less moving around will be required. In Addition, partying creates a better atmosphere, and prevents boredom from happening so frequently. Had I not of partied from levels 58 to now, I would never know even close to half the people I do on ms and I’d regret missing out on such great friends.

Now that I believe that I’ve cleared up most of what I had to say, let’s continue with the rest of the guide!

3.0 Skills

Partial Resistance
Master Level: 20
Type: Passive
Description: You get additional resistance from Fire & Poison.
Level 1: 23% resistance against fire/poison attacks
Level 10: 50% resistance against fire/poison attacks
Level 20: 70% resistance against fire/poison attacks

Added Notes: Poison damage from Zombies, poisonous gas, etc is reduced.

Element Amplification
Master Level: 30
Type: Support
Description: Use more MP, but Increase Magic Attack.
Level 1: MP -105%; Magic attack +102%
Level 15: MP -170%; Magic attack +120%
Level 30: MP -200%; Magic attack +135%

Added Notes: Skills such as Teleport don’t consume double MP, poison effect from Poison Mist / Poison Brace doesn’t increase with this.

Master Level: 30
Type: Active
Description: Make an explosion around the character. Attack the enemy with the fire power.
Level 1: MP -21; Basic attack 60, mastery 15%, attack range 110%
Level 15: MP -35; Basic attack 94, mastery 35%, attack range 150%
Level 30: MP -50; Basic attack 120, mastery 60%, attack range 200%

Added Notes: Once maxed, range from Explosion will offer new ways to kill monsters without being hit. You’ll be able to stay on certain ledges and hit from a safe distance. With the 0.16 patch, the speed was increased noticably. It USED to be 3x slower than ice strike, but now I would have to say that the speeds are NEAR the same. Ice Strike is still a wee bit faster though.

Poison Myst
Master Level: 30
Type: Active
Description: Make a poison fog around the character.
Level 1: MP -21; Basic attack 32, mastery 15%, attack range 110%, 41% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 4 seconds
Level 15: MP -35; Basic attack 60, mastery 35%, attack range 150%, 55% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 20 seconds
Level 30: MP -50; Basic attack 90, mastery 60%, attack range 200%, 70% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 40 seconds

Added Notes: Monsters weak/resistant (but NOT immune) to Poison are only affected by the BASE damage. This simply means that monsters weak to poison will take extra damage from Poison Mist’s/ Compo’s / Brace’s primary attack damage (the damage that hits before the poison takes effect) but they will still take the normal % of hp/second damage. ON the other hand, Poison immune monsters completely resist the poison per second effect and reduce poison’s base dmg to 1.

Master Level: 20
Type: Active Pre-requisite: Element Amplification Lv 3
Description: Seals up the enemies around you for a certain amount of time. Once sealed up, the monsters can’t use attacking skills, but the skill does not work on boss monsters.
Level 1: MP -12; 38% success rate for 10 seconds
Level 10: MP -18; 65% success rate for 15 seconds
Level 20: MP -30; 95% success rate for 20 seconds

Magic Booster
Master Level: 20
Type: Support Pre-requisite: Element Amplification Lv 3
Description: Uses up a significant amount of HP and MP to increase the attacking speed for spells.
Level 1: HP -53, MP -58; Casting speed +1 for 10 seconds
Level 10: HP -35, MP -40; Casting speed +1 for 100 seconds
Level 20: HP -25, MP -30; Casting speed +2 for 200 seconds

Added Notes: Although Magic Booster has a pretty noticable delay when casted standing up, if you cast it on a rope there will be no delay. Also, once Magic Booster is level 11, it will add +2 speed and remain that way even when it’s maxed. Because of this, it’s recommended you leave it at level 11.

Magic Composition
Master Level: 30
Type: Active
Description: Uses fire & poison-based spell on a single enemy. Applies massive damage to monsters that are weak against fire or poison, and the enemy will be poisoned on a set success rate.
Level 1: MP -14; Basic attack 80, mastery 15%, 41% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 4 seconds
Level 15: MP -18; Basic attack 124, mastery 35%, 55% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 20 seconds
Level 30: MP -22; Basic attack 150, mastery 60%, 70% success rate to put enemy into the state of poison for 40 seconds

Added Notes: Magic Composition’s damage isn’t like Fire Arrow’s unlike what most people think. Maxed out, Magic Composition has 150 spell damage, but this damage is really split up into two parts equally, making it 75 Fire and 75 Poison. When facing an ice monster, the 75 Fire element gets the 1.5x additional damage while the 75 poison stays the same. At the same time, when you’re facing zombies, who’re completely poison immune, the poison part of Magic Composition does 0 while the Fire does 75. The only monsters who are weak to both aren’t released in Oms yet.

4.0 Skill Builds

I’ll start with the legend.

-Type of Build-

-Skill order-



-Explanations of skill orders-

4.1 Magic Composition Build

Level 70: First point into Elemental Amplification
Level 71: 3 Elemental Amplification (4)
Level 72: 3 into Booster
Level 73: 3 Booster
Level 74: 3 Booster
Level 75: 2 Booster (11), 1 Magic Composition
Level 76: 3 Magic Composition
Level 77: 3 Magic Composition
Level 78: 3 Magic Composition
Level 79: 3 Magic Composition
Level 80: 3 Magic Composition
Level 81: 3 Magic Composition
Level 82: 3 Magic Composition
Level 83: 3 Magic Composition
Level 84: 3 Magic Composition
Level 85: 2 Magic Composition (Maxed), 1 Seal
Level 86: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 87: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 88: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 89: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 90: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 91: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 92: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 93: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 94: 2 Elemental Amplification (Maxed) 1 Explosion
Level 95: 3 Explosion
Level 96: 3 Explosion
Level 97: 3 Explosion
Level 98: 3 Explosion
Level 99: 3 Explosion
Level 100: 3 Explosion
Level 101: 3 Explosion
Level 102: 3 Explosion
Level 103: 3 Explosion
Level 104: 2 Explosion (Maxed) 1 Seal
Level 105: 3 Seal
Level 106: 3 Seal
Level 107: 3 Seal
Level 108: 3 Seal
Level 109: 3 Seal
Level 110: 3 Seal (Maxed)
Level 111: 3 Poison Mist
Level 112: 3 Poison Mist
Level 113: 3 Poison Mist
Level 114: 3 Poison Mist
Level 115: 3 Poison Mist
Level 116: 3 Poison Mist
Level 117: 3 Poison Mist
Level 118: 3 Poison Mist
Level 119: 3 Poison Mist
Level 120: 3 Poison Mist

This leaves you with:

Magic Composition : 30
Booster: 11
Elemental Amplification: 30
Poison Mist: 30
Explosion: 30
Seal: 20
Partial Resistance: 0

EDIT: OKAY. I made a mistake about the level 5 EA thing, it should be 4. EXCUSE ME x_X geeze atleast i busted my ass to make this guide. When I did the job advancement, I was already level 87 and excuse me for not paying attention to these things, god. Btw, to the people who are runing around posting how I made a mistake on other threads, why the hell don’t you just PM me and tell me instead of going around and telling people how I made a mistake? Is it really that hard? Next time, you go make the guide.

Upsides: You’ll be able do MUCH greater damage on neutral monsters! Plus, they’ll be poisoned on imact. Think of the fact that it’s a Poison Brace within itself.

Downsides: Stuck using a single target skill for a long while.

Skill Explanation: The reason why Elemental Amplification came first is because of the attack boost. It’s more competent to place it before booster due to the fact that booster’s effect isn’t drastically noticeable when compared to the damage increase of Elemental Amp. Also, I only placed amp at 4 because of the way it’s set. After level 4, its damage increase percentage only raises by one; instead of 2 in the previous levels. Knowing this, it’s best to leave it at 4 and start booster, followed by Magic Composition.

The reason why I edited this was because it was on my to-do list but I never got around to it. >_>
Because of Ludi, Partial Resistance blows.

4.2 Explosion Build

Level 70: 1 Elemental Amplification
Level 71: 3 Elemental Amplification (4)
Level 72: 3 into Booster
Level 73: 3 Booster
Level 74: 3 Booster
Level 75: 2 Booster, 1 Explosion (11)
Level 76: 3 Explosion
Level 77: 3 Explosion
Level 78: 3 Explosion
Level 79: 3 Explosion
Level 80: 3 Explosion
Level 81: 3 Explosion
Level 82: 3 Explosion
Level 83: 3 Explosion
Level 84: 3 Explosion
Level 85: 2 Explosion (Maxed), 1 Seal
Level 86: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 87: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 88: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 89: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 90: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 91: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 92: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 93: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 94: 2 Elemental Amplification (Maxed), 1 Poison Mist
Level 95: 3 Poison Mist
Level 96: 3 Poison Mist
Level 97: 3 Poison Mist
Level 98: 3 Poison Mist
Level 99: 3 Poison Mist
Level 100: 3 Poison Mist
Level 101: 3 Poison Mist
Level 102: 3 Poison Mist
Level 103: 3 Poison Mist
Level 104: 2 Poison Mist (Maxed), 1 Magic Composition
Level 105: 3 Magic Composition
Level 106: 3 Magic Composition
Level 107: 3 Magic Composition
Level 108: 3 Magic Composition
Level 109: 3 Magic Composition
Level 110: 3 Magic Composition
Level 111: 3 Magic Composition
Level 112: 3 Magic Composition
Level 113: 3 Magic Composition
Level 114: 2 Magic Composition(Maxed), 1 Seal
Level 115: 3 Seal
Level 116: 3 Seal
Level 117: 3 Seal
Level 118: 3 Seal
Level 119: 3 Seal
Level 120: 3 Seal (Maxed)

The Results give us:

Magic Composition : 30
Poison Mist: 30
Explosion: 30
Booster: 11
Elemental Amplification: 30
Seal: 20
Partial Resistance: 0

Upsides: Finally! We can take advantage of our long needed AoE skill. With this, training will become a lot faster, drops will happen more frequently because of the increase of monster kills, and because of your MP Eater, potion usage won’t be as severe; as long as you’re able to avoid using Magic Guard and consistently get 4~6 enemies within your Explosion range. With the new patch recently released, the delay on Explosion is hardly noticable. Also, the casting speed has greatly increased. Thanks to this helpful update, speed is no longer a problem when it comes to using this great skill.

Downsides: The only downside I can see is that you’ll have to wait a while until this skill is maxed out =(

Explanation: The whole level 4 Elemental Amplification concept is already explained in the Magic Composition Build. The reason why I maxed out Poison mist and left Partial Resistance at 0 is because of the fact that you’ll want to be able to use Explosion to its fullest. The longer Mist hangs around, the less moving you’ll have to do to gather mobs. All you have to do is Mist, wait for everything to gather as close to you as possible, then bang, instant mob! Seal was added in early because of it’s usefulness. Level 1 alone will leave you impressed beyond belief. You’ll be so happy that you were able to squeeze in level 1 Seal early on. It can be spammed on ropes, so if it doesn’t work the first shot, just recast until it does. The duration is reasonable and even level 1 affects 6 monsters.

4.3 Poison Mist Build (Pure, all skill orders aim to support Poison mist, for you Poison freaks =p)

Level 70: 1 Elemental Amplification
Level 71: 2 Elemental Amplification,(3) 1 Seal
Level 72: 3 Poison Mist
Level 73: 3 Poison Mist
Level 74: 3 Poison Mist
Level 75: 3 Poison Mist
Level 76: 3 Poison Mist
Level 77: 3 Poison Mist
Level 78: 3 Poison Mist
Level 79: 3 Poison Mist
Level 80: 3 Poison Mist
Level 81: 3 Poison Mist (Maxed)
Level 82: 3 Booster
Level 83: 3 Booster
Level 84: 3 Booster
Level 85: 2 Booster (11) 1 Seal
Level 86: 3 Seal
Level 87: 3 Seal
Level 88: 3 Seal
Level 89: 3 Seal
Level 90: 3 Seal
Level 91: 3 Seal (Maxed)
Level 92: 3 Explosion
Level 93: 3 Explosion
Level 94: 3 Explosion
Level 95: 3 Explosion
Level 96: 3 Explosion
Level 97: 3 Explosion
Level 98: 3 Explosion
Level 99: 3 Explosion
Level 100: 3 Explosion
Level 101: 3 Explosion (Maxed)
Level 102: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 103: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 104: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 105: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 106: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 107: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 108: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 109: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 110: 3 Elemental Amplification (Maxed)
Level 111: 3 Magic Composition
Level 112: 3 Magic Composition
Level 113: 3 Magic Composition
Level 114: 3 Magic Composition
Level 115: 3 Magic Composition
Level 116: 3 Magic Composition
Level 117: 3 Magic Composition
Level 118: 3 Magic Composition
Level 119: 3 Magic Composition
Level 120: 3 Magic Composition (Maxed)

Your build will look like this:

Magic Composition: 30
Poison Mist: 30
Explosion: 30
Booster: 11
Elemental Amplification: 30
Seal: 20
Partial Resistance: 0

Upsides: Though getting to 81 will be rather slow. Pot usage will probably be high until you have seal, so make sure that you’ve got the money to support yourself. To add to this, you’ll also be the most unique class possible. Another handy thing is the fact that poison’s damage is based on the monster’s HP. This of course, is a give and take feature. Due to the HP damage, your Matk won’t be very important, though at the same time your leveling areas will be limited for a while.

A nice thing to look forward to is you’ll face less problems of people saying “o I wuz here b4 u”. As soon as they walk in and see a giant green blob of mist lagging them, they’ll know well that someone is in the map. =] Lastly, while you’re waiting for the monsters to decay from poison, you’ll have time to chat with your buddy list!

Downsides: This build isn’t 100% guaranteed to give satisfying results. Also, getting to 81 will be slow, but after that exp will speed up. It will take a while before you can add Elemental Amplification, so you’re really going to have to learn to enjoy your mist for a while.

Another disadvantage is once your Poison Mist is maxed, the damage won’t change whether you’re level 80 or 150. Also, all bosses are generally immune to poison. Finally, parties will make tons of annoying “Fart” jokes about mist. Not only that, some of them are real pricks and complain about how they can’t see and other crap. Trust me, just tell them to go to hell or something, you’ll feel much better. :D

Explanation: As you can see, the typical level -4- Elemental Amplification and 11 Magic Booster doesn’t show up here. The reason for this is because Poison Mist’s poison effect is purely HP based. The skill itself isn’t very slow, which means we won’t need booster until after we max mist. Though, level 3 Elemental Amplification was added early on because of the pre-req for Seal.Explosion comes after mist due to the fact that you’ll want to kill those monsters which mob around you more quickly than having to hit them one at a time. Though, you won’t need to max it, since the poisoned monsters will only have one HP. For a pure Poison Mage, Elemental Amplification won’t be needed until WAY later on. There’s no need to add to your already high MP usage from Magic Guard, thus we won’t be adding Elemental Amplification until near the end of our job.

Note: This leveling build is for PURE Poison Mages. And yeah, I changed the build. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with Ludibrium released. Why? Because now that Fire Mages can train on Grim Phantom watches and such, Partial Resistance just isn’t as useful as it was before Ludibrium. Knowing this, you’re better off just getting Magic Composition. But hey, if you decided not to get composition, don’t worry, not all is lost, you can easily manage without it.

4.4 Poison Mist Build (Mixed, aimed to support other skills such as Fire Arrow and Explosion)

Level 70: 1 Poison Mist
Level 71: 3 Poison Mist
Level 72: 3 Poison Mist
Level 73: 3 Poison Mist
Level 74: 3 Poison Mist
Level 75: 3 Poison Mist
Level 76: 3 Poison Mist
Level 77: 3 Poison Mist
Level 78: 3 Poison Mist
Level 79: 3 Poison Mist
Level 80: 2 Poison Mist (maxed), 1 Elemental Amplification
Level 81: 2 Elemental Amplification (3) 1 Seal
Level 82: 3 Booster
Level 83: 3 Booster
Level 84: 3 Booster
Level 85: 2 Booster (11) 1 Partial Resistance
Level 86: 1 Explosion 2 Elemental Amplification
Level 87: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 88: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 89: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 90: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 91: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 92: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 93: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 94: 3 Elemental Amplification
Level 95: 1 Elemental Amplification, 2 Explosion
Level 96: 3 Explosion
Level 97: 3 Explosion
Level 98: 3 Explosion
Level 99: 3 Explosion
Level 100: 3 Explosion
Level 101: 3 Explosion
Level 102: 3 Explosion
Level 103: 3 Explosion
Level 104: 3 Explosion
Level 105: 3 Seal
Level 106: 3 Seal
Level 107: 3 Seal
Level 108: 3 Seal
Level 109: 3 Seal
Level 110: 3 Seal (19)
Level 111: 3 Magic Composition
Level 112: 3 Magic Composition
Level 113: 3 Magic Composition
Level 114: 3 Magic Composition
Level 115: 3 Magic Composition
Level 116: 3 Magic Composition
Level 117: 3 Magic Composition
Level 118: 3 Magic Composition
Level 119: 3 Magic Composition
Level 120: 3 Magic Composition (Maxed)

Your build will look like this:

Magic Composition: 30
Poison Mist: 30
Explosion: 30
Booster: 11
Elemental Amplification: 30
Seal: 19
Partial Resistance: 1

Upsides: You’ll have Magic Composition for monsters such as Zakum. By 120, you’ll almost be the same as a Fire Mage who decided to go with the Magic Composition or Explosion build.

Downsides You won’t have the satisfaction of knowing that you went entirely 100% poison. Leveling will be slow in the beginning, but later speed up.Training will be a bit more expensive due to the low Seal and Partial Resistance levels. Most of of the ups and downs are similar to the ones in the pure Poison Mage area so you already have the general idea

Explaination After Poison Mist, the level 3 Elemental Amplification comes in as a pre-req for Seal. The one point into Partial Resistance is only a minor help and can be instead added to Seal. Elemental Amplification follows after Seal so your Fire Arrow and Magic Claw can do more damage, allowing you to train in other maps. With Explosion and Poison mist, Magic Composition isn’t really needed until later on. If you have any doubts with choosing this build, I highly suggest you avoid it for now.

5.0 Leveling Spots:

5.1 Magic Composition Areas:

Guess what? From levels 70 to 75 you’ll be sitting in boring, old, slow Pangs. Horrid, I know, but just hang in there until you’re able to kill Jr.Yetis atleast 85% of the time with Fire Arrow. Some players have reported that Zombies were faster for them. It’s something considerable

Levels 76 – 85: Now that Ludibrium is out, I’d have to say your best bet is at Death Teddies or Ghost Pirates. When dealing with Death Teddies, remember that you’ll have to rely on dodging alot. It’s an easy place to find Priests. Make sure to stay friendly with everyone you meet, you don’t know when you might need a party for later levels.

Ghost Pirates requires you to avoid staying at higher/lower ledges then where they are. Other than that, they won’t attack you. Further information is located in the Ludibrium section.

Levels 86 – 95: Dual Ghost Pirates are a nice change. They give a bit more experiance than Death Teddies, and you’re better off killing them one at a time anyways. Steelys will cover the pot cost, assuming you find a set. If not, be extra careful when training.

Levels 96 – 105: Normal Phantom Watches or Grims work at this level. Only go to Grims if you have a party consisting of a Dragon Knight and Priest. Otherwise, you’re going to burn alot of money. Hyper Body will help greatly with the Elixir costs. Even though Phantom Watches attack you no matter what side you’re on, they have a much higher meso return than Grims. I know, Kages are the best drops, which come from Grims. Be realistic. Odds are, you WON’T be getting a Kage, and you’re going to lose money. You’re better off staying somewhere that gives almost a double meso return, with mostly bad drops.

Levels 105+: Grim Phantom Watches are a good soloing spot when you’re low on money. If have a decent level of Seal, that is. Thanatos and Gate Keepers can be trained on also. You’ll out damage Ice Mages because of the fact that they don’t resist Fire or Poison damage. You’ll need a decent level of seal, or a way to prevent them from attacking to make the exp more efficiant.

5.2 Explosion Areas:

Same as Composition build for the first 5 levels, you’ll be in Pangs…Zombies…Etc.

Levels 76 – 85: Death Teddies are once again recommended. At first it may be a tad costly, and you might retreat back to Ossyria, but as Explosion’s level raises, you’ll notice you’ll be able to take full advantage of the map set up. There are ledges which are close enough to you’ll be able to Explode and hit the monsters on the ledge below. Also, on the bottom area, there are three spots where you can explode safely. Basically, EXP will stay at a reasonably even rate as you level up. Explosion’s range and damage increase/stability will allow faster killing, and more exp/hour, but the EXP boosts per level will even out the leveling speed increase. You COULD go to Ghost Pirates, though there’s aren’t as many sniping spots. (but there are still some)

Levels 86 – 90: Continue at Death Teddies or move on to Dual Ghost Pirates. Using Fire Arrow and Slow will be your main technique at Dual Ghost Pirates.

Levels 96 – 104: With a bit of points into Elemental Amplification, you can take your risks at Normal Phantom Watches. There are enough safe spots to make use of, but you’ll realize that there are some areas where, you’ll have to kill them one by one. You might have to change channels by the time the bottom mob clusters, until you have some points into Poison Mist. The one point into Seal will prove useful in this map. Only go to Grim Phantom Watches if you’re partied with a Priest and Dragon Knight. But, don’t get your hopes up, odds are you won’t be unless they’re friends. You can also, if you wish, go to Risell Squids (the pink ones). If you’re with a Priest, ask them, nicely, to kill the poisoned ones which are at 1 HP to speed things up. It’s good for Mages who are low on money especially and the EXP isn’t too bad either (I don’t know if it’s faster than Grims or not).

Levels 105+: Grim Phantom Watches. You’ll burn money reasonably quickly until your Seal is near maxed. Even then, you’ll either break even or lose slowly. Because of this, feel free to move back to Normal Phantom Watches. Ah, once upon a time I said Thanatos / Gake Keepers was a nice alternative. Unfortunately, they changed the drop rates and I never updated the information. If you need to worry about money, go to Risell Squids since training there is cheaper.

5.3 Poison Mist (Pure) Areas::

Levels 70 – 75: Pangs, Grupins, Zombies.

Levels 76 – 85: Death Teddies. Poison Mist is said to be AMAZING here. I have no idea personally though. It would be alot more easier to Mist this map compared to Ghost Pirates. You can also start trying Riselle Squids at this level, although you may find it kind of slow since they may not die the first mist round. In which case, you’re perfectly free to stick to what was previously mentioned.

Levels 85 – 92: With maxed Poison Mist, you can start training at Viking. Some parties find Mist to be appealing and ask to party. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up wasting a ton of money on pots from taking too much touch damage. If you’re tired of Vikings, you can go to Dual Ghost Pirates. Another option is Dangerous Sea Gorge II – go for the Risell Squids. This is a very very cheap alternative to Vikings and possibly even faster (although I haven’t tested).

Levels 93 – 99: Normal Phantom Watches are a nice change. The first few points in Explosion will help you clear the bottom. As Explosion’s level raises, it’ll be easier to hit Watches from safe spots. With Seal, you can also train at Gig. Vikings. You can also simply stay at Risells if you wish.

Levels 99+: With Seal, Mist, and Explosion maxed, you can start going to Grim Phantom Watches early. A good party is still needed until your MP is higher, but it’s still possible to solo in a map. (As usual, you can stay at Risells – but do I really have to say this again? D:)

5.4 Poison Mist (Mixed) Areas::

Note: These aren’t 100% certain and only based on theory

(You can tell I’m out of ways to say the same leveling spots over and over)

Levels 70 – 75: Do I even have to say this again?

Levels 76 – 85: Death Teddies.

Levels 86 – 95: Risell Squids / Vikings until about 90, then if you’re bored, Phantom Watches (although I get the idea that alot of people may choose Risells due to their cheapness).

Levels 96– 104: Phantom Watches, Risell Squids, Grim Phantom Watches in a good party with a DK and Priest.

Levels 104+: Grim Phantom Watches / Risell Squids

6.0Screen Shots:

Proton took this while we were at Gig Vikings in a map which was vac’d by a hacker who ran when we came :

Near highest damage with Compo at level 141:

Explosion and Pianus screenshots coming soon.

The Zakum pics were removed due to their excessive popularity and they’re honestly quite common now a days.

7.0 Ludibrium:

Before I get into details about the maps and monsters, I would like to give a general look at where Fire Mages stand when placed in Ludibirum. First of all, a majority of the higher monsters are weak to fire. Though this may seem great at first sight, there are way too many other downsides to this new…toyland. Personally, being over level 105 at the moment, and knowing a large majority of the high level Fire Mages, some conclusions have been made which may not appeal to us Fire Mages. The first problem is things here do HUGE damage. Because of this, we’ll be using Magic Guard no matter what. Ice Mages can freeze monsters and Priests have Elemental Resistant and invincible to prevent them from having to use guard. Us, on the only hand, even with Seal and slow, will be taking alot of damage which leads to alot of potion consumption. We will, sadly, have to depend on drops to cover for the costs. To add to that, the monsters which give good exp have very few, or no drops which bring in good money. Money will being a primary problem for training.

On the bring side though, Poison Mist becomes more useful than it was before. Lower level Fire Mages will be more appealing when partied with people at their level because of the way mist works. Also, Magic Composition can be used for training/hunting at Thantos and Gate Keepers. As many can guess, Explosion plays a huge part in faster training aswell. Maps in Ludibrium, as every other map, has safe spots for casting Explosion or Poison Mist while staying out of range from enemy attacks. Also, the general EXP will take a huge increase, which allows Fire Mages to catch up to Ice Mages in terms of levels. Finally, thanks to Poison Mist, even maps which contain fire-resistant monsters can still be considerate training areas.

This section of the guide will be different than before. I will instead cover the maps individually which offer good EXP/drops, compared to before where I would only give a general overview of the leveling areas according to the levels.


Warped Path of Time 3

Monsters: Ghost Pirates – 30000 HP 160 MP, weak to fire, 3200 KB, 1100 EXP
Bafoons – 16000 HP 120 MP, resistant to fire, 1500 KB, 340 EXP

Recommended for: Level 75+

Drops worth money (at the moment): Ghost Pirates- Scroll for Overall Dex 10%, Omega Spear,
Bafoons – Golden Hinkel, 60% cape LUK, Scroll for cape STR 60%,

About the Monsters: The attack patterns of the Ghost Pirates aren’t as simple as expected. Unlike any other monster in the game, these NEVER attack as long as you stay fairly close to them. What that means is, as long as you stay DIRECTLY infront of them, they won’t attack. Though, if you either raise yourself higher than them ( jumping with haste, trying to stand on ledges which are elevated, but not high enough to be directly above them) they will attack. The attacks aren’t avoidable, which means you’re going to have to avoid trying to avoid them indirectly. Also, slow becomes a major help here, especially if you’re planing to use explosion on them when they’re mobbed together, but you have to stay infront of them. Try to keep them on one side of the explosion, since whichever side you’re facing is the direction they’ll be knocked back to, no matter what side they’re on. Also, since Slow doesn’t make them slow enough for you to stand still, you’ll still have to teleport backwards after 2-3 explosions.

About the Map: The map itself is fairly big, big enough to share / party. Also, you’ll notice that the Bafoons are placed at the top of the map, which tends to become annoying. There are multiple full safe spots where you can explode without the range of the Pirates or Bafoons being able to hit you. Elemental Composition or Magic Claw will be the facter choice for killing the Bafoons singularly, but if they’re mobbed up, explosion is your best bet. Try to stay in as many safe spots as possible, and avoid taking as much attacks and touch damage as possible, the pot burning adds up…quickly.

Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time

Located from: Top-most area in Warped Path of Time 3 (left), press up at the purple spikey circle

Monsters: Dual Ghost Pirates – 35000 HP, 200 MP, weak to fire, 3700 KB, 1500 EXP

Recommended for: Level 75+

Drops worth money: Black Seraph Cape, Steely Throwing Stars, Dark Pireta Hat, Golden Hinkel (I think they’re still worth something)

About the Monsters: The Dual Ghost Pirates operate the same way as the normal Ghost Pirates. The only difference is they deal more damage (go figure).

About the Map: This map, I must say, is the most annoying of all, in my opinion anyways. Why? Because there’s visible safe areas, but once you start attacking, you realize that you’re not actually as safe as you think. Almost all of the ledges on the sides of the map (by the ladder) where you can reach the Pirates. The bad side is, they can do the same with their attacks. With this issue in mind, you’ll quickly notice that you’ll either have to seal and attack from the ledges, or you’ll have to jump in, slow, and hope to avoid as much damage as possible. Personally, I spent most of the time exploding mobs while taking touch damage, only to be finally about to explode from those same monster infested ledges. With the map set-up, it’s better start up and work your way down. People with explosion will notice that you’ll be able to explode on higher rows (which has monsters) and the explosion will reach the monsters below also. Poison Mist also avoids you from taking alot of damage when you reach the bottom of the map, after killing the top spawn that is, which consists of almost the entire map’s spawn.

Forgotten Path of Time 3

Monsters: Death Teddies – 32000 HP, 180 MP, weak to fire, 3500 KB, 1300 EXP

Recommended for: Levels 75 +

Drops worth money: 60% Cape INT, Pheonix Wand, Dark Neli Shoes (only if they’re above in INT, I think)

About the Monsters: Death Teddies shoot magic-block beam thingers at you. They’re rather slow and easy to avoid by teleporting.

About the Map: There are multiple safe spots where you can explode while avoiding damage. The most noticable one is the the two bottom safe spots, each located at the far end of the right and left side of the map. This map, however, can generally be shared. Though, if the user has Poison Mist, it’s honestly more of a solo map.

Forgotten Path of Time 4

Monsters: Phantom Watches – 53000 HP, 200 MP, weak to fire, 5000 KB, 2300 EXP

Recommended for: Levels 88+ Fire Mages

Drops worth money: 60% Cape LUK

About the Monsters: Phantom Watches have the same attack style as Death Teddies, though this time they shoot ice blocks at you. Unlike the teddies though, their attacks are MUCH faster and harder to avoid. Poisoning and staying safe is the usual technique here. The thing about using Poison Mist is, you’ll take touch damage alot, but you honestly don’t have much choice.

About the Map: Same as usual. Try to stay in the safe spots and use Poison Mist to get around. When it comes to the bottom clustered spawn, there are no safe areas to explode. This means you’ll have to either kill them one at a time, or you’ll just Mist around then going around the top area again, while waiting for Poison to play it’s role.

Hidden Street: Forbidden Time

Monsters: Grim Phantom Watches – 53000 HP, 200 MP, weak to fire, 5500 KB, 2800 EXP

Recommended for: Mages level 100+, espcially with Seal.

Drops worth money: 10% Scroll for Claw attack

About the Monsters: Oh geeze. Money wasting at it’s best. The only map where you’ll burn pots faster than this are Gigantic Viking Spirits. Like Thantos, these summon 2-3 ice pillars. But, the difference is, you won’t have time to dodge these like you do with Thanatos’ attacks. Not only that, but these are summoned randomly on the ledges, unlike Thanatos, which all appear around him. The touch and magic damage are ridiculously high, so you’ll appriciate Poison Mist. The main technique here is to Seal before attacking, and to attack from the RIGHT side. As long as they’re facing left (which means you have to attack from the right) they will NOT attack. Slow helps a ton here when combined with Seal.

About the Map: The map is pretty straight forward. Basically all you have to know is there are two SEMI-safe spots. Because of this, you’ll heavily rely on Slow and Seal. Because it’s too complicated to explain, the following screenshot will basically show you what I mean.

The only two semi safe spots are that and the ledge on the left side which basically the same thing. The reason why they’re only HALF safe is because there are usually Grims on the yellow ledge. You’d have to kill those first before being able to Explode without fear of accidentally hitting one of the Grims on the ledge.

Warped Path of Time 4

Monsters: Spirit Vikings – 50000 HP, 190 MP, resistant to fire, 5000 KB, 2100 EXP

Recommended for: Mages with a high level poison skill.

Drops worth money: Ilbi Throwing Star

About the Monsters: Well, they’re giant dudes that scream like…rabid monkies when they die….o_O. They shoot canonballs at you at a very slow speed. You can’t teleport around them, but they’re already slow to begin with.

About the Map: Very mobby, very easy to spend alot of money if you’re reckless with not avoiding taking hits. Not the best exp, not the worst either. It’s a really good spot for players who decided to go mist first. There’s more than enough safe spots where you can attack without having to worry about getting hit.

Hidden Street: Twisted Time

Monsters: Gigantic Viking Spirits – 58000 HP, 220 MP, resistant to fire, 5300 KB, 2600 EXP

Recommended for: Mages with a high level poison skill.

Drops worth money: None

About the Monsters: Same as the other Vikings basically.

About the Map: Not many sniping spots, but there are a few. Work your way from the top to bottom, then once you reach the bottom, either go into Cash Shop or change channels. This map is generally ALWAYS empty due to bad drops, and watch out, there are tons of times where you’ll find people vac hacking here.

Aqua Dungeon:

Alright, at first I said this map was a pretty bad spot for Fire Mages…Well guess what? It still is. But, I’ll admit that I didn’t give enough credit to Aqua Road. So, let’s see.

Aqua Road: Dangerous Sea Gorge II

Recommended for: Mages with a high Poison Mist level

Drops worth Money: Scroll for Glove ATK 60%

About the Monsters: Well, first of all, they resist fire. This means Explosion is going to be at a huge disadvantage here. It’s only good as a finisher for the poisoned monsters. For the black Squids, simply spam Magic Claw on them until they die. The Risell Squids do about 600~770 damage per attack and do 1600~ touch damage. The Black Squids do 100~200 (lol) damage per attack and around 1500~ touch damage. The Black Squids also release a copy-cat Poison Mist (except we can call it…Ink Mist?) which deals 150 damage per second. Much cheaper than other maps, if you know hot to avoid getting hit! Seal + Slow are going to help you alot here.

About the Map: This map is actually very good for Fire Mages – who have a high level of Poison Mist! It’s easy to manuver around and it’s much cheaper than Grims. In addition, it’s very easy to come here at a low level and make quick EXP. If you don’t have a good level of Mist, though, don’t come here. It’ll be a waste of time.

(Psst, this is a secret everyone) If you start training early and find two maps empty, it’s not a bad idea to take two channels. Simply…

1)Mist the first channel
2)Change to the next channel
3)Mist that one
4)Go back and kill everything while misting at the same time
5)Switch to the next channel and kill while misting

If you do things right, you can manage to work your way down one channel, while working your way up in the next channel, to make things flow really smooth and quickly. But, I must urge:

THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN TELL PEOPLE TO CHANGE CHANNELS IF THEY GO INTO THE MAP WHICH YOU AREN’T OCCUPYING AT THE TIME. Be kind, if you see that someone has taken the channel which you left, let them keep it. Do NOT tell them “I’m training in two channels, ccpls”.

In terms of getting into parties, I don’t know if that’s easy. Maybe if you party with one or two people, but I’m not sure if it’s still fast in six people parties. I’ve only tested this soloing, not partying.

Here’s a picture with me and my successor, Suponji, to show everyone how the spawn is like! Instead of misting around myself, I felt like it’d be nice to have him do it for me! I’m not lazy, I swear!

Gosh, he’s already more of a Fire Mage than I am! T_T

8.0Bosses (in progress)

Alright, so there’s been tons of talk going on about how useful Fire Mages are at boss fights. Well, this is basically going to highlight some of the upsides there are of partying a Fire Mages at the bosses mentioned. Now, as everyone should know by now, we’re not exactly the best against 1 vs 1’ing, and I’ll be honest, tons of people hate partying us period because of this. But that doesn’t mean we’re totally useless, even though Wizet has this way of trying to screw us over.

A good note to bring up is not all bosses are immune to poison damage. Yes, they are ALL immune to the poison effect, but the base damage of the element itself still works. So for people who use Poison Brace or Magic Composition, your skill will do full damage, just that the boss won’t get poisoned. I’ve seen alot of confusion with this and felt that it needed to be clarified.


Level :60
HP: 20,000
MP: 200
EXP: 1,200
KB: 1,000

Ah, Mushmom. The classical boss of oMS. Hearing the name along brings back memories of all the times I’ve sat there for hours waiting for it to spawn. As a matter of fact, I remember the day I died there because I forgot to MG. Mind you, I was about level 103. You can imagine the fun I had with that. >_> Anyways, quite an easy boss for anyone who’s interested. About a 40~ minute spawn time inbetween each. It spawns on every channel. Enjoy.

Crimson Balrog

HP: 100,000
MP: 500
EXP: 3,500
Speed: 0
Immune to Poison

Good ol’ Crimson Balrog. This will probably be the first boss people will fight, that actually has a chance to kill you. Alot of high levels use this as a quick chance to show off their damage to others, and get spammed with “OMG UR PRO” and crap like that. For Fire Mages, we get kinda screwed over since Crimson Balrog is immune to poison. So guess what? No Magic Composition for you. Yup, you’ll be using Fire Arrow and/or Explosion, nice way to show off your damage, eh?


HP: 30,000,000
MP: 3,500,000
Speed: None
EXP: 1,299,960
Weak to Fire

The setup for this boss, is amusingly stupid. Basically, any level can enter, and a maximum of 10 people can be in the map at a time. Now, what does this equal? Noobs sitting their ass in there trying to be all cute. Another issue is, anyone can enter at any time, whether there’s a fight going on or not. Easy looting oppertunity if you get a few hits in before it dies, yes? Dead people will also act all cutesy by leaving their ass in there while F2’ing. Picture a Jr.Rog scene with a player limit and the Jr.rog is a mini zakum. Not very fun. Oh, I also forgot to mention there’s an 8 hour respawn wait, but on the bright side, it spawns in every channel…Just not at the same time.

On the bright side, it IS weak to fire, though this profits White Knights more than Mages due to the fact that compo is also 50% poison. Although, I’ve found out some interesting things about Pianus.

On the map, there’s a 2 spawn areas. One on the far left, and one on the far right. There’s a slight possibility that both will spawn at the same time, making two Pianuses in the map. The Pianus on the left side does less damage than the Pianus on the right side. Although, the Pianus on the left side will ALSO seal you and your party, and dispel your skills (mg, hs, hb, etc). The Pianus on the right side will NOT dispel / seal you and your party.

Advice? Don’t go in unless you’re 120+, save everyone who’s already able to go in the headache, please. If you don’t have a DK, don’t go unless you’re 140+.

For those who can go in, be sure to bring tons of Power Elixirs and Elixirs, as you normally would for Zakum. I’m not sure if it either has a skill that brings you to 1 Hp, 1 Mp, or it’s a huge damaging attack that rapes you, I need to check on that. Also, stay AWAY from the Blood Booms. If they explode on you, then your pretty much fucked.It does about 8k damage. BUT, there is hope. If anyone hits the bomb for OVER 10k damage in one hit, it won’t explode That’s right, it’ll just die. Ideal for DK’s and not that bad for Warriors to her period. I don’t suggest mages hit the bomb, since they resist fire.

It’s a pretty nice place if you’re pot-spam-happy. As for drops, it drops mostly level 100 armors of all classes and some warrior weapons…The only thing worth money is the Beserker, an alternate level 90 sword.


Level: 115
HP: 1700000
MP: 150000
Speed: 0
EXP: 150000
KB: 9,999

This is the boss of the famous Guild Party Quest (GPQ). Unfortunately, I’ve never personally tried the GPQ, so I can’t give any information about him. Yeah, I know, I should try it, but I didn’t, nor do I want to, so BITE ME
Papulatus Clock


(With Clock Machine)

HP: 23,000,000
MP: 2,000,000
Speed: -40
EXP: 596,000
KB: 10,000

(After Machine is Broken)

HP: 1,590,000
MP: 80 (lole wtf)
Speed: 60
EXP: 970,000
KB: 12,000

I must say, Slow really does work wonders here. Alot of people think it’s only good for the second form, but it’s just as good for the first as well. You just need to really watch out when it comes to the attack pattern. Just like Pianus, it summons bombs while explode and does ALOT of damage (i’m talking about 10k here) if you don’t do over 10k in one hit. Trust me, people get really annoyed really quickly if you hit a bomb and it explodes killing a party member. Once again, allow your local Warrior to clear up the bombs.

Attack Patters

Once I look into it, i’ll provide detailed information about how the Papulatus’s attack colors work.


(I’ll eventually get around to working on the arms…)

Level: 140
Speed: None
EXP: 7,000,000

(1st body HP bar)

HP: 66,000,000
MP: 30,000

(2nd body HP bar)

HP: 88,000,000
MP: 35,000

(3rd body HP bar)

HP: 110,000,000
MP: 40,000

Haha, I’ve been asked tons of times to join people at Zakum who plan to kill the body. Why? Because apprently the Ice monsters it spawns rapes the hell out of Ice Mages and everyone else. They say that there should be atleast 2-3 Fire Mages there to assist. Also, Zakum has two armor immunities, one which is complete weapon damage immunity, and one which is magic immunity. It alternates between the two, and sometimes turns off both. This would be another reason why Fire Mages are welcomed to join at Zakum. Warning to Mages though, it’s expensive to go to Zakum.

9.0 Non Related, but Useful Tips:

This section is completely unrelated to the guide, though I feel that it’s still important to bring these up.

– I’d like to mention the fact that people need to stop worrying so much about their armors and shields and start focusing on more important things. Before you say, “Oh, but Mages have low defense and need as much as possible!” think for a second. Mages NATURALLY will always be the class with the lowest defense. It’s already been proven that 3 defense is only -1 damage. It’s because of this that shows how useless it really is to have people get so worked up over Panlids and Wooden Shields. The reason I say this is because I’ve been harassed by many players, being called “Weak” solely because of the fact that I choose to equip my character with a Wooden Shield and not a Panlid. The ironic part is, when I ask these same people if they scroll their earings or cape, the majority of them reply either with a “no” or “yes, with 100%s”. Last time I checked, the stats on your earings and cape add magic attack, which determines your damage, while your shield only adds defense and some HP if you’re lucky, but doesn’t affect your damage at all =(. Get with it people! Earings ARE important! They’re the Magician’s version of an attack glove and there’s nothing that will change this fact. A perfectly scrolled 10% work gloves adds 15 attack, while a perfectly 10% scrolled pair of earings will add 15 int and 25 Matk. Add that together and you get a total of 40 Matk! The sad part is, most people just shove 100%s in their earings and continue with their day.

– Fire Mages in general don’t make as much money as most Ice Mages or Priests. Knowing this, there’s no reason to feel bad or left out if you’re not as rich as your friends. I’m not implying that this happens all the time, but I’ve made multiple comparisons and most of the time, it’s the person playing a Fire Mage who’s usually the poorest of the three.

– Unlike the Jms glitch, Partial Resistance level 1 does NOT make you only take 1 damage from fire and poison attacks. (Credit to Omegadragon for confirming this) =/

– Fire Mages DO take alot of money to train. It’s debatable whether they’re more expensive than Cheif Bandits. Some people say no, some say yes. Either way, I’m currently levle 115 and usually have 2~6m. I’m not ashamed to admit this really, most of my Fire Mage friends have less, or a bit more. I really couldn’t care less if you have more than me though. The only time you’ll make money is by getting lucky through from drops.(eg. Kage)

– To all high level Mages, once your MP is high enough to the point where you can switch to Elixirs instead of Sundaes, DO IT. You’ll save a ton of money using Elixirs instead of Sundaes. Think of it, say you have 8,000 MP, you can either pay 4k for a sunday and recover 2k MP, or you can use an elixirs which sells in player shops for 5k and recover 4k Mp and x amount of HP. This is the reason why HB is useful at higher levels. Thanks to Hyper Body, you’ll be able to save additional money be having more MP to run out before using an Elixir. Currently, and hopefully for a very long time, Elixirs sell for an average of 5k. DON’T buy them for anything more than that price. By buying them for more than 5k, you’re only contributing to an inflation, which is something we don’t need.

10.0 F.A.Q:

Okay, I truely appriciate everyone’s interest in what I do in MS, and have tons of questions for me, although, I’m basically getting the same questions over and over and…OVER again. To keep everyone’s life simple, I’m going to answer the most common questions here. Please, PLEASE, don’t PM me in game asking these questions in a basically different manner, otherwise I’ll just tell you to read this section, or I’ll straight forward ignore you.

Q: What level are you?

Check and see for yourself

Q: How much money do you have?

Usually ranges between 5 ~ 20m. Yes, I know, people at my level have usually 7x as much, but unlike many classes, I do this thing called “potting”.

Q: How much damage do you do?

I think I hate this question the most. Because of poison, there’s no definite answer. Get that straight people. I can do a base damage with a certain spell, then there’s bonus damage. For example, Compo does x amount of damage, then there’s an additional y amount from the poison per second. Same applies for Poison Mist. Because of this, there’s no straight forward answer.

Q: Can you solo Zakum?

No, no one can. Not me, not Tiger, not Suuushi, not some non-existing level 200 guy, No One. It’s not meant to be solo’d, you need 5 parties to kill it. The end.

Q: How long does Zakum take to kill?

Depends on the general level of the parties, the people that go, people’s internet connection, who dies early, etc. Basically, it depends. The fastest it’s ever been killed at this point is about one and a half hours. But, usually it takes 2 ~ 2.5 hours.

Q: Do you have a Zakum helmet?


Q: Do you want to train my char?


Q: Do you want to be my friend?

No. Yes, alot of you are honestly nice people, I know. Although, I can’t manage talking to 10 of you at once while TRYING to train. Also, I don’t feel like stopping my training just to answer the same questions every day. The reality is, alot of people on MS are nice, and if every nice person wanted to talk to me and get to know me, then I wouldn’t have time to know anyone, now would I?

Q: Can you give me meso / items?

No. Earn it yourself like I did.

Q: What equipment are you using?

Whatever the hell I feel like.

Q: Are you planning to make a second video?

No, not right now, not for a very very long time, probably never even.

Q: What’s stronger, Ice or Fire Mage?

They both have up’s and down’s. They both alternate between being the dominant class. Ice Mages are generally richer, Fire usually has more training places. Pick whichever is more fun to you, don’t ask me.

Q: Which build is better, Explosion or Mist?

When I did my third job advancement, I was level 87. I had a basic idea of what to add. I pretty much added all my SP into 11 booster, max amp, 1 seal, and a bit into Explosion. The point is, I don’t know which is “Faster” exp. Fast EXP depends on the people you know, where you party, and your equipment. Yes, both builds ARE expensive, and yes, you will level quickly with both of them. I have no straight answer on which one you’ll like most, because a) I don’t know you, b) I never had the chance to try both builds.

Q: Can I frap (or any other recording program) you killing?

I would REALLY, appriciate it if you DIDN’T. I don’t want to be in any of your videos, demonstrating “Pros” of MS, considering MS pros don’t exist.

11.0 Movie:

This video was made by me at level 118. The reason why I decided to do it at 118 was because I knew that if I waited until 120, odds are I’d become to lazy to get it done. My skill build goes as follows:

Level 30 Magic Composition
Level 30 Explosion
Level 30 Elemental Amplification
Level 11 Booster
Level 20 Seal
Level 23 Poison Mist
Level 1 Partial Resistance

12.0 Closing:

In conclusion, I hope that I’ve been able to shed some much needed light upon Fire Mages. Within the next while, I’ll be updating the guide, trying to get screenshots and more helpful information. Thank you everyone who’s taken the time to read this and a huge thank you for the support from my friends.

13.0 Credits and Special Thanks:

Wizet for making such an enjoyable game
Myself (Flenaris) for typing all of this for you guys for monster information for monster and skill information
OmegaDragon for testing Partial Resistance
Virgo, Simpleminded, Airewindel, Berkeley, Mungojerrie, and everyone else who supported me by nagging at me to finish this, thank you =p
Remixed, because he wanted to see his name here!
Proton for looking over the guide and pointing out mistakes AND THE SEXY TITLE.
laymestaley, for her noticable assistance to other players. You made this a ton easier on me. Also for the fact that you helped me with the Poison Mist section. :D

Everyone who takes the effort to answer other player’s questions. You don’t know how thankful I am to you guys. <3

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