MapleStory Abbreviations List

MapleStory Abbreviations List by someone

I think this maybe useful for people when they start seeing stuff they don’t understand. As people tend to abbreviated quite a lot. I’ll start listing them as I seeing them. If you have more, list them here also.

1H = One Handed
1HK = One Hit Kill
1HKO = One Hit Knock Out
2H = Two Handed
2HK = Two Hit Kill
2HKO = Two Hit Knock Out
AB = Arrow Blow or Arrow Bomb
AC = Advance Combo
ACA = Advanced Combo Attack
ACB = Advanced Charge Blow
AE = Arrow Eruption
AoE = Area of Effect
AP = Ability Point
APQ = Amoria Party Quest (I call it Apple Party Quest)
AR = Angel’s Ray or Arrow Rain [depend on context]
BaM = Battle Mage
BB = Big Bang
BC = Black Crow or Black Crystal [depend on context]
BF = Big Foot or Boy Friend [depend on context, but the other isn’t maple related]
BL = Buddy List
BM = Bow Master
BW = Blunt Weapon or Blade Wizard [depend on context]
BS = Brave Slash or Soomerang Step [I’m sure everyone know what the other one is, but it’s not maple related]
B> = Buying
CB = Chief Bandit or Charged Blow [depend on context]
CC = Change Channel
CHT = Chaos Horntail
CHTP = Chaos HornTail Pendant (official name=Chaos Horntail Necklace)
CK = Cygnus Knight(s)
CMS = China MapleStory
C/O = Current Offer
CPQ = Carnival Party Quest
CS = Cash Shop
CWK = Crimson Wood Keep
CWKPQ or CKPQ = Crimson Wood Keep Party Quest
DB = Dragon Blood or Dual Blader [depend on context]
DC = Dark Crystal
D/C= Disconnect(ed)
DGP = Dual Ghost Pirate
DI = Dark Impale
DK = Dragon Knight
DrK = Dark Knight
DPM = Damage Per Minute
DPS = Damage Per Second
DS = Dark Sight, Double Shot, Dark Scroll or Devil’s Sunrise [depend on context]
DT = Death Teddy
DW = Dawn Warrior
EB = Enhanced Basic
EMS = Europe MapleStory
ER = Element Resistance
EW = Evil Wings
EXP = Experience
FA = Final Attack
FB = Flash Bang (or Face Book, but again not maple related)
FD = Fire Demon
FJ = Flash Jump
FM = Free Market
FoG = Forest of Golem
F/P = Fire & Poison
FTW = For The Win
Gach = Gachapon
GG = Good Game
GMS = Global MapleStory
GS = Ground Smash
HB = Hyper Body
HHG = Henesys Hunting Ground
H/O = Highest Offer
HP = Health Point
HS = Holy Symbol or Hidden Street [depend on context]
HT = HornTail
HTP = HornTail Pendant (official name=Horntail Necklace)
IA = Iron Arrow
ID = Ice Demon
IGN = In Game Name
I/L = Ice & Lightning
IS = Ice Strike or Intrepid Slash
JMS = Japanese MapleStory
JQ = Jump Quest
JPQ or J>PQ = Joining Party Quest
JNPT = Jr. Newtie Party
KC = Kerning City
KFT = Korean Folk Town
KMS = Korean MapleStory
KMST = Korean MapleStory Tespia
KoC = Knight(s) of Cygnus
KPQ = Kerning(City) Party Quest
KS = Kill Steal
LB = Lunch Box
LF> = Looking For
LHC = Lion Heart Castle (Although the GMS official name is Lion King’s Castle, ppl still call it LHC)
LMPQ = Ludibrium Maze Party Quest
L/N/O = Leave Name & Offer
L/O = Leave Offer
LPQ = Ludibrium Party Quest
Ludi = Ludibrium
MB = Mortal Blow
MC = Magic Crash or Miracle Cube
MDT = Master Death Teddy
ME = Mesos Explosion
MG = Magic Guard or Meso Guard
MM = Monster Magnet or MasksMan [depend on context]
MoN = Mark of Naricain
MP = Mana Point
MP3 = Mysterious Path 3
MS = MapleStory
MSEA = Maple SEA (Malaysia & Singapore version of MapleStory)
MTS = Maple Trade System
MW = Maple Warrior
NL = Night Lord
NLC = New Leaf City
NW = Night Walker
O4/5 = Oblivion 4/5
OBO = Or Best Offer
OPQ = Orbis Party Quest
PA = Pole Arm
PAC = Pink Adventure Cape
PB = Pink Bean
PuAC = Purple Adventure Cape
P/C = Price Check
PG = Power Guard
PKB = Power Knock-Back
PMC = Premium Miracle Cube
PoT = Piece of Time
pot = Potion or potential
ppl = people [not maple related]
PPQ = Pirate Party Quest (Eventhough it actually is Herb Town PQ)
PQ = Party Quest
PS = Power Strike [could be Power Stance also, but ppl just call it stance]
PSB = Pink Surb Board
PT or PTY = Party
RK = Red Katana
RL = Real Life
R> = Recruiting
SB = Slash Blast
SC = Server Check
SE = Sharp Eyes
SI = Speed Infusion
SKPT = Skelegon Party
SoK = Scissor of Karma
SP = Skill Point
SR = Shining Ray
STD = Straw Target Dummy
SW = SleepyWood
S> = Selling
TB = Thunder Breaker
ThMS = Thailand MapleStory
ToT = Temple of Time
TS = Thunder Spear
TT = Triple Throw or Time Temple [depend on context]
T> = Trading
UA = Ultimate Adventurer
U/H = UnHammered
WA = Wind Archer
WH = Wild Hunter
WS = Wolf Spider
WK = White Knight
XBow = Cross Bow
Z1 = Forest of Dead Trees 1
ZJQ = Zakum Jump Quest

Truncated Maple terminology & Others:
Anego = Female Boss
articuno = Frostprey
Bucc = Buccaneer
Buffs = Supportive skills, ex:Holy Symbol, Bless, Hyper Body, Haste
cane = Hurricane
czak = Chao Zakum
czhelm = Chaos Zakum Helmet
crit = Critical
dayo = Maple Kandayo
DepStar = Silver Deputy Star
dit = bandit
gen = Genesis
Hime = Dreamy Ghost (this came from the folks that play JMS)
Ludi = Ludibrium
Mech = Mechanic
pally = Paladin
Pap = Papulatus Clock
Rigbol = Stonetooth Sword
sader = Crusader
Sca = Scalion
Shad = Shadower
sin = Assassin
skel = skelegon
smega = Super Megaphone
shelm = Scarlion Helmet
srun = Scarlion run
Tar = Targa
Tengu = Mythical Japanese god of wind that look identical to Black Crow
Vent= Ventrilo
Zak = Zakum
Zhelm = Zakum Helmet
zrun = Zakun run

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