Luvinia World Beginner’s Guide

Luvinia World Beginner’s Guide by GMMechaRambo

Character Creation:

When starting Luvinia for the first time, you will be prompted to create your first character. On the character creation screen, you may choose from six Nationalities for your character, each with their own unique starting city. Allowing the game to automatically select your Nationality (by using the “Select Nation” button) you will be awarded with a mystery box that will give you items as you level up in Luvinia.

The character creation screen also allows you to select your character’s gender, Astrological sign, face, hair style, hair color, and also your character’s voice. Once you have created your character, be sure to give it a unique name!

Basic Controls:

Character Selection:

Once you have finished your character, you will be brought back to the Character Selection Screen. Choose the character you would like to use and press “Enter Game” to begin your adventure in Luvinia!

Getting Started:

You begin your life in Luvinia as a Beginner. After your training course is complete, you may begin your journey on the path of a Warrior, Rogue or Magician! Before that, though, you must finish your beginner training! To begin, speak with the Candidates Instructor Antonia for your first mission! Follow the on screen guide to receive the Graduation! quest.

First Mission:

By using the Quest button at the bottom of the screen, or pressing the Q button on your keyboard, you will find your Quest List menu. With your desired quest selected on the left side of the book, the right side will give you all the information to complete your quest!

Left clicking on the red and white highlighted text in your Quest List will automatically move your character to the selected area, NPC, or enemy. For your first quest, left click on “Slipper Bunnies” to automatically move your character to the Slipper Bunny NPCs!

After you have polished off four Slipper Bunnies, open your Quest List and left click on “Candidate Instructor Antonia” (highlighted in red and white) to move back to Antonia so you may complete your first quest!

Combat Basics:

Once you arrive at the Slipper Bunnies, it’s time to defeat four of them! Left click on any NPC to target them, then press the “1” key to auto attack, or the “2” key to perform a special skill ! You can press the Tab key on your keyboard to target the next closest enemy.

Inventory Basics:

To access your inventory, press the “I” key on your keyboard, or press the Bags button on the bottom of your screen. From this menu, you can equip new items on your character by right clicking them, or dragging them to the appropriate slot in your Character window (“C” key on your keyboard or the Character button on the bottom of your screen).

Skill Basics:

To view your current skills, press the “K” button on your keyboard, or the Skills button on the bottom of your screen. In the Class Skill window, you will notice your Class Panel on the left side of the book, and your current skills on the right. Once you have leveled your character up, you will be able to level your skills up. When a skill is ready to be leveled up, an “Up” message will appear on the skill. Right click the skill to access your Skill Enhancement window. Pressing the up arrow button in this screen will consume some of your earned SP to make your skills stronger!

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