Lunia Krieg Skill Analysis and Build Guide

Lunia Krieg Skill Analysis and Build Guide by itzJOHNfoo

This guide is designed to help Kriegs plan their build according to what they want.

Skill Analysis


A skill with a slow start and pushes monsters (if you can) for a bit. The last hit knocks them down. A good skill for Myth and overall mob control.
Suggested: 0, 1

Physical Strength
Your main skill that increase air. Actually, the second hit does all the air increasing lol. The more points you invest in this skill means that the enemy will go higher. Level 4 is the minimum required for pvp kriegs.
Notes: 7 is the minumum level required to do a physical strength into 100 ton fire comet combo with no decay.
Suggested: 0, 4, 7, 11

The first two hits are normal hits, the last one stuns. Not much to say here lol.
Suggested: 0, 1

Super Strength
A skill where Krieg jumps forward and launches everything around him to the air.
Suggested: 11

Divine Force
One of the most versatile skills in Lunia. Pressing space three times while using this skill will enable you to combo more. The third and fourth hits are resetters.
Suggested: 0, 1, 11


Krieg jumps in the air and knocks down/confuses enemies around him in a big circle. Big invincible frame and open for a very long time.
The more points you pump in here, the longer confuse will last.
Suggested: 0, 1

1000 Ton Pendulum
This skill has four hits. The first and second hits are the most used in combos, as the third hit knocks enemies down and the fourth hit usually gets canceled.
The first hit can pick up enemies from the groud. All in all, one of the best moves for comboing.
Suggested: 0, 1

Krieg uses some HP to cast a small HP platform in front of him. The hammer can hit enemies when he casts the platform. The more people stand on the platform, the more heals are received.
To fakeres with this skill, one must cast it on the dead player and quickly run over the platform.
Suggested: 0, 1, 11

Party HP recovery
It costs hp to use this skill. Krieg’s “sunlight of healing” It has a very big range of 100 and it can heal a little past the edge of the circle that you see on the animation.
Maxing this would be pointless since level 1 is enough for a good fakeres (it heals 200 at level 1 lol)
Suggested: 0, 1

Adamantine F. Bolt
Krieg launched a “firebolt” in front of him. Dash cancel after so you don’t get stuck in the silly animation. It launches in a straight line and can stun.
The more points you put in here, the farther the firebolt goes. Basically, max this if you’re really good at sniping at pvp. If staging, keep this 0.
Suggested: 0, 1, 10

Fire Crush
Krieg jumps up and crushed the ground underneath. It slows enemies, and deals decent damage. Invincible frame while in the air and you’re only open for a split second.
Dash or skill cancel after you hit the ground to get out of that lame animation lol.
Suggested: 11

Hammer Scratch
Homing projectile that blinds. Not much to say. Using this in combos will gain height. Personally I prefer to just use it for first hit enabler in pvp. In stage, kinda useless.
Don’t max since the range from 8 to 10 doesn’t increase, and damage increase is minimal.
Suggested: 0, 8, 9

New Fire Crush
Like the original, except you go a little farther and launch the enemies really high in the air. Gets in the way of teamwork sometimes, but can really save someone’s butt and buy them time to run if they’re getting mobbed.
The damage to sp ratio isn’t as good as regular fire crush, but it’s okay damage. Lvl 1 just for the invinc and launch effects.
Suggested: 0, 1, 11

True Revival
Godly heal, enough said. Like Revival, the more people that stand on it the more heals you get. The HP Platform is bigger and you don’t need HP to cast it. Fakeressing is easy, all you have to do is cast it.
Leveling this up will give you more HP, however, no one has THAT much hp anyway. Since the amount of heals you get depends on how many people stand on the platform, theoretically level 1 should be enough
to full heal your whole party. But max it if you want more heals.
Suggested: 0, 1, 5


Hammer Blast
Krieg runs forward and hits/pushes back. Can be used to dodge things. Good damager. If you use against the wall you can increase your height by cancelling the last hit by shifting.
Suggested: 0, 1, 11

Violent Whirlwind
First hit launches up, the rest just makes the enemy go with Krieg. If you miss the first hit you can drag stuff along with you until the last hit, where they get knocked down.
Dash and skill cancellable. Can be used for epic mob control.
Suggested: 0, 1, 11

100 Ton Fire Comet
Krieg’s “dfist,” the range is actually bigger than the animation. Knocks back far, and good damage, short cd.
Suggested: 11

Hammer Boomerang
Krieg throws his two hammers, first right and left in a curved fashion. It drags along anything it hits with, and even if you get canceled after throwing it enemies can still get hit (Like Sieg’s “Whirling Sword”)
If you press space three times you can continue/start the combo.
Suggested: 1, 11

Vehement Transformation
Krieg transforms into a different version of him. Melee can only be used. Melee damage increased according to level, as well as the time it takes to xform. However when you’re xformed once you hit 0 HP you turn into
a ghost automatically, instead of getting a chance to be fakeres’d. Lvl 1 should be enough to take advantage of Ancient Elf Hero’s Two Piece Set Effect.
Suggested: 0, 1, 6

New Hammer Blast
Looks like regular Hammer Blast except a little hammer projectile that pushes back appears. Has the highest damage potential out of all Krieg’s skills.
Suggested: 0, 11

New Vehement Transformation
Same as the first xform, except a little weaker in my opinion. Same notes as the first one. As you can tell I’m not a fan of xforming but if you like it….
Level 1 for mob control in myth stages
Suggested: o, 1, 11


Mana Recovery
Krieg stand still for a long time, exchanging some HP for MP. This skill takes WAY too long to cast and the benefit isn’t even that good. Think Eir’s Price of Sacrifice but longer and useless.
Suggested: 0

Party MP Recovery
Makes four MP platforms that shoot out. Costs HP to use. Good if you stage with Siegs, Tias, Dacys, Ariens, and Ryans a lot. However with the new +1000 MP pot, it makes this skill useless. But it’s nice if you have the extra points since it no longer
costs reagents lol. It shoots from Krieg at weird angles. Maybe 10 degrees and 20 degrees, approximately.
Suggested: 0, 9

Minimize Party Dmg
Similar to Blessed Defense, this skill is also absolutely useless. Minimize the damage only applies to PvPers (it decreases damage from crit and reduces damage from buffs like Blessed Bravery IIRC) and even then it isn’t worth it…
Suggested: 0

Party Magic Defense
Magic attacks won’t hurt you or teammates around you if you cast this spell. Costs 1 Rope and 1 Pearl from levels 1-4 and it costs 2 ropes and 2 pearls from level 5.
Costs hp and a little time to cast.
Suggested: 0, 4, 8


Increase Health
At level 1, it gives you +100 hp. At level 8, it gives you +660 hp. Choose according to your needs.
Suggested: 1, 8

Deadly Blow
You can get crit on stuff sometimes. Maxing it is a waste of points.
Suggested: 1

Mana Increase
Not worth it to put points into. The first level gives you a whopping +50 mana.
Suggested: 0

MP Recovery
You get mp as time goes on. Level depends if you get the other MP recovery skills and how well you manage your mana.
suggested: 0, 8

Minimize the Damage
See “Minimize Party Dmg.” 0 for stage 4 for pvp.
Suggested: 0, 4

Sample Builds
Note: Extra points from some of these builds indicate that you should put them into places that you prefer.
The builds listed below are by no means PERFECT FOR EVERYONE. It just depends on your playstyle. Mess around with the skills,
and see which ones you like!

Stage builds

Barely any xform, just smash!!…1B0-0000-81080
Basically what I did was max all his super damaging moves, one point in the heals, one point into the skills that help mob up enemies, and one into xform. Because of xform nerf, I find that the only time to ever use xform would be with AEH. Level 1 should be enough for the 15 seconds. I personally have level 2 because the extra 5 seconds to smash is nice. However the xform should no longer be maxed since the dmg that increases per level is minimal. The rest of the build should be up to you. Physical Strength needs a minimal of 4 if you want to by a hybrid krieg and have combo ability. 1000 ton pendulum only needs 1 to be able to combo with.
Note: 1 point into True Revival.

Full Support Krieg…0B0-0904-81080
In case Eirs ever go extinct, here’s a build for you! No xforms this build because you can’t heal while you’re xformed lol.
Note: 1 point into True Revival.

HULK ANGRY!!…6BB-0000-81080
This one… xform a lot, use the rest of the sp for Party MP recovery or maxing another attack skill.

PvP builds

Pure PvP Build…100-0000-81084
9 extra sp to raise whatever you like. Party Mdef for yourself, Make Physical Strength Higher, etc.

Hybrid Build…1B0-0004-81084
Note: 1 in True Revival.

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