Lunia Gold Making Guide

Lunia Gold Making Guide by sharple

One of the most common threads I see is “HOW DO I MAKE GOLD?” Most of the people that make these threads are either new, or maybe they just want the fastest way possible to make gold for some of new characters. The most common response they get is, “You can’t really make a lot until you’re a higher level,” or they’ll get something vague like, “Fish!” That’s what everyone told me when I was new, and while it was basically the truth, it didn’t help a whole lot. What was I to do with these fish? What do I do once I finally level up? This guide will try to give all of the basic ways that people get gold!

The FASTEST Way (for the lazy people who won’t read this whole thing):

The fastest way to get gold is to dish out real cash. You can get three random boxes for less than 10 US dollars at the Lunia cash shop, and most random box items bring in at least 100g if you’re patient. Rare random box items can bring in over 1000g, depending on rarity, stats, and the character they are for. The daily gift box gives out items that often sell for a lot, as well. I have seen pets with expired contracts being sold, usually for hundreds of gold. The truth is, anything you pay REAL money for will sell for big bucks, and a lot of user shops will advertise “CS items!” The real contradiction here is that most of the characters people are saving up for cost about the same as those 3 random boxes, so you’re probably better off just paying for them in the cash shop if you can afford this method. oO

Of course, you don’t always have to spend money to make money. A popular way of obtaining Gcoins is through the Peanutlabs surveys. If you go to “Add Gcoin” and then “Free Gcoin” in the side menu, you can choose to take surveys at Peanutlabs, or participate in a variety of offers to receive Gcoins. Depending on the offer, you can obtain up to 50 Gcoins from either Peanutlabs or Trialpay. These can be used to buy cash shop items, which can be sold to other users.

An alternative to selling CS items immediately is to stick them in the bank and wait. Every month a new set is added to the random box, but one is also taken out. If you hoarde random box items until they’re not available anymore, you have a chance of the price shooting up dramatically for people who would like to finish their set. For instance, items from the Wonderland set sell for much more now that they are no longer obtainable from Random Boxes.


This seems like it’s obvious, but when you’re new you’re not always sure what is an easy-to-sell item versus a hard-to-sell item. There are many items that are technically worth a lot, but they take longer than others to sell. Here are some items that usually get bought from shops right away:

– “Dimlies” or Dimly Shining Jewels – These can be obtained as rewards from quests, stages, the chests found in stage secret areas, etc. You can trade in fish for these, or trade in blue carps and greater for these at the NPC Fishing Master Hemingway, or you can trade in fish for beads once a day at the NPC Duran on the other side of the square. 5 beads of any color can get you dimlies, the number of which depending on the rarity of the fish/bead. Dimlies can also be crafted from “shining powders” and other materials. These craft books can be found at the Merchandise Shop. Dimlies generally sell for about 1g each, but are usually bought very quickly because they are needed for Light Fortification. The other shining jewels (Shining, Brightly Shining, Cold Shining), are a bit harder to sell, but sell for more. Prices can fluctuate depending on demand. These can be found in pretty much every way that Dimlies can.

– Legendary Drake Equipment for Dacy – These equips will sell on average for 15g apiece because of their MP regenerating effect. Dacies are hard-pressed for MP like the other mage characters, but don’t have any abilities that allow them to regenerate it, so any equipment that allows them too is valuable to them. Gloves, cloaks, hats, shoes, and other “support” items will sell faster than L Drake dresses or skirts, because many higher level dacies prefer to have strong chest/leg equipment to make up for having lower level equips for the effect.

– Gold Carp – Gold carp are hard to catch at lower levels, but valuable. They can be traded in for a variety of things at the NPCS Fishing Master Hemingway and Old Fisherman. Their prices fluctuate, but right now they are around 30g each.

– Item Boxes from BOSSES – In each episode, there are 10 stages, and at the tenth stage, there is a “boss.” These bosses drop boxes that contain their own set of equipment. These boxes/equips will generally sell higher than the generic equipment that you get at the end of the other stages in the episodes. Some, like the L Drake set mentioned earlier, have desirable effects. Others, like Rigel (6-10) or Lir (5-10) boxes can be traded in along with other materials for even better equipment boxes, and are wanted for this reason. Various “raid” or side stage bosses have highly desired equipment as well. For stats, effect, or just because many of these have a unique appearance outside of the regular Nth degree sets, these usually sell pretty well. As low as level 25, you can start doing these raids, starting with the Yeti King’s Cave.

– Star Event Items – About fifty thousand times a day (-_-) , a big popup will appear at the center of the screen telling you that there is an event, “Monsters Attack!” Or whatever it says. >> If you beat this event, you can collect 10 big gold stars that can be sold for between 10-15g. You can also trade them in at the NPC Wanderer Shore for a hefty amount of experience and a “Gift Box of Star.” These Gift Boxes can be sold for varying amounts of money — usually around 20g — or opened. Inside of these boxes are OTHER boxes of varying rarity. Some of these are practically worthless, most of them can be sold for at least 10g, with some, like Star’s Fortification Box, selling for over 100g.

-Random Box Keys – STARTING AT LEVEL 1, GO TO THE KEY TRADER IN THE SQUARE AND TAKE ALL OF HIS QUESTS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. In his quests, you can obtain random keys once a day per quest. At higher levels, his quests take a lot more time and a lot harder to do, because they ask you to beat the next episode boss. I can’t tell you how annoying it was when I reached level 54, and instead of beating 5-10H, I now had to beat 5-10L to get a key. These keys can sell for 5-10g each. All those people buying random boxes need keys to open them up! Their prices tend to be highest when new random box items and new characters are released.

Bonus and Myth Equips/Boxes – When I wrote this originally, I don’t think Myth and Bonus had been added, but I could be mistaken. MYTH AND BONUS equips and boxes will often sell for a million bajillion gold, but if you’re high enough level to farm these equips you probably already know that. These are pretty quick to sell in my experience.


If someone is shouting “Buying/ B> insert item here” and you have one on you that you have no intention to use — why not sell it if they are offering a decent price?

These are “hard-to-sell” items. People want them, but they don’t really sell as fast as a stack of dimlies or a cheap gold carp.

– Rare Boxes, Great Boxes, and the Items inside – These, while generally wanted, are situational items. The higher number the box, the more they will sell for, and it’s best to check the shops around you to find comparitive prices before selling yours. As a general rule, Rare Boxes of about 6 or less are sometimes very slow to sell because they are easier to get than the higher numbers. Inside these are the “nth degree mutant/spiritual/miracle/etc” equipment for characters. The higher the number of the box, the more likely you are to get equipment for another character, and the item and set is random on top of that. People will still buy these, they just won’t fly off the shelves as fast as dimlies or big gold stars. Great Boxes will sell for more than rare boxes of the same number, and sometimes of the next number higher. The items inside can sell for more or less than the box, depending on the stats, set, and grade.

– Non-Gold Carps – These won’t fly off the shelves either unless someone is actively searching for them via the chat window, but any extra carps you have will sell in a day or two. For “lower” carps like brown or green, you will usually have to sell in bundles to make more than a few silver, but carps like red or five-colored will sell for a couple of gold each. Check around for pricing before selling yours — selling carps can be pretty competitive.

– Fortification Items – Catalysts and Fortification stones will sell in stacks for a couple of gold each, and are generally easy to obtain. Restoration stones and risk-free catalysts will sell for hundreds of gold, because they are rare and will prevent your item from breaking when fortifying. For lower level items, this isn’t much of a problem, but a lot of higher level items can be known to break on the first try at fortifying. These are things that everyone needs or wants at some point, but because catalysts/fortification stones are so easy to obtain, they don’t always need to get them from someone else. Restoration stones risk-free catalysts are expensive and aimed mostly at higher levelled characters with rare equipment, so they take longer to sell than an item that everyone can use.


As said before, fishes can be sold to other players, or traded in for beads. When you trade in fish for beads, you also obtain gold. You will often obtain more gold by trading in fish for beads than if you were to sell the fish in stacks, but because you can only trade for beads once per day it is often easier to sell off extra carps. There are fishing quests from Fishing Master Hemingway that give you items. Previously I mentioned dimlies, but you can also get a variety of rare items that can be used or sold.

Beads can be traded in for items at the NPC Duran. You can only get one bead of a color per day, so it will take more than one day to get items with your beads.

THE ONLY NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BAIT OTHER THAN PRICE IS CATCHING TIME. So unless you want to burn through a bunch of high bait in half an hour while you’re eating dinner, most people buy low baits and leave their character fishing whily they are at school, work, or asleep.


Another popular way to make money is to do a side stage called Pirate King Roger’s Grave. It is available through both history and legend, the only prerequisite being that you have completed up to episode 4, stage 7 in whichever one you plan on doing the stage in, and that you have a ticket.

The side stage Pirate King Roger is in is called “Skull Rock.” If you click on it, you will see that you have to pick which part of the stage you want to do. You must complete “Entrance to Skull Rock” to enter the part of the stage called Pirate King Roger’s Grave. In this stage are many, many treasure chests containing old coins that can be sold at NPC shops, and materials. These are gems and materials you might recognize as being necessary to craft dimlies. The items you find in the treasure boxes in the Legend version of this stage are worth more than the ones found in the History version. Some of these are a bit slow to sell, but if you dedicate the time to doing runs of this stage, you can make a lot of money off of the farmed items. Also, the silver coins will add up to a decent amount of gold after a couple of runs.

Tickets to Pirate King Roger’s grave can be bought in the Merchandise Shop or the cash shop.

I would link to a guide to this, but most guides I’ve seen contain glitching instructions, which I don’t think Etoile would approve of. x: You can search for guides to this stage through the search function in the forum though. Most are very helpful and have pictures.

Slime races are the REAL fastest way to gold, but they are also the fastest way to LOSE gold. Unless you’re high enough level to farm the bonus stages, there is no other way to make BIG money really fast.

The first thing you have to do when you get to slime races is visit the NPC that exchanges gold for lunichips. 1 silver = 1 pink lunichip, 1 gold = 1 green lunichip, 10 gold = 1 yellow lunichip. Lunichips are traded in stacks of 100, which means that as long as you have 1 gold, you can participate in slime races.

The main windows you need to focus on are the “Game Result” window and the “Betting Status” window. The “Betting Status” window is the big square window that takes up most of the screen when you first enter the slime race square.

In the betting window, there are boxes representing each of the slimes, and a variety of other betting categories. If you click on a box with a number in it, you are betting on the slime of that number. The background of the number is the color of the slime. You can also bet on number “groups,” 123, 456, and 789. This means you win if any of the numbers in that group wins. You can also bet on Low or High, which is basically low numbers versus high numbers. Another option is Red or Black, which bets that the slime that wins will be either Red or Black.

In the middle is unlucky number 5. This slime rarely wins, but when it does, you can win lots of money. But we’ll get to that later.

There are a couple of strategies to winning, and one of them is random betting. You can do that, but it’s not really reccomended. Some people are just lucky, and have gotten lots of money this way, but most approaches look at a couple of things.

First, in each box there are two numbers. In the bottom right corner is the “payout.” If you win, the amount of money you will get is what you bet times that amount. So, if you bet 10g on Low, and it has a x2 payout, if Low number wins, you will have 20g.

*IMPORTANT* — more than one category wins at once! If number 7 wins, you will also win money if you bet on 789, high, and red, because that slime fits in all of those categories.

The other number is a percentage. It shows the amount of times that slime or category has won in the last 50 races (I think 50. Can anyone confirm this?) You can’t see these percentages until after you have been in the square for one race, though. My personal preference is to wait until I can see the percentages, but some people choose to bet in their first race based purely on the Game Result window, which shows you which slimes have won in what order for the last 15 races, and what color they are.


These percentages tell you two very important things: which slimes have not won in a while, and which ones are on a winning streak. It’s pretty much a law of nature that anything in a state of DISORDER will try and move to a state of ORDER as long as it’s in a closed system. What that means here for you non-science geeks is that these percentages tend to EVEN OUT OVER TIME. That means if Slime 2 is on a huge winning streak with 25% of wins, and Slime 4 has 3% of wins, SLIME 4 ACTUALLY HAS A BETTER CHANCE OF WINNING. Now, if Slime 2 has 25% of wins, and all the other slimes have a CLOSE TO EVEN percentage of wins, Slime 2 still has a better chance of winning than any other ONE slime. Only when the percentages are HIGHLY OUT OF BALANCE do you have a sure bet.

In fact, if you look at the “Game Result” window, you will see that the same couple of slimes have probably won the last 15 races, with a few others in between. The ones IN BETWEEN win when the numbers have gone highly out of balance.

The chance for any one slime to win averages at 15%, I believe. The chances for Low, High, Red, or Black, average to about 50%. The farther their percentage is BELOW this number, the better chance they have at winning, but if the percentages are generally EVEN, it is a lot harder to tell and it’s better to go with the slimes that are winning more often.

Now, there are three ways to bet with this information:

1. Bet small amounts of gold on the slimes/colors/etc that seem to be winning the most. You won’t gain huge amounts per race, but with safe bets on high/low or black/red, you won’t lose a whole lot either.

2. Bet huge amounts of gold whenever something has a ridiculously out of balance percentage, like if one slime has 3% of wins. It is VERY LIKELY that this slime will win in the next couple of races. At the very least, bet huge amounts of gold on that slime’s color/number group if you want to take out some of the risk. You probably won’t bet every race with this strategy, and if you sit around in one Slime Race square too long, the percentages will even out and it will become harder to bet.

3. BET ON NUMBER 5. This is the catchall strategy. If you bet 5 gold on slime number 5 30 times in a row, if it wins even once you will have made the same amount of gold you have spent. Some people use this strategy because there are times when slime 5 will win several times in a short period of time, and they will make tremendous amounts of money betting small amounts. It is best to do this when slime number 5 has 0% of wins, because that means it hasn’t won recently.

Tips submitted by others:
I’ll mostly just condense these into paragraphs rather than quoting everything said, but if you want me to change something that you said just post. xP

By sharpyzu: At lower levels, you can farm rare boxes at the stages 1-3H, 2-2H, and 3-2H for rare boxes, with 1-3H being the most common and easiest to farm, and the other two giving more money/higher numbered boxes. Farming 3-9L is also good for farming upper key boxes (npc quest, collect ancient tombstone pieces and exchange) and a bit of experience as well if you cannot afford Pirate Roger tickets.

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