Lunia Frequently Asked Questions

Lunia Frequently Asked Questions by heartlesschaos

Q: I heard that a new character is coming out soon, any idea when?
A: Unless its annouced in a Sticky, no one knows the exact date when a new character will be released.

Q: I finally made enough Gold to unlock [CharacterName], but I can’t find Dark Shadow Eye, where is it?
A: Dark Shadow Eye is a very rare Drop in the Tumgalad/Baphomet Raid. The chances of getting this item are 0.3%.

Q: I paid someone a lot of Gold so they would gift me something, but they just logged off without giving me what I asked. How can I get them banned or how can i get my Gold back?
A: You cant. When you go to trade Gold for Cash-Shop Items, you do it at your own risk and if you are “Scammed”, “Ripped Off”, so on, then it is your own fault and you take full responsibility.

Q: My Slime character finally reached Level 40 and I cannot select the Transformation, is it a bug?

A: No, you need to put 1 Rank in the Level 15 Transformation, Bumba Lime first.

Q: Someone claimed I did something illegal in PvP and that they would get me banned. Am I in trouble?
A: No, its more likely that the player was upset about loosing and their threats are empty.

Q: I bought a [CashShopItem/CharacterCard] but I can’t find it. Where is it?
A: Log into the game with one of your characters, Open your inventory and check the “Cash Item Inventory” Tab, the middle grey butten above your Gold amount. Look at Purchased or Gifted Items and double-click to add it to your Inventory. If it was a Character Card, just right click it and you will now be able to make the character you wish.

Q: How can I make Gold?
A: Check the Stickies’ and Recent Threads in the Biginner Tips and Guides for suggestions.

Q: How do I Rebirth?

A: You can buy the Rebirth Book you need in the Cash Shop. Alternatively, there is an NPC in the Square with a quest called “The Way to become Rebirthed”, Complete this Quest for the Rebirth Book.

Q: How do I know what Rebirth Book to get?

A: If you are going to Rebirth for the first time, You need the Guideline for Rebirth Brave Warrior, what can be used at Level 1 and up. If it is for your Second, Third, Fourth, Etc Rebirth, use the other Book, Guideline for Rebirth Brave Hero. You need to be atleast Level 70 to use it.

Q: What does Rebirth do?

A: Rebirth is a major step up for your character,

It will firstly reset your Level to One, but leave your PvP and Speciality level alone, it will also reset all your quests, allowing you to redo them again. It will also start you back at History 1-1 and force you to unlock all the stages again.

You will have all your items and Gold still.

Your Rebirth will open up 3 New Skills that are usually larger and more powerful versions of existing skills. Depending on when you Rebirth, you will also get Extra Skill Points:

Level 70+ – 2 Extra Skill points
Level 80+ – 3 Extra Skill points
Level 90+ – 4 Extra Skill points
Level 99 – 5 Extra Skill points

These skill points will stay with you forever and can be used at Level 1. If you Rebirth again, you will keep the skill points and be able to get more. So Rebirthing at Level 70, twice, will give +4 Skill Points.

You also get Bonus stat points.

You can only Rebirth once every 2 Months starting at the second Month. Meaning, if you Rebirth on April 15th, you can Rebirth again on June 1st, if you Rebirth on April 1st, you can again on June 1st, if you do it on May 2nd, you have to wait till July 1st. Etc

If you Rebirth more than once, the Stat points you get improve. At your first Rebirth, you get +5 to all Stats, this improves slowly as you level, maxing out at 5×6 at Level 80. Its +2 Points every Rebirth. So for your second Rebirth, you get +7, then at level 80, its 7×6 to all stats. The Level when you rebirth does not effect these stat points, you will always get them regardless of total Level.

Also, on your first Rebirth, your character does grow taller, though this only happens on the first one.

If you have anymore questions about Rebirth, check the Stickies in the Beginner Tips and Guides section for info.

Q: I can Rebirth once every two Months, right? So is there a limit to how many Rebirths I can have?
A: Technically, yes, there is. You’ll probably peak around your 15th Rebirth? [What would take close to 3-years.] Once you have enough Skill points to put into every skill from Rebirthing over and over, I would say that is when you need to stop Rebirthing.

Q: What are the downsides to Rebirthing? Like an XP Penalty?

A: While there are downsides, XP penalty isn’t one of them. You have to Re-start all your Quests and have to do every stage all over again. If you PvP, sometimes you may be in a fight where Rebirth skills are restricted. Usually, there is very little downside to Rebirthing.

Q: What about the ‘Fourth’ Rebirth Skill?
A: These may not be fully released yet, however, when they are for your character, you must be Level 50, Rebirthed once with a Total level of 90. So if you originally Rebirthed at Level 1, you may have to wait for your Second Rebirth before you can select this Skill. If you Rebirthed at Level 40 and over, by the time you are Level 50 Again, you will be able to Select this Skill.

Q: What is a Random Box Key for?

A: It opens up Character Random Boxs, these can be purchased for 29g Coins in the Cash Shop

Q: Whats a Family and how Do I make one?
A: A Family’ is basically a very Mini-Comunity.

You make one by right-clicking a Friend and selecting “Invite to Family”, if they are not in a Family and accept, you will now be in a Family together.

Being in a Family will grant you extra XP and give you Gifts through the Mail when Members achive certain things, like reaching specific levels, catching Gold Carp and staying online for so many hours. You are also foced to share your Family with Guests.

When a player Level 30 and under Joins a Square, he will randomly join a Family and contribute by giving more bonus XP and giving everyone presents through the Mail as he levels up. If he logs off however, he will leave the Family.

Q: How can I Join or Make a good Guild?
A: Talk to the Guild Master NPC towards the upper end of the Square about making your own Guild. To join a Guild, you should look out for Recruitment Shouts IG and Threads on the forums and request to join there.

Q: How do I fish?
A: Go up to the water at the bottem of your Square, equipt a fishing Rod when you have Bait in your Inventory and you will automatically begin to Fish until you have no more Bait left.

Q: Whats’ the difference between the Bait?

A: Cast Time, thats all. Higher level Bait will let you fish faster, but it costs much more.

Q: Where can I get more Fishing Rods?
A: Talk to the Fisherman NPC at the bottem of the Square. He will trade you better Rods for certain amounts of Fish

Q: Where is the Masters Rod?

A: This quest will not show up untill you have finnished the 9th Degree Rod Quest.

Q: When is the Fishing Event?

A: At 12:00am PST on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Q: How do I open a Personal Store?
A: You need the Personal Store item, this can only be bought from the Cash Shop for a small amount of G-coins. Additionally, most Guilds have the Personal Store item in their Guild Shop, to have this item in a Guild Shop, a Guild Member needs to have purchased the specific Guild item from the Cash Shop. When you have the Personal Store, just Right-Click and slot in your Items and their desired Price.

Q: How do I open a Personal Store AND Fish at the same time?
A: This is basically a bug that anyone is welcome to use, it used to be much easier, now it takes a lot of fast-clicking. Credits for the following link go to DxPanxD/Pandavid333 [ ]. You simply place the Fishing Rod and Store Item right next to eachother [Preferably one above the other] – Right Click the Rod to Fish then as fast as you can, Click the Personal Store Item. This -can- take many tries to get it right and if you suffer from latency/lag issues, then it probably won’t be possible.

Q: How much is This item worth?

A: Look in the Trade section for suggestions on how much an item is worth. If you cannot find any infomation, you can look around the Stores in game and see how other people Price.

Q: I took a skill that I don’t want! What can I do about it?
A: You can purchase Single or Full Skill Reset Cards’ in the Cash Shop. You can also get these Ingame from various Boxs and awards. Keep in mind that you can also fix your build when you plan to Rebirth as your level is Reset.

Q: A player insulted me and now I am angry about it. How can I get them banned?

A: You cant, players are generally expected to settle their differences with eachother. Edit by GM_Etoile: Please report all inappropriate language to a gm, by taking a screenshot, and sending it to From there, a GM will make the determination if it is a violation of the Terms of Service. If it is not a violation, the GM will let you know.

Q: Lots of players talk about “Myth”, What is it and how do I unlock it?
A: Myth is a set of very difficult stages that only Rebirthed players Level 70 and over can enter. You also are able to use special Equipment refered too as “Myth Gear” that have very powerful stats what will become inactive in History, Legend and Bonus.

Q: I have a great suggestion to make Lunia better! Like a new character/stage/event.

A: Its’ been made clear that IJJI is limited in what they can and cant do. The Lunia we play here is just a translated version of KoreanLunia, they are the people who make the Stages, the new characters and such. Still, if you believe your Suggestion could be put to use, then post it in the Suggestions section of the forums.

Q: How do I level up quickly?
A: Check around the forums for Guides and Tips’ on how to Level up hastly. Currently the most commonly known way is to buy Stage Skips and have a high Level get you up to Episode 6 and play in Closed Mine till you are Level 55+

Q: What is the best item set for my character?
A: Theres generally 3 Well known powerful Item sets, Ancient Elf hero, Ancient White Dragon and Forgotten Snow Girls. Though item sets like Legendary Drake, Siren, Eternal Flame, 8th/9th Degree items are not to be forgotten. Look around and see what suits you best.

Q: How do you kill [insert boss here]?
A: Look in the episode guide section. There’s bound to be something about that boss…

[side note: most bosses discussed are past 3-10H, going by X-10s or raids]

Q: I need help passing [insert stage here]!
A: Ask around the episode guide, many people usually get help there. Otherwise ask your guild members or people in the square.

Q: What is the best build for my character?
A: Everyone have different types of build, most of the known ones are said in the character guide section of the forums.

Q: How much extra damage does a Critical Hit do?
A: Varies, if its a Magic Critical Hit – Then 33%, if it is Physical, then 50%.

Q: Are all Skills considered Magic?

A: No, when you use a Skill, watch for its Damage Type, if it comes up saying Fire, Cold, Shine, Earth, Etc, then it is Magic, if there is no Damage type, then it is Physical.

Q: I have 3% chance of Getting a Critical Hit, what does this mean?
A: Lets assume thats 3% chance for Magic Critical Hit – Every single time a Magic Skill Hits, you get a 3% chance of it being a Critical hit. Same would be for Physical Critical Hit.

Q: When can I reach Level 99?

A: Right now? Its almost impossible to get to Level 90. While getting to Level 99 isn’t impossible at all, it would just take an unrealistic amount of effort and work. When harder Myth Stages like Myth 3, and 4 are released for us, perhaps reaching such a Level will then be possible.

Q: Whats so special about reaching 500 Str/Etc

A: When you reach 500 Strength, your Damage boost for all your skills and normal attacks is at 15%. When you get to 501, it is boosted to 30%. Sadly there is no Bonus for Dexterity or Vitality however. Healers with 501 Intelligence however will get a 30% Boost to Healing skill.

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