Lunia Asuka Guide

Lunia Asuka Guide by PrincessLenne

Asuka the Dual-Wield Swordswoman

Basic Attacks :

A – Slash once
AA – Slash twice
AAA – Slash three times, the 3rd time knocks up into the air. Can be a combo starter, unless you miss.
AAAA – Spin with your swords hitting all things around you. Will not be activated unless
the AAA sequence hits something.
AAAAA – All of the above, then finish with a cross slash.

AS – Slice then knock up enemy in air, same animation knockup as AAA.
ASA – AS, then continue the regular A sequences.
AAS – Slice twice then knock up enemy. Another combo starter.
AASA – AAS, then continue the regular A sequences.
AASS – AAS, then do a stab that does a hard knockdown.

S – Dash ahead then kick up enemy. Same for Sieg, use it to move faster a bit.
SS – Dash, kick, then slice once.
SSS – Dash, kick, slice then follow it up with a spin attack in mid-air.

– Stab the ground with both of your swords.

dA – Dash then slice.
dAS – Dash, slice, knock up. This is Asuka’s combo starter.
dS – a Slice that will knock enemy into air. It will even hit downed opponents.

d = Dash, so >> or << or whatsoever for you.


Sword Dance Section

Shadow Blade – Slash right, left, right, then slash up.

Click the image to see the original size. (640x333)

A nice combo link skill, the damage is decent. It is possible to shift after wards if the height is high enough.
All Builds – 1 or Max

Swift Death – Dash ahead, then slash right left right, up, then slam down the enemy.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x334)

The fourth hit (slam down) can be turned, so it can hit another direction. It’s a decent skill, and the fourth hit won’t hit downed enemies. Great in PvP if you can land it. The first two hits cannot be canceled. Maxed level has endurance frames.
Stage – 0, 1, Max
PvP – 1, Max
Hybrid – 1, Max

Moon Sever – Jump in the air and slash rapidly forward ahead.

Click the image to see the original size. (625x307)

This will be a first Asuka’s starter skill. It’s a nice skill, great damage, great range. You can dash cancel anytime of it to continue attacking. This is a high height raiser too. Maxed level gets endurance frames.
All Builds – Max

Blade Seal – Jump up and land pillars of light mid-way.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x273)

When you use this, it can get canceled. Bad damage on small targets, great damage on large ones. Decent AoE effect, really good. Max it, it is really good, or take 0 if you don’t like it. Receives Endurance frames at a certain level. You can jump over enemies.
All Builds – Max

Blinding Light Section

Heart Piercer – Dash quickly and thrust your sword forward to all enemies ahead, then finish them with two slashes.

Click the image to see the original size. (638x292)

Think of Tia’s Fairy Thorn Sword, only a bit slower and stylish. The two slashes will do a hard knockdown and knock the
enemy far away. This will end your PvP Combos if this hits. Decent damage, and it can be used for a little dash boost.
Cannot be canceled mid-way by dash. Maxed level has endurance frames.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Bladestorm – Slash rapidly ahead with 10 slices then knock up your enemy.

Click the image to see the original size. (637x187)

It’s awesome in PvP, fine in stage. It can be dash canceled at anytime. If used in the air, all hits should be dealt if the
height is enough. I recommend Max since it has a lot of damage in
10 hits. Think of the dmg in air (stage wise)
All Builds – Max

Flash of Light – Release a cross slash energy to send enemies away.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x433)

This is like Sieg’s Crescent Moon Sword, but faster. It’s useful for getting mobs away, and the latter hits will knock up the enemy in the air. Decent damage, 1 or max.
Stage – 1, Max
PvP – Max

Blade Spiral – Rapidly spin your swords into dealing damage then finish with a slash.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x413)

This skill is decent, having fine damage and a number of hits. You can do good tricks with this skill in PvP. Also, this skill will receive endurance frames at a certain level. I recommend maxing, if you have the SP.
All Builds – 1, Max

Sever Artery

Bloody Afterimage – Hide into the shadows then slash the enemy’s vital spot.

Click the image to see the original size. (640x290)

This is Asuka’s stun skill, and it’s quick. You can escape corners with this skill.
Where it hits is where the red line touches.
So you need to find out how to make the skill work. 1 Point, or max for that fatal stun damage.
All Builds – 1, Max

Hamstring – Slice around ahead as if you had a double to help you.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x152)

This is a really great skill, it covers nice area and great in air, but requires careful timing in combos, because hits will
miss if you use it too close. This will also slow down enemies (has the curse effect). Max it if possible.
All Builds – Max

Spiteful Strike – Drive energy into your blades and deal two fatal blows.

Click the image to see the original size. (639x367)

This has great damage in two hits, but it’s hard to land. Mix it with the stun skill and you have good damage right there.
With this skill, if you hit an enemy in the air, their height will drastically raise so you can shift. 1 or Max.
All Builds – 1, Max

Veil of Swords – Summon a circle ahead, then concentrate energy into sending your enemies into a deadly finish.

41 piercing hits, about 130 damage each, with the last hit knocking your enemy down. For most damage, align yourself so the enemy is in the middle of the circle. The beginning has delay, but you gain invincibility during this skill. Use Bloody Afterimage to help you, but unless your opponent is extremely fast at escaping stuns, then your enemy can escape and get a free hit on you. Leave this at 1 point, the damage increment is horrible. This skill can no longer be canceled at Lv4.
All Builds – 1

Bless Section

Magic Defense – Grant invincibility against elemental attacks.
Same to Sieg, max it to save yourself half of the time. You can stack this skill with Rage Explosion, therefore having both effects.
All Builds – Max

Fury Explosion – Increase damage for a period of time.
This is a great skill to max, for it increases Asuka’s physical AND magical damage by 30%. I recommend 4 points, max if you have the SP. This can be stacked with Magic Defense.
All Builds – 0, 4, Max

Protective Aura – Raise defense while gradually healing your health, and protect from flinching attacks.
This can be your choice. I would recommend max, for it gives you flinch proof status.
All Builds – 0, Max

Feign Death – Fake your death to trick the enemy.
The only difference between levels is that the cooldown
and HP/MP consumption is different. Unless you want to use this faster, go ahead, but keep this at 1.
All Builds – 1, Max

Ability Section

HP Increase – Extend your health.
Self-explanatory. Any points.
All Builds – Any

Mana Recovery – Increase rate of recovering mana.
Self-explanatory. 0, 8 points, grab the AWD set, etc.
All Builds – 0, Max

Deadly Blow – Increase chance of inflicting critical damage.
Self-explanatory, so 0 points, or 1 point. To do Fury Explosion above, you need one point. Also, this will affect both your physical and skill blows.
All Builds – 0, 1

Dampen Damage – Reduce damage taken from physical attacks.
For the PvP Asukas only.
Stage – 0
PvP – Max
Hybrid – 0, Max

Mana Increase – Extend your mana capacity.
You know now. Horrible increase. 0, or one point just for the extra 50. Or, max if you like.
All Builds – 0

Sword Specialization – Increase physical attacks.
This increases physical skill damage by 40% at max. This is a great skill to have,
but you may run low on skill points, so get this after about 6 or 7 rebirths.
All Builds – 0 or Max

Blade Specialization – Increase shining-type attacks.
This increases all of your magic skill damage, at max level, 50% Well, the thing is, your only main magic damage skill would be Bladestorm,
True Bladestorm, Blade Seal and maybe True Swift Death. Whatever you decide depends on you.
All Builds – 0 or Max

Rebirth Section

True Swift Death – Dash, slice and jump in the air, then finish with multiple slices and a slam.
This is like regular Swift Death, except the end of it has 3 more slices in the air. 0 Points, 1 or Max with the extra hits.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

True Spiraling Blades – Spin your swords and fly forward in great speed.
This is like regular, but more range around you, larger, and will go through enemies if it is a small one. I’m guessing its
okay. 0, 1 point for a useful trick, or Max.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

True Spiteful Strike – Drive energy into two fatal blows and release an energy slash.
Like regular, but the second swing will also send one piece of a wave that will do a hard knockdown. 0, 1, Max.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

True Bladestorm – Unleash multiple slashes, jump back and detonate an energy blasts from your blades.
Like the same, but you jump back with some invincibility frames and send an energy blast at your enemy.
The last hit of the 10 slashes will stun, enough for you to release unless your opponent is fast at getting out of stun.
This is a high-damage skill, better than almost the rest of Asuka’s damage skills.
All Builds – 1, Max

Ultimate Moonlight Dance – Release the fierce arts of combining your skills into one large, deadly combo.
Huge range, and showy. It takes a large amount of space, so a small area in mobs or
City Arena PvP works great for this skill. Can you get it?

Video : Asuka’s Ultimate Skill

Asuka Videos :

Ijji [Allm] Lunia – Oboro Style of the Muramasa – by PrincessLenne

Thanks to Saibak for images, skill info, iNaps for letting me use Firebell, and Gladiat and Yumiko for skill opinions.

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