Luna Online Plus Rogue to Assassin Guide

Luna Online Plus Rogue to Assassin Guide by shinarashi

This guide is made purely for Pure Str Human Thief

Rogue -> Ruffian -> Thief -> Assassin
Theres alot of questions going with str or dex is better ? or pure str or pure dex or hybrid ?

Q : What is str for ?
A : Str increases skill damage, physical damage.

Q : What is dex for?
A : dex increases Strike which is accuracy, critical chance, and dodge.

Q : Why str over dex ?
A : Normally when u start to level you will use potions to increase your health so dodge is nothing much although you dodge alot but still your earnings can cover your potion fees. Str of course deal higher dmg, most of thief’s skills are bleed for example Dusk Slashing, Wind Breaker. This 2 skills are the most important skills for Rogue class. If you miss monster or when your pvp you miss the opponent no fear,
the bleed effect is still working, eventhough the opponent dodges but it only dodges the initial damage of the skill not the effect and thief’s skill chance of bleed is freaking high, Dusk Slashing max is 95% chance to bleed. Despite that your full dex you will still lost to a pure str thief due to accuracy is not a problem for them.

Q : Why Thief and not Scout ?
A : Thief is for 1v1 types and pvp built skills at early levels, scout is useful for pve content due to their buff and healing skill and cure poison. If your looking for pvp and pve choose Thief =) , in addition Thief is the best pvp melee class before 4th stage releases.

Introductions to PvP and Skill rotations in PvP
Normally people will scare to pvp Thiefs due to stealth and sudden combo. Sudden
has chance to deal damage and stuns the opponent for few seconds. So when u pvp please ask them do they want to fight you with stealth or no.

Skill rotation :
(Not Stealthed)
Rage Step -> Rapid Slashing -> Wind Breaker -> Perforate
Just keep repeating your opponent will be killed very fast.

Sudden -> Rage Step -> Rapid Slashing -> Wind Breaker -> Perforate

Skill Allocations :
Skills Allocation for Rogue to Ruffian (Lvl 1 to 20)
Dusk Slashing – Lvl 5
Zephyr – Lvl 1
Dagger Training – Lvl 5
Light Evasion – Lvl 2
Blindside – Lvl 1
Light Armor Expertise – Lvl 5
Detect Hole – Lvl 1
Burning Rage – Lvl 1

Skills Allocation for Ruffian to Thief (Lvl 21 to 40)
Dusk Slashing – Lvl 10
Zephyr – Lvl 2
Detect Hole – Lvl 2
Light Evasion – Lvl 4
Light Armor Expertise – Lvl 9
Blindside – Lvl 2
Shadow Instinct – Lvl 2
Diabolic Instinct – Lvl 2
Wind Breaking – Lvl 5
Dagger Training – Lvl 10
Quick Move – Lvl 1
Rage Step – Lvl 1
Burning Rage – Lvl 2

Skills Allocation for Thief to Assassin (Lvl41 to 75)
Rapid Slashing – Lvl 15
Prerforate – Lvl 1
Sudden – Lvl 1
Stealth – Lvl 1
Light Armor Expertise – Lvl 10
Detect Hole – Lvl 4
Rage Step – Lvl 10
Light Evasion – Lvl 7
Blindside – Lvl 4
Shadow Instinct – Lvl 4
Diabolic Instinct – Lvl 4

The skill build may differs from this version of Luna so information may not be the same
Any Questions feel free to post here i’ll reply them if i see it.

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