Luna Online Plus 1H pure Str F>G>S>Knight Guide

Luna Online Plus 1H pure Str F>G>S>Knight Guide by polmed

Welcome to the guide!! Before continue, I must make one thing clear: For the skills distributions of the first 3 jobs I pretty much followed a guide I saw in a Taiwan Luna Online forum. I followed this build myself, basically testing them, and works pretty good. The credit goes to the original author. For the fourth job (Knight), it is from me based on the skill simulator and its descriptions somewhere in the forum.

Please use this build at your own pleasure and risk. This is a GAME guide, and no one put a knife on your neck and tells you to follow it. Create your own style or follow whatever guide you like that suites your playing style. If you don’t like it, you can just move your mouse and click “back”. However, I welcome “constructive comments and discussions”.

I’ll edit along if I found something that can be improved. I’ll also update what to use for the armor and weapon as I level up. And maybe I’ll update along where to train, which I need info and suggestions from higher level players.

And here we go…

Quick analysis about Warrior
Basically there are 3 big (or common) builds for fighter: pure def, pure atk, and hybrid. There is also full Int Tank with mace + shield or full dex 2H-axe attacker . I’ll leave these 2 out for others to discuss them.

A quick comparison:

Pure VIT 1H weapon + shield Attack ●● Def ●●●●●
Pure STR 1H weapon + shield Attack ●●●● Def ●●●●
Pure STR 2H weapon Attack ●●●●● Def ●●

Therefore, this build is for the purpose of “Trying to aim for dealing decent attack while having enough defense”


Path: Fighter –> Guard –> Swordsman (current) –> Knight (future) –> Crusader (Future, not released)

Race: Human recommended. – For the higher ‘birth’ STR. However it doesn’t make that much of a difference when reach high level
Stats build: pure STR
Weapon: 1 hand sword with shield . Craft with +STR. Refer to section “Dex build” about Axe at very end of this post.
Armor: heavy armor sets. Craft with +STR or +VIT for extra attack or defense.
PVP: Personally I don’t like PVP, but it’s an ok build for PVP.
Solo-PVE : Contributes to 75%-80% why I like and choose this build. Don’t have to party, which is I believe somewhat obligated for the other 2 jobs.
Party-PVE: Decent, with a “fake tank” title when a real tank is not in the party.
Suggestion: from the original author, this build depends heavily on good armor/weapons. But for me, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.
Suggestion 2: You need to be very patient for this build. It won’t level as fast as a 2H, and many might say you are mediocre in everything.

Vocational Attribute – (when you are a knight)
Attack = + 1%
Defense = + 3%
Accuracy = +9
Critical Hit = +30
Max HP = + 6%

– First rule of thumb: Higher skill level is NOT necessary better.
– Second rule of thumb: Unless you can put your active skill to a better state (shorter CD, better side effect like poison or stunt) or get new active skill (after job change), put SP into passive skills before active skills.
– Since there’s only that many SP, and the game programmers have put quite some skills traps to trick you (so you need to buy more SP reset), some skills I only put in enough for the most MP/SP cost-effective purpose.
– I won’t list what level adds what. Go with the level requirement (or whatever you like).

First job – Fighter

    • Strike attack (1) – 1 is enough. You use this besides normal attack.
    • Fighters heart (1). – If not, why be a fighter?!
    • Burning rage (2) – a must. There are many HP-recovery skills in later jobs.
    • Attract (1) – 1 is enough. It actually saves your HP when your AOE costs more MP at higher skill levels.
    • One hand training (5) – Put SP in when you have extra or save for next job.
    • Sword training – I didn’t put any for now, not SP cost-effective.
    • Enhanced HP – None for now.
    • Sword rapidity – NONE! It only increases normal physical attack speed. You’ll most likely be spamming skills after 2nd job. Far as my research go, it DOES shortens skill cast time (i.e. the animation time), but the COOLDOWN time is unaffected. Your choice, but I’d say it’s not that useful for skill spamming

Second job – Guard

    • Heavy Armor expertise – Use what you saved from 1st job and max this first. Adds a lot of defense.
    • Strike attack – I cap at 6. Shorter cool down time. Don’t need to spam blue pots.
    • Blunt shield – 1 is enough. For PVP or mini-boss fight.
    • Bloody sky – 1 is enough for leveling until job change.
    • Blood leak – full. A critical situation safe-line.
    • Blessing guard – full (2). Increase quite some defense.
    • Burning rage – full (2).
    • Enhanced HP – 6. For the higher HP regeneration.
    • One hand training – full (5).
    • Sword training – 0 or 10. I didn’t put any until level 54, or when I finish everything else, simply because I didn’t really see that much from calculation. I only suggested here because this is the earliest to add. If you add, I cap at 10, as the further levels are not SP cost-efficient.
    • Shield training – None or full (5). Some says it doesn’t make a difference, but I feel it’s pretty useful.
    • Enhanced HP (6) – For the higher HP recovery rate. Get to level 10 when you feel like to. I personally won’t get to level 10 until level 75+.

You can reach the above stats by lvl 35. At lvl 40, you should still have about 65 SP. I recommend save it for 3rd job, but you can put into whatever you like.

3rd job: Swordsman

    • Strike attack (10) – becomes Double attack. Just put 1 into Double attack. Most MP-damage efficient.
    • Sonic boom – 1 is enough. Use it to lure monsters or PVP or 1st hit on mini-boss.
    • Bloody sky – 6. Most MP-damage efficient.
    • Sword storm – 6. Most MP-damage efficient.
    • Spirit sword – 1 is enough. Put enemy to sleep. Good for PVP or boss. Put higher if you really like PVP (which I do not).
    • Fighters heard – full (2).
    • Burning rage – full.
    • Warrior form – full.
    • Sword accuracy – Full. Only skill that increases accuracy.
    • Lace – debatable. I put all, but you can just use stone and crafting for the effect.
    • Mana control – debatable. You can just use stone and crafting for the effect. (I put all to counter the effect of burning rage. A little regret on it, your choice.)
    • Spirit Aid – Debatable. It basically uses MP to heal HP. Good for emergency situation. But personally I didn’t put any.
    • Mana storm – None. Increase Max MP…doesn’t really do anything.

Upon many discussions and proven by agcommand, Axe can use Sonic Boom and Spirit Sword, despite the fact that description says “swords only”. According to Saphar’s quote, indirectly provided by koa009 shown in later replies in this post, “When it comes to basic game functionality like this, unless we feel it hugely affects game play, we won’t be making any changes in our version of the game versus others.” (add 7/23/09)

If you follow this build, you will reach the above stats by lvl 54. By lvl 75, you will have around 363 SP left.


I’m current under level 75. The following stats are based on skill simulator. The stats are REACHED ONCE YOU BECOME A KNIGHT, WHICH MEANS RIGHT ON LVL 75.

4th job – Knight

      • Double strike – 6. Higher damage, higher and longer poison damage, shorter CD time.
      • Sonic boom – 1
      • Bloody sky – 6.
      • Sword storm – 11
      • Boom burst – 1 (Note 1)
      • Shield Edge – 0. See (Note 2)
      • Attract circle – 1 is enough.
      • Divine justice – 1. Good for PVP or boss.
      • Solid weapon – full.
      • Blessing guard – full (5).
      • Magic barrier – None for now. Add later or just craft.
      • Heavy armor expertise – full (15).
      • Armor sync – 1.
      • Weapon synchro – 0. I believe it’s the same as sword rapidity. See above for reasons.
      • Shield training – 10.

Note 1: (at character lvl 75) BS = bloody sky; SS = sword storm; BB = boom burst Skill lvl power mp BS 6 112 59 BS 11 157 87 SS 11 165 106 BB 1 155 49 As can be seen, lvl 1 BB has similar power to lvl 11 BS and lvl 11 SS. I put SS to 11 because in 5th job (the Crusader) SS and BB will have similar status. Note 2: (at character lvl 75) Blunt shield = 1; Shield edge = 2 Skill lvl power mp CD stunt 1 16 221 77 4.6 YES 2 16 227 54 3.1 NO This one is obvious. Stunt is the way to go.

Based on the skill simulator, you have spent 741/758 at lvl 75.



Weapon Choice
Sword: Basically use whatever you can get from store or drop, or make them yourself if you have enough $$$$$ and material. Making weapon = burn cash. For the drop ones, I recommend ones that adds STR, like the Crocodile ones.

Shield : Use the drop or store ones.

Accessory : Whatever you like. For me they are for stone crafting. I like them to have HP regenerate attribute.

Recommended Armor
Basically go with full set that increases your STR, allowing leveling to be easier. Change about every 10 levels, save money. Find the armor set stats or attributes yourself.

  • Level 0 to 20: Get whatever you like. I used store level 10 Brigandine Set until level 27.
  • Level 20 to 30:
    • Brave warrior Set (21)- expensive, usually hard to get full set
    • Soldier’s Armor Set (27) – This set is technically enough for you until job change if you can’t get the Fighter’s combat Set. This is what I use.
  • Level 34 – Fighter’s Combat Set
  • Level 43 – “Sketch” Set – Expensive and time consuming. Your choice.
  • Level 46 – Commander’s Roar Set. A really good set to get
  • Level 55 – Battle-Mid Armor Set – Make them yourself for extra stats, +STR or +VIT preferred. I didn’t get the level 54 Tyrant’s Protector Set because the attribute isn’t that much better, and more difficult to get.

Leveling – Before level 60
I said it once already, but I’ll say it again. Patience, patience, patience. You need a lot of patience with this build.

Lvl 0 – 40: Just do all the quests available. REMEMBER TO DO THE HUNTER’S QUESTS!!! The EXP for them might seem low, but they actually adds up quickly. (I ignored them, now regretting)
After 2nd job, you can farm with the lizardman (Point of Sword!!!).
About 42 – Lamia, Orc Warrior, Harpy, and Gargoyle (and quests along with these)
About 46 – get the commander’s Roar Set, and go for the Basilisk (Holyove!!) and Red feather Harpy (Angel wing feather, ingredient for lvl 50 wing).
Until 51, go for the Skeletons and Dark Zombies. This is will be pretty fast.
55 to 57 there are quests in Howling Ravine. After that, I’m back for the huge group of skeleton knights and warriors, for HP, MP, and EXP efficiency. You can go for Cyclops or Giants party, of course.
For solo-PVE, If you like to hit one by one, Double strike is your top choice. Hit -> poison -> death. Use sonic boom as support. If you like to use AOE, in the order of bloody sky -> sword storm, maybe another bloody sky will work great.
For party-PVE, you are a fake tank, help the tank, or help attacking. It’s great if clerics have time to heal you besides the real tank, but you should be ok. I sometimes party with only 1 attacking mage (sorry I’m not familiar with the mage types), and it works great. Have a set of +VIT armors if you like.

About Dex build, from beginning and after becoming knight
Well…I’m basically quoting myself from a later reply. How we get the Info…all can be found if you read through the replies. I just post here for quick facts.

polmed wrote:I was reading the same Taiwan forum. Apparently full DEX build will get their best output by being a 2H Merc. Even so, the crit has to be about 600 to 800 to really see the effect. They seems to suggest that, instead of turning to be a full DEX build or put in all stats to STR, you might want to consider putting stats into VIT. The guys suggests this is a lvl 87 F>G>S>K full STR build. He said that from what he knows, what you lack for higher level mobs, say 91 or 92, is your pDef and you HP. Especially, from the info I got, mobs at that level can stun you kinda easily. So instead of a pure STR, put in some VIT, like 4:1 or something.
Another thing to consider about full dex build is….IT BURNS YOU MONEY LIKE NO TOMORROW!!! I once randomly ran into a Jap Luna wiki, which I cannot find anymore, there’s a table showing the % of each attribute added when making your armors. For heavy armors, I barely remembered that most of them are + Str (like 60 to 70%) or + VIt (for hand, like 60%), and +Dex is like less < 20%. So it costs $$$$$$$$$$$ to make a full set of +DEX armors for dodge and crits. Moreover, the effect won’t really show the effect until like lvl 50+. So…I guess pure DEX build with Axe won’t really fit.
Again summary of conclusion and suggestions:
1. Axe can use sonic boom and spirit sword. (but I’ll stick with sword…no reason, just I like it =P )
2. Full DEX build is painful for PVM but good for PVP according to info from Taiwan forum and from a lvl 80 player on US forum  Instead, MAYBE do 4 STR: 1 VIT for better defense. Or use +VIT armor sets instead of +STR like before.
3. DEX build is not suitable to start as it burns money.

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