Lost Saga Mafia Boss Guide

Lost Saga Mafia Boss Guide by RandomNPC151515

A reprobate Hero that uses dual handguns. The Mafia Boss can help his enemies defy gravity; by riddling their bodies with hot lead.
Okay folks, first lets get this straight. Yes Mafia Boss can rapid fire and move at the same time, this does NOT mean that’s all they can do. If you want to be a noob and play Mafia Boss like an annoying gnat (or an annoying archer that doesn’t jump around like a nice guy,) get out now.
Secondly, I’ll admit I’m no where near as experienced with Mafia Boss (MB from now on) as I was with my previous guide on Shaman. In fact I don’t have any experience with them at all beyond HQ… WAIT DON’T LEAVE! Of course I observed and played around with them in HQ quite a bit, and I know a few secrets not many people take advantage of. In fact I haven’t seen anyone take advantage of them.

Ah okay, you decided to stay. Great! Lets dive in.
The biggest mistake a new MB can make is shooting. Okay, more specifically shooting and walking straight towards your enemy and then slowly walking away to reload. WOW I’ve killed tons of people that try this and less than a minute in HQ I figured out the solution.

THE PROBLEM: Reloading is mandatory after shooting.
THE (crappy) SOLUTION: Jump shots don’t require reloading, although they do take up ammo, so keep an eye on it. Going straight to the reload animation when you’re trying to shoot is a game ending mistake. This solution is alright but not ideal. You can also shoot on the ground and hold jump on your last few bullets to jump cancel before the animation, still not good.

THE (PRO) SOLUTION: Ahah! Shoot up to six times and immediately dash. What’s this? No reload? CHA CHING!

THE (EXTENDED PRO) SOLUTION (EXTRA BONUS SECRET): This is the biggest thing to take note of. Not only is there no reload animation, you’ll notice if you shot all six bullets, you’re still left with one. Why is this? DASHING RELOADS ONE BULLET. That’s right. So stop slowly walking with your back to your enemy and start dashing and continue firing.

Once you get this down you can give near constant suppressing fire.

Before getting to the skills let me say that MB’s melee is not to be under estimated. The kick has amazingly long range and the two hit combo does pretty decent damage. Remember just because a hero is technically a mage or a ranged character doesn’t necessarily mean their melee sucks.

The skills section below will be very poor, I’ll update later though.

Shank: Pull out a knife and stab, short range, brings your enemy to their knees. I think you can use it while being attacked? Great for defense if that’s the case. Use it as an opener for High Kick or Detonate I suppose, but I wouldn’t try to use it offensively. Defensive skills are some of my favorites.

High Kick: Short range launcher, puts them high for you to unload and juggle them in the air.

Detonate: Medium short range launcher, less height it seems, again just shoot and juggle. Decent area of effect (which means lovely defensive skill.)

Reload: Quick reload… Not very useful after learning the secrets I mentioned. Invincibility frames? I dunno, experiment. No one ever tried to use the invincibility frames while I was attacking.

Using the skills to juggle is the safest way to shoot at someone. Pop them up in the air, shoot and walk slowly forward to keep hitting them. If you see someone else is approaching you, dash away obviously instead of slow reloading away.

Rule of thumb – If you’re up close start right away, if you’re within dash distance start with two (walking forward) shots and dash in if they get hit/block, if you’re out of dash distance don’t bother.

D, Shank, High Kick, shoot while they in the air walk forward as needed, reload, detonate, another air juggle, slow reload if edged or dash away.
^That’s your bread and butter… and pretty much all there is to know. Any variation of launch & shoot works. Experiment with your favorite launcher.

The best one I know happens to be Joker balloons -> air juggle. You can edge them from a mile away. Use what you want before ballooning since they connect on the ground.

We’ll call the above the bulk guide it just gives the main point.

Things you SHOULD do.

    • + Lay down suppressive fire, ideally with a gap/river/conveyor-belt/mine strip between you. Shoot while slowly walking up or down.
  • + Shoot a target till they guard, if you’re close enough dash in and use one of your three skills.
    • + Shoot till they guard, dash in and melee if they react fast enough to drop guard.
  • + Reload skill to dodge attacks with invincibility frames.
    • + Aerial juggles with your skills as starters.
  • + Aerial juggles on noob reapers (so funny xD.)
    • + Aerial juggles on people who jump in your vicinity.
  • + Stand under ledges so if the enemy tries to drop down you can melee.
    • + Stand near gaps/rivers and poke people trying to jump over/out.
  • + Rapid fire on people blocking near edges. They’ll still be pushed back a little.
    • + Follow your bullets when a target blocks to follow up. Immediately after the bullet leaves the gun you should be dashing, no delay.
  • + MELEE! It’s good, believe me.
  • + Grand Templar’s helmet adds brutal knock back. If you see one, pick it up!
  • + Changing the speed of your shots can screw up people trying to block. Walking backwards increases the time between hits, walking forward decreases the time between hits. Always walk forward when edging a blocking enemy.
  • + Speed buffs are hilarious. Grab joker armor, flint the parrot and have an iron knight haste you. You can run and gun and even safely slow reload with your back turned (it’s really funny, more of a just for fun thing than a serious tip. You gotta try it xD)

Things you SHOULD NOT do. DON’T DARE!

  • Shoot and turn your back to slow reload.
    • Suppressive fire tip mentioned above too much. It helps a little but there are better things you could be doing
  • Melee too much. It’s not THAT good and unfortunately the first hit doesn’t have a whole lot of range.
    • Follow your bullets too slow. No delay!

Total reverse in thought so I’m deleting what I previously wrote here. Defense and/or speed. Skills get up close and juggle instead of poke, harass and edge from a distance but its up to you.

Lucky for you the mafia boss doesn’t have the mafia backing them up. On generic noob MB’s block six bullets and smack them in the back of the head when they reload. For non-noobs I’d say your best bet is a melee character with good reach, circle strafe while trying to get in close and watch out for detonate, shank (if they actually can use it while getting hit) and the second of their melee attacks (long range kick!)

If you get shot at and you’re in danger of being edged, block the first shot and immediately jump parallel to the MB (must do this as soon as the shot hits your block). Don’t move towards the MB at all or you’ll get hit.

If you’re in a corner and can’t jump without killing yourself you still have a chance. Block each bullet and in between blocks inch your way directly towards the MB. Risky but it works sometimes. If the MB doesn’t walk forward you have a good chance, if they walk backwards for some reason you’ve got a great chance.

Hard to say what to do, they’re not as unique as Shaman were but I thought I’d keep in the anti-tips just to keep with the series. Basically just treat them like your typical ranged character. Wait for a reload unless they’re doing it bullet by bullet with dashing.

I might make a Tiger guide later too [edit: and Joker and Captain Hook and… I dunno if someone requests one I can look into that too. I really like a lot of the heroes in this game xD]. Anyways, enjoy and don’t be a noob. Feel free to correct me if anything is wrong, and post tips if you have them (although I might not put them in the main post if I’m lazy)

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