Last Chaos Cleric Complete Guide

Last Chaos Cleric Complete Guide by selphy

Hi, I thought I should write my own cleric guide to help out fellow clerics. I hope it helps. Smile

If you like healing and supporting others, then the cleric is right for you. Don’t listen to people who say the archer is better. That is not correct. No such a thing as one class is better than the other. It’s totally upto your play style and taste.

Healer Skills

Shinning Arrow: Lv1
Self Heal: Lv1
Fast Bow Fixing: Lv5 (works with sceptor too)
Heal: Lv4 (Fast Heal replaces this skill when you become cleric)
Multi Strike: Lv3-5 (for Personal Dungeon)
Hard Rejection: Lv3-5 (for Personal Dungeon)
Storm Arrow: Lv1
Party Heal: Lv5
Cure Poison: Lv5 (required to learn the cleric skill, Dispel)
Mana Shield: Lv5 (good against magic mobs)
Resurrection: Lv1-5 (preferrably, Lv5)
Double Stingshot: Lv5 (required for promotion: 228sp needed in total)

Elven Walk: Lv2 (no reason to give up faster running. You have to run around a lot to heal/buff)
Rise Focus: Lv5 (helps you hit better)
Arcane Knowlege: Lv5 (extra physical defense is helpful)
Rise Mana: Lv5 (keeps you from running out of mana)
Deadly Shot: Lv5 (helps you kill faster)
Vital Spot Blow: Lv5 (helps you kill faster)

*Note that you need not max everthting at early level. You need not max cure poision till you are close to learning Dispel. You need skill points on other skills first.
*Basically, you will be lvling on white/yellow mobs for skill points.
*Personal Dungeon1 (PD1) is an excellent alternative place to level for lv 5-14. You level very fast there and create some wealth from its reward (3k gold+1 ms per run). It’s hard to run it at lv 5, but when you get close to lv 10, you can do the whole run fast and easy. There is no death penalty in PD, so no need to worry about dying at lv 11+. Also, PD is a good place for sping. The healer upto lv 31 and the cleric don’t kill fast, so this is helpful. Best of all, it’s quite fun. Smile This is the only place where your healer gets multi-target attacks. Use them at your advantage.
Now that the PD4 was implemented, you have a good alternative place to lvl for lv 35+.

I recommend the horse. Since your job as cleric is to heal and buff, it’s a logical choice. You want to mount it at either Lv37 or 38.
Lv 37 horse gets you the two maxed lvl buffs(most people recommend this lvl). Lv 38 horse gets you the two maxed lvl buffs + crying.
You don’t usually use crying at your lvling, but it becomes quite useful when you help out lower lvl people. Crying can set them free from mobs aggro. It’s a handy way to control the aggro to keep the lower lvl people alive. Another use is when you have a rude/greedy player that invades your spawn and then steals all the mobs. You can defend your mobs from this invader with crying. Crying taunts the mobs to fight you. You will encounter such players at aggressive/social mobs such as Highlanders.

Okay, now you are cleric, but not sure about how to distribute the status points? Follow the chart below and you won’t mess up.

Lv31 (30 points): Int21(+21) Dex9(+9)
Lv32 (33 points): Int21 Dex12(+3) – (Encourage)
Lv33 (37 points): Int23(+2) Dex12 Con2(+2) – (Fast Heal, Magic Protection)
Lv34 (40 points): Int26(+3) Dex12 Con2
Lv35 (44 points): Int30(+4) Dex12 Con2
Lv36 (47 points): Int33(+3) Dex12 Con2
Lv37 (51 points): Int35(+2) Dex14(+2) Con2
Lv38 (54 points): Int35 Dex17(+3) Con2 – (Charm, Greater Heal)
Lv39 (58 points): Int35 Dex17 Con6(+4)
Lv40 (61 points): Int35 Dex17 Con9(+3)
Lv41 (65 points): Int35 Dex17 Con13(+4)
Lv42 (68 points): Int35 Dex17 Con16(+3)
Lv43 (72 points): Int38(+3) Dex17 Con17(+1) – (Mana Barrier)
Lv44 (75 points): Int41(+3) Dex17 Con17
Lv45 (79 points): Int45(+4) Dex17 Con17
Lv46 (82 points): Int48(+3) Dex17 Con17
Lv47 (86 points): Int52(+4) Dex17 Con17 – (Dispel)
Lv70 (166 points): Int100 – (Disair Mark)

Cleric Skills
In order to heal/support at maximum efficiency, I suggest you max all the cleric skills, but you don’t have to max them right way.
You will have plenty of skill points to spare at high Lv(Lv 40+) to max them all eventually.

Fast Heal: has the same healing power as Heal(360 at lv5), but 1/2 casting time.
Encourage: applies to a target’s physical attack (40 physical power at lv 5).
Greater Heal: has the same casting time as Heal, but heals almost twice as much (560 at lv 5).
Charm: applies to a target’s magic attack (50 magic power at lv 5).
Dispel: removes all the harmful effects from a target.
Disair Mark: casted on a foe and the next damage you or your ally do will be enhanced (the damage is doubled at lv 5).

Magic Protection: permanently adds magic defense to you (100 magic defense at lv 5)
Mana Barrier: reduces the melee damage you take by chance (25% at lv 5).
Magic Research: permanently adds magic power and physical defense to you (70 magic power/130 physical defense at lv 5).
Cure Resource: permanently adds health and mana to you (400 health/100 mana at lv 5)

Basically, you are killing white/yellow mobs for skill points upto low-lv 40s.

Lv36-38:Gnoll/Blood Frenzy/Gnoll Lancer
Lv38-41:Highlander/Gnoll Soldier
Lv41-43:Gnoll Soldier/Giant Larva/Salamander Ruin (mounted horse needed)
Lv43+:Giant Larva/Salamander Ruin/Giant/Akane Giant (mounted horse needed)

*You definately want to have the horse mounted by the time you start hunting lv 50+ mobs.
*Note that Prison is a good alternative place to level for Lv40+.
However, Prison(Lv1&5 floor) is usually occupied and the lag seems to accumulate over time in Lv2-4 floor. I don’t know why it’s so laggy there Crying or Very sad
*Around Lv42-43, leveling becomes extremely slow on white mobs. You may want to start hunting red names at around this Lv.

Lv32-38: Sceptor or Bow?

I don’t recommend using bow at all. Bow with encourage may inflict more damage to low defense mobs, but that advantage is gone once you start hitting high defense mobs.
You will even do less damage to high defense mobs with it. Besides, you would be better off becoming archer if you want to mimic it
Every time you need to buff or heal, you have to swap to sceptor, use the skill, and then swap back to bow. This swapping maneuver can lead you to die.
I find it too much hassle swapping back and forth that it’s not worth practicing it. This practice is not recommended when you want to grind for hours at lvling. You can get really exhausted from it.
What I recommend is, partying with 2 people (knight/rogue/titan/archer) on equal team and cast encourage on them, not yourself.
You need the right people that will team up with you on equal team. Also, you can make your sceptor stronger for solo lvling.
I used this hard lvling stage to work on my horse and then mounted it at lv 38. I had lv 38 mounted horse by the time I started lvling at Highlanders. At lv 38, you learn Charm and then you will pick up speed at lvling.
If you had mounted horse by this lvl, it would be even better. Charm and Offensive Hauling stack so both buffs will give you 110+(50+60) magic attack boost.

Lv38: Greater Heal/Charm/Mana Barrier

Unfortunately, you can’t learn all 3 skills at Lv38. You have to pick 2. Do not choose Mana Barrier at Lv38.
Some cleric guide had an incorrect description about the skill, so I’m going to correct it:

Mana Barrier(Lv5): Decreases the melee damage you take by 25% probability

It is not 25% damage reduction. It basically means, melee damage is somewhat reduced by 1/4 chance.
This skill does not bring you a dramatic effect. Its effect is rather subtle.

Therefore, learn Charm and Greater Heal first. Mana Barrier can wait till Lv43. You will have all 3 skills at Lv 43.

General(Equal) Team/Combat Team/Soloing

General(Equal) Team: This is the team where the cleric shines the most. You level much faster on this team than on combat team or solo party because you get the equal share of xp regardless of how fast you are killing. Therefore, you can concentrate on your cleric job without the pressure of killing mobs fast. The party of 3 (including you) brings you the best result.

Combat Team: This isn’t designed for the cleric, however, this is what most non-cleric people prefer. The xp is based on damage you deal. What does this mean to us? It means, you will be forced to compete with other teammates for mobs. This is bad for you because you are spending a lot of time buffing/healing, you will have a little or no time left for your own killing. Also, you will be lousier at cleric job because it forces you to earn your own xp by your own kill. What you can do is, ask them to make it equal. If they say no, either don’t join or join but don’t heal/buff. It’s fair. The cleric is not a community service class where they can just use us as healing/buffing bot for their own cause. The cleric does not come cheap. If they want us to heal/buff, they have to share the xp that we are entitled to receive. These people must understand that we don’t benefit on combat team like it does to them. We come with the lowest firepower among 12 classes to start with and we do a lot of supporting (the time spent not killing). This team is, however, good for sping.

The combat team can be worth joining when:
1) you team up with a high defense knight on duo-combat. The templar knight is perfect for this. You don’t have to heal them often. You cast Encourage on him and do minimal healing. He will cast defense buffs on you in return. If he uses damage link skill on you, it makes your healing simpler. When the templar knight uses defense buffs and damage link on you, you just need to rinse off with party heal after each kill. This works when you are lvling at white/yellow mobs and the templar is high enough lvl and has enough high defense to do this. If you are going for red mobs, make it equal, not combat.
2) You team up with other clerics on combat and have each cleric does his/her own buffing/healing. You get more xp, but no extra work for you.

Soloing: You might have heard that the cleric can’t solo. That is so wrong. Sure, we can’t solo as good as the archer, but that doesn’t stop us from soloing. Smile Why do we want to solo? We need to work on our pet. Partying can hinder from doing so. You want to have the mounted horse as early as possible, preferably before you start lvling at Highlanders since they hit hard and swarm. Another reason is, the lack of community support for the cleric. Most people boycotte the equal team. They are so caught up with their own lvling and don’t want to help the cleric lvl on equal team. I strongly believe we should boycotte the combat team to oppose that they boycotte the equal team. There has to be something done to make the combat team more rewarding for the cleric or the equal team better so non-cleric people will consider forming the equal team. Crying or Very sad

Anyway, the cleric is quite capable of soloing. Make sure you get a good sceptor to compensate the low damage. The cleric is more tough than the archer due to better healing skills. It’s very hard to die as cleric once you have both Fast Heal and Greater Heal.

The Art of Healing/Buffing
1. Learn what the skill does.
2. Know the range of the skill.
3. Monitor the buffs/health of teammates.

First of all, you must know what the skill does. Encourage applies to physical damage, which works on: Knight, Titan, Rogue, and Archer. Charm applies to magic damage, which works on: Mage, Cleric, Sorcerer, and Mounted Dragon (Dragon Breath is magic). Mana Shield is used for magic defense only.

*The sorcerer always does magic damage regardless of their appearance. Don’t get confused by the knight transformation. Always use Charm on them.

Second, you must know the range of the skill. Each skill has certain range. Look at the rador map on the right top of your screen. You see 2 white circles (the inner and the outer). Targeted spells such as Fast Heal, Greater Heal, Encourage, Charm, Mana Shield have the range of the inner circle. On the other hands, Party Heal has 1.5x the range of the outer circle. Resurrection appears to have 1/2 the range of the inner circle. What this means is, the target has to be within the circle or you can’t use it immediately. If the target is out of range, your character will automatically run upto the point of the range when you execute the skill. This creates a delay. Knowing the ranges of these skills help you position yourself better for healing/buffing.

Third, you must monitor the buffs you are casting. You cannot cast buffs and then leave them. You have to re-buff before or immediately after they wear off. You see a small icon next to your teammate’s name. If you place your cursor there, you can see all the buffs he/she has and their duration. When you are also placing the horse buffs, make sure the buffs stay on all time. If they go down, it can create a disaster. As for healing, try not to spam Party Heal too much like the non-cleric healer. Instead, use Party Heal, Fast Heal and Greater Heal as the situation demands. For instance, when you see one teammate getting hurt a lot, you want to use Greater Heal on him once, instead of Party Heal twice. This is the cleric way. We use variations to heal more efficiently than the Archer. When you are in a big team, you will be quite busy. You will be running all over to catch up with the target, constantly buffing/healing, and yet still trying to kill some to contribute xp for the team. Basically, you are wearing 3 hats in 1: healer, supporter, and attacker.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my guide. I made this guide not just to help fellow clerics, but also wanted non-cleric people know what we do to level. I have been told that the cleric is a xp leecher class by some non-cleric people I have encountered. I hope this guide has cleared up that misconception.

by lv 50 Cleric

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