Last Chaos Assassin Guide

Last Chaos Assassin Guide by Kay666

Welcome in the fabulous world of the rogue !!

You love speed, good attack, great evasion ? You picked the good class !!!!! You are now near of your dual class and don’t know what to pick….Hmmm, maybe you should read this guide !

This guide will explain : Stats, Skills, Sp Cost, How to use your skills, How to PvE and how to PvP.

At the start:

Pick your daggers, and feel the rogue power !!! For the stats points, it goes like this:

Strength (Physical Prowess) +0.06% Weight

Dexterity (Swiftness of Reflexes) +0.5 Close-range Physical Attack
+1 Close-range Physical Evasion
+1 Long-range Physical Evasion
+1 Close-range Physical Hit Rate
+1 Long-range Physical Hit Rate

Intelligence (Power of the Mind) +0.67 Magical Attack
+1 Magical Resistance
+1 Magical Hit Rate

Constitution(Physical Fortitude) +3 Health
+3 Mana

You need to go pure dext until lvl 31.

At Level 31: Assassin !!! You will get the extra 3 Stats Points. You need 17 in intelligence for lvl 38 skill and 17 in constitution for the Magic resistance passive. After that, you return to pure dext. Always dext. That’s our power !

Assassins are more solo based, in my eye, we are the best class to solo monsters. A good Sin won’t die often while grinding. Why ?? You’ll see… Twisted Evil


The attack skills of the beginning can be maxed, but, I assure you you will forget those skills in a few levels. Later, they become really useless.
It’s important to max ALL your passives skills.

Before lvl 31, it will take you 4,063 SP to max everything. The total amount to have a maxed Assassin is 28,986SP and is you want all the production skills too, it’s 32,787 SP

Attack skills Advice !!!

Confusion and Dire Strike can be maxed to, but it’s not all the rogues who use these. It’s useful in party with other rogues, you can all attack together and make great damages, but in solo, you won’t use it a lot. And since the mana cost is higher, I suggest you to keep your mana for better skills.

Double strike and Hyde Step are our main attack skills. Hyde Step is more PvP based, because you need to be invisible to do it. Later, at lvl 102, you can get Fatal Blow, and it’s pretty deadly Twisted Evil

Poison in PvE kills the hp regeneration of the mob. Very usefull. Our snare is more effective then the knight stun, I don’t know why, but it seems to miss less then em. We are trying to get a longer snare/poison lvl 6, like the others class, let’s cross our fingers !!!! Wink

How to use your skills !

The big difference we have with ranger is a skills that everybody would love to have. Death Motion !!!

Death motion is your life saver with the lvl 70 skill….but I’ll talk about that later. Death Motion aka DM is a lvl 38 skills. Congratz, you can now solo what you want. Always put it on your hotbar. 400 Hp left ? DM ! While you look at the beautiful sky, you can heal back, use minerals, all you want. Oh no ! Someone is calling you ! DM ! Go answer to the phone. And remove your pet, or you’ll come back with a dead pet to revive! You can stay in Dm for more then 1hour of real time. So there’s no rush !

Life saver Advice

When you use Dm, before you go back on your feet, be sure Dm is fully refreshed !!!! That way, you will be able to use it at the perfect moment again !!!!

Be careful
Against raid boss and others boss (Baal, Grand red dragon, Kamira, Grand Gold Dragon, Blood Shadow), if you DM, remove your pet before !! And if there’s people around you, you’ll get hit by the area damage. That’s why you need to remove your pet if you are alone, because the aggro will turn on him. And if you wanna survive, it’s not a good idea !!

Death motion in PvP

In PvP, you can use Dm to remove the targeting on you. They CAN hit you while you play dead, but they have to click back on you. You can win precious seconds with this skill. I’ll return on this later in PvP section !


Invisibility is not only for PvP. It’s very usefull. When you are invisible, only red mobs can see you. Some Yellow can see you as well if they are 4 lvl higher then you. So you wanna run to the 8th floor with no mobs running after you ? Invisibility ! Very Happy You hunt someone you wanna kill ? Do it invisible !!! You wanna spy on people ? You mean !! But since you can…use invisibility !!!!!! Twisted Evil

Distracting shot and how to use it.

Distracting shot is a very usefull skill. But since a lot of players get power level…they don’t know how to use it.. and it’s sad. But now since the 100% eva is gone, the skill is now back on track !

Distracting Shot will remove the aggro on you from a mob. IMPORTANT ! Once you use the skill, click away from the mob, the fastest you can, either way, the rogue will hit the mob back and you’ll get the aggro back. Just click on the ground beside the mobs. If you have it lvl 6, it will work at 100% and the mob will 1- Go Away…or 2- Go on your pet. Since lvl 70 I have always minimum 1k of pet herb on my PvE Bar. So while the angry dude hit your pet…sit and heal up ! And don’t forget to heal your pet !
And no.. it won’t work in PvP, you can’t remove the mean Rk’s aggro with that skill Laughing

So when you get Distracting Shot, go make some test on lower mobs to learn how to use it perfectly. At lvl 70, I had 69+15 daggers and I was able to solo Lichs and Dark Wraith on 8th floor of the Trum. It was hardcore, but at those times, it was awesome exp ! And no other class would be able to do that. But now, nobody go in trum, but I’m sure you can do the same in Tomb at lvl 70 on those mobs.

So you can’t find a party? Buy some pots, adrenaline, and go solo the big mobs alone, you can do it !!!!!!! Twisted Evil

Fatal Blow

Level 102 skill. It’s a critical damage on the opponent. Refreshing time: 1 minute. Very quick skill, look like hyde step, without the little red flash. It does between 2 and 3k more damage then DS in PvE, so deadly in PvP if you have a good hitrate.

Get your gold ready. It’s a pretty expensive skill, and you need to get the skill book to learn it. You can buy it or drop it from the Cube System.


Level 122 skill. Pretty expensive and deadly too. Got 3 levels (or 4 not sure yet) Refresh fast. Perfect combination in PvP ! This skill is the most brutal skill of the Assassin.

Rares and Accessories

SoS (Stone of shadow) are the best for sins, they give you long range evasion, close range evasion and dext. PoW ( Pierce of Wind) is very good too, give more dext and a bit less evasion. I still use my 3 SoS in PvE and they really help.


Monster combo acc’s can be good too for critical if you have at least 90% crit. !
3 TOK (tears of Knight) will give you a fabulous hitrate, but it will cost you a lot, and you’ll have to sacrifice some dext/eva is you use em. The best are the Hit Rate acc’s. I personnally use a ToK, a 93×2 HR with 30% crit and eva on with a 90% Crit acc’s. Deadly !

And now… let’s talk about the fun thing…

PVP !!

This is not the perfect way to do it. I don’t tell you’ll win every fights by doing it the way I do it. But it will help you if you have any idea how to fights others class. I had the chance to get very good advices from friends, and some unknowns players in arena who trained me Smile

First thing of all…Make a PvP bar. Always put cures on it, need to be near hand. You never know when someone will come attack you while you grind !!!


Never tank an Archer. You’ll eat the dust quite fast. Poison em and go invisible. They have a skill to remove the poison…and almost all the archer will do that, or they will use a pot of true sight. So wait a bit at a good distance to see what she will do. If you see she make her skill to remove the poison, Hyde step quickly ! Here’s your chance. Hyde step, Double stike Snare. Normal hits a bit if she’s not already dead. Half Hp, DM ! She’ll lose the target on you. Now 2 choices. You get back on your feet quicly and Double strike again… or you run and use invisibility quick as you can. Archers don’t have a lot of def/hp, if you use your skills wisely, they are dead quickly. If they are a lot higher then you, it’s a bit difficult, because they are very powerful. Poison is useless on em because they can cure it easy, but if they do, we win precious time.


The big tough guy. Titans have 3x and sometimes 4x our HP. Some will say it’s a coward way to kill em, but come on, if you wanna kill a titan, I assure you it’s the only way. And with their new stuns… a rogue can’t survive for a long time. Titans are toughs…but SLOW. Prepare the haste pots ! We have to take em by their weakness. Poison, invisibility. Don’t stay in the same spot, they’ll use pots of true sight. When you invisibility is regen and you see the poison fades away, do it again. Do it at least 3 or 4 times, easy. When he start to heal, hyde step, double strike DEATH MOTION. You don’t wanna get stunned by this uncurable stun ! Titans miss a LOT on the rogues. But we can’t take a lot of their hit. So you need to use poison/invisibility a lot. Our hitrate is better, so if you got him snared and he don’t use cures, hit and DS a lot. When snare is about to go, stop it and invisibility again !!!!!!!!!

Royal Knights

Poison and invisibility again. Those 2 are your best friends in PvP. Hyde Step, DS, DM. Run ! Dash have a long range (if Rk is 70 +) If he is lower then 70, use hyde step and Dm again on him. Rk miss a lot on rogues too. Triple Bash hurt a lot, if they can hit you. They have a good def, that’s why poison is needed…but they don’t have a lot of evasion, so if you have good daggers, you will hurt em. You can try to pet shield… But personally, I hate this technic, it’s not fair at all. You can use the same tactics for the titan on the Rk.

Templars Knights

We see em a lot more now. Don’t underestimate the TK. Their both stuns are a pain. If you kite, they will teleport you. They have a LOT of defence. Tanking em would be the most stupid thing to do. Try the tactics I said above. He stunned you ? Don’t cure the 1st stun. Tk have a lof of def…but… a low attack. Even if you are 3-4 lvl lower then the TK, you have more attack then em. ( My boyfriend was a TK and we were always checking our stats). So they will make Mana break on you, their only attack skill, and a lot of chance that this skill will miss. Then they have only normal hits. A lot of miss again. Then they’ll use their 2nd stun…cure it, poison death motion, invisibility. You need to do it pretty fast before he decide to tele you. They have a lot of def buff, so same as the titan here. Our advantage, their skill take a LOT of time before they reload. Once they tele you, it take a while before they can do it again, and you have to re-target em after they do that skill. I killed a lvl 95 TK while I was lvl 90, I wasn’t maxed, double strike lvl 5 and hyde step lvl 5 only, I had only 2k Hp when I came in arena and I killed him, and I had 1,3k Hp left when he died, he healed, and I never used any healing pots. Their def are a problem… not their attack Wink


Wizards lost their god powers. They miss A LOT now on the rogues. Again, poison invisibility hyde step and DS. If they survived, snare, attack. DM and do it again. They die easy if you do it well.


Ok. Those are deadly in PvP. I mean, they are really a pain. They will blind you, stone you, and you’ll blink and you’ll be dead. Try to stay invisible and act fast. I hope you have cures blind pots ! Cures stone works also. But they have low def like wizards, so you can do it, but it’s very hard since our magic resistence is not that good. A ranger can own em fast, not a sins. Try to have em as friends, not as ennemies !


Kill the water spirit first. DM is useless against the spirits, they don’t lose the target. Same thing with invisibility, they still see you. A sins can barely kill an Elementalist. Your last hope is poison, DS, kiting. It’s very very hard to kill em…but hopefully we don’t see em often. Personally I would say, don’t fight em if you don’t need to.


In Demon form, do the same thing as Wizards. A good spec won’t fight against a rogue in demon form.

In Knight form, same tactics as the titan. They have a lot of def and their stun is a pain ! You can use cure stones pots. They make great damages, but again, if you use you skills wisely, you can win the fight. Kiting/poison /Invisibility is the way to go with em.


The big Battle. Rangers VS Sins. Here, take EVERYTHING in consideration. Weapon, Armor, rares/acc’s… Both class have the same base, so a lot of eva. Your stuff can make the difference here. Rangers are long range, so you have to fight em like the Archers. Use Dm in the good moment, same as invisibility…But both can use those skills…so better to have all cures on you. They are very good at pvp, it will be a hard and strong battle Twisted Evil


This is the worst things of all. Both can do the same thing in same time, so the passives/attack skills will make a difference if one of em ain’t maxed. Again, you need to have better daggs and armor if you wanna kill the other sins. Normally it’s a long fight, because both expect what the other will do. It’s very random for the ending !! It make funny fights tho !! If you wanna learn how to pvp, get a friend assassin and try to kill each other.
I didn’t find any “specials” trick to kill em, it totally depends how to other sins attack. If he tank or not, when to use DM, it’s very random.

Note : I didn’t added the new skills in my advices because they are new, and you can have em only at a very high level. This guide is more for the lower levels. According to me, Hyde Step , Fatal blow combined with double strike will make your ennemie die pretty quickly, and if you can use deadshot, they are dead meat.

On a final note….

Yes ranger are deadly too in PvP, both class are good, and many people prefer the rangers. But you need to see the both sides of the medal Smile

I made this guide to help players to know how the Assassin works. This is my knowledge and my opinions, and I’m open for suggestions, stuff to add and your opinions. I don’t tell you the sins are better, I just want players to know what they can do with their rogue. We are one of the strongest class, with the more evasion, and it’s a class fun to play with. So I hope a good ranger will make a guide too, that way, new players will have all the informations needed !!!

Have a good time !! Smile

KayFromHell, Murderer on Katar Twisted Evil

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