King of Kings 3 Special Buffs from Your House

King of Kings 3 Special Buffs from Your House by Kimbo

There are many benefits of owning and upgrading a house in King of Kings 3.
Housing permits can be obtained for free during the story quests from Intec (55 57) in Skarabare.

Oil lamps are a simple and easy way to increase your stats. Here’s how:

  • Purchase an oil lamp for your house.
  • Talk with your House Manager. Use the “Warehouse” function to place the Oil Lamp in your house.
  • Now, go to the Oil Lamp tab in the House Manager window. Choose the stats you’d like to increase, (explanation of each is in the “Instruction to Use” button) and then select meditate.
  • After every ten minutes of meditation, the power of the selected buff gains one level (to a max of 4 levels)! If you’d like to meditate while AFK, make sure to set the timer on the lamp (in Timing Set) so you do not waste all of your lamp oil for no reason. Lamp oil can be refilled in the “Attar adding” button by spending crowns.
  • When you are ready to collect your buff, speak with the House Manager again, go to the Oil Lamp tab, and select “Get Meditation Energy”.
  • Your buff is transferred to you and will last for two hours!

Property Support is another great option available to all home owners. It grants your character a very special buff of your choosing! The higher the level of your house, the more powerful the buff becomes.

  • Access your house and speak with your personal House Manager.
  • Select Property Support.
  • Select the buff you would like for your character from the following list:

*Threshold of Oblivion: HP & MP Restoration bonus
*Elemental Balance: Increases HP max, Physical Defense, Magic Defense
*Balance of Three Realms: Increases Physical Attack, Magic Attack
*Guardian’s Strength: Increases Luck & Strength
*Life Force: Increases Stamina & Intelligence
*Wind of Haste: Increases Willpower & Dexterity

  • Once you select your buff, you are returned to the main housing screen. Select Property Support one more time.
  • You will be prompted to activate your buff for 2 hours for a cost of 30 Silver Crowns.
  • Confirm the selection.

Your buff will now be activated. Run out and enjoy your new edge against mobs and other players!

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