King of Kings 3 Miyo Mission Complete Guide

King of Kings 3 Miyo Mission Complete Guide by Osirus

Expressing love with Roses: Heres a complete step by step walkthru for the every frustrating Miyo mission

Searching for Miyo

4 Locations to look:

1: 102,243 Cave, bottom center of map
2: 220,230 Field, Bottom right of map
3: 110,7 Boat, Top center of map
4: 40,160 Bridge, center left of map

Finding Miyo: search the 4 places. He will take off on you twice, the third time he will follow you. Move very slowly, you have 10 minutes to take him back to Ventris. Dont use a horse, it moves too fast, use the W key to move a step, then another. If you get too far ahead, he runs off and you have to go back to the last spot you found him and do it again.

The Urchin’s Treasure

After returning to Ventris, he gives you a map and pick, eqip the pick. open up your inventory AND your map of the area. Right click on the treasure map and you will start digging. If you are not in the right area, a light green square will show an area to try again. You should be able to get it within 3 tries. AFter that, you can keep the pick and use it for monster card treasure maps later. After getting the treasure, return to Ventris again.

Delivering the letters are easy if you know where. However, you have Miyo following again and have to go slow, you have 10 minutes for each delivery.

1: 216,20 : Unsigned Letter : The first letter by the water, and fish in the water are all staring at a lazy official: Slacking Officer Carice

2: 200,221 Love Affair Letter : The second letter hangs on the treetop, where birdies sing away, and the Merchant Assistant who sells Wood has ulterior secrets : Merchant Assistant Milin

3: 41,214 Love Letter : The third letter is from a confused girl, the romantically involved Maidservant who doesnt know where her Mr Right is : Maidservant Shakeland

AFter delivering the final letter, speak with Shakeland again.

The Maidservants Misunderstanding

Now she wants to know who sent her the letter, speak with the two guards nearby.Talk to Yetty then Uli, he admits he wrote it, but not to her. Go back and talk to Shakeland again to finish the quest. You can tell her anything you want, theres no real correct answer.
You get a cowboy/cowgirl suit and a huge chunk of experience from this.

After you speak with her, go back to Ventris. You recieve flowers, but they are not for Feller. Look at your mission list and you will find a new one to deliver them inside Skarbare.

Number 7, South District, Skarabare

Take the flowers you have now to Christine in town. After speaking with Christine you can go to Feller and give her the roses and the mission is complete and you get 151k experience.

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