King of Kings 3 Lottery Guide

King of Kings 3 Lottery Guide by Laxus

After completing an adventure quest (taken from Primary or Secondary Quest Giver), you will receive a window to place a bet in the lottery or not – Gumbaxter NPC

If you buy any bets, you will have chance to participate in the following 2 things –

(1) Wheel of Fortune – Random prizes will have the opportunity to add value is exp 10-50% or 25-150% increases the risk or mission cards CDE and other items related to Aventure quests
(2) Plot in lottery every 1 bet will be put into a large pot involving all bets from all realms and will be drawn at 21:00 every day (announcement before the beginning of the Later Fishing contest )

The draw will take place when the purchase of lots and prize money will be as follows.

The first prize will be 20% of the total prize money amount.
The second prize was a 10% of the total prize money amount.
3. 2 to 3% of prize money total.
4. 4 1.5% of the prize money total.
5. 8 to 0.62% of total prize money total.
6. 16 to 0.25% of total prize money total.
7. 32 awards to 0.12% of total amount.
Total 64 awards accounted for 55% of the total amount.

* Awards will be announced only for first – fourth prizes. The other awards can be seen with a bag icon on the top right of your screen.

Prizes will be sent to mail box and last seven days.
Prize money amount will be shown when you click the Gumbaxter NPC.

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