King of Kings 3 Guild Quests Guide

King of Kings 3 Guild Quests Guide by Laxus

Talk to Guild Quest Officer found in Skarabare and Red Stone Town to start doing a guild quest.

You can do three types of guild quests –

1.). Transport goods Supplies. – 2 times a day.
2.). Attack Supplies Line – 1 time a day.
3.). Steal realm energy . – Lv.40 requirement and you can do this 2 times a day

Transport Supplies Material Quest is an escort quest – Escort the donkey to Element Realm

Attack Supplies Line is a difficult quest as you have to be quick and powerful to kill the donkey. If you want to do this quest, I suggest you to be lvl 45+ to try doing this quest and with a party. However, I would suggest you not to do this quest in OBT as its simply takes too long to kill the donkey

Steal Realm Energy – Pick a realm and go to the Realm by talking to Realm Teleporter in Element Realm. Once done you have to steal energy by talking to Soul Piferer and then reporting back to guild quest officer

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