King of Kings 3 Free Soul Shilings Every Month

King of Kings 3 Free Soul Shilings Every Month by Kimbo

The Payroll Staff (107, 197) in Skarabare gives out free Soul Shillings every month to players levels 30 and over! How much you receive is based on how much you’ve played in the previous month… so the more you play, the more you receive! Visit her between the 1st and 7th of every month to collect your free Soul Shillings.

Soul Shillings can be used to purchase items from the Travelling Shop as well as rare and special items from merchants around the world.

Salary Breakdown

The amount of Soul Shillings you receive are based on 3 factors:

1. Level

Starting at level 30, the base salary pay is 25 Soul Shillings. This increases as you go up in level, with a maximum base pay of 95 Soul Shillings.

2. Online Time

90 hours plus = 200%
70 – 90 hours = 160%
40 – 70 hours = 80%
39 hours or less = 0%

3. Adventure Points

If the player has enough adventure points, they are given the option to choose whether or not to contribute their adventure points towards and additional 100% bonus to their salary.

Level 30 – 50 requires 1000 adventure points
Level 51 – 70 requires 1500 adventure points
Level 71 – 90 requires 2000 adventure points

A character’s monthly salary is based on the following calculation:
Salary = Salary Base * (Online Time Bonus % + Adventure Point Bonus %)

So for example, a level 30 character who has been online for 50 hours last month and who has 400 adventure points, would have a salary calculation like this:

Salary = Salary Base (25 Soul Shillings for lvl 30) * ( Online Time Bonus (80% for 50 hours) + Adventure Point Bonus (0% as character has under 1000 points) )

The final equation for this character is:
Salary = 25 * (80% + 0%)
The player would receive a grand total of 20 silver Soul Shillings!

Many fine goods can be purchased with your valuable Soul Shillings. Enjoy your purchases!

The King of Kings 3 Team

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