King of Kings 3 Currency Basic Guide

King of Kings 3 Currency Basic Guide by Kimbo

This guide is meant for new players who may be confused by the multiple types of currency in King of Kings 3.

Types of Currency

There are two types of currency in King of Kings 3: crowns and shillings.

Crowns are the common in-game currency. You are rewarded with crowns by completing quests and selling items to merchants.

Shillings are purchased outside of the game through the gamigo store. They are delivered to the Bank Manager in Skarabare (97, 180) and can be collected at any time. Shillings can be used to purchase special in-game items such as fun costumes, powerful potions, and rare items. You can purchase many of these items from the “Travelling Shop” which is always accessible from the “$” icon on the bottom right menu bar.

Crowns and Soul Crowns… What’s the Difference?

In King of Kings 3 you will notice that there are two types of each currency, crowns and soul crowns, as well as shillings and soul shillings. The difference is simple! Crowns can be given to or traded with anyone. Soul Crowns are bound specifically to your character… no one else can ever have them but you!

The same rule applies for Shillings and Soul Shillings.

It is important to understand the difference between purchasing items with crowns and soul crowns. Items purchased with soul crowns are soul bound (can not be traded or used by anyone else). Items purchased with regular crowns can be traded with and used by anybody.

The reverse also holds true. If you sell a soul bound item to a merchant, you will receive soul crowns in exchange. If you sell a standard item to a merchant, you will receive regular crowns.

Be careful when purchasing raw materials for crafting! Items purchased with soul crowns are automatically soul bound. Items crafted from soul bound materials will result in soul bound items! So if it is your intention to sell items you have crafted to other players, make sure to always purchase your materials with regular crowns, or just harvest them yourself!

Currency Exchange

King of Kings 3 offers a very special Currency Exchange system which allows players to sell and trade crowns for shillings, as well as the reverse. This all takes place at the Currency Market Trader inSkarabare (93, 196). If a player has purchased shillings and would like to sell them on the market, he goes to the Currency Market Trader, types in how many shillings he wishes to sell (Must sell at least 50 for the market to accept it), and how many crowns he wishes each shilling to sell for. Then, other players can bid by entering how many crowns they are willing to pay for each shilling. The Currency Trader will match each players bid automatically, and if an exchange is available at your asking price, it will be arranged and delivered to you.

Because of the Currency Exchange market, all players have access to all of the same items!

Why sell with the Imamu?

Your Imamu is special in that you can use it to sell your items from wherever you are in the world, whether deep in a dungeon or out beyond the farthest reaches of civilization! By selling items through your Imamu you receive a great bonus to the amount of soul crowns you receive in exchange. This is great for the lower levels, when you are more focused on purchasing items for your own character and are not as deeply entrenched in trading with others.

Special Rewards

Soul Shillings can not be purchased or found anywhere. They are only given as rewards for very special quests as well as certain in-game events. They act just like regular shillings, but can not be given away or traded on the Currency Exchange market.

Mithril is used in the creation of stars, which are then used to increase the quality of items. Mithril is given as a bonus with the purchase of shillings through the gamigo store, but can also be found in game through rare item drops.

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