Iris Online Fighter to Mercenary Guide

Iris Online Fighter to Mercenary Guide by shinobi05895

To all people who are wondering rather a Mercenary is a worth while class to play or not. It all depends on your play style Knights are tanks while Gladiator is strictly attk type or Damage Dealer same as a zerker.

Now what can a Mercenary Class be put into? The way I put them into is they are a mix of Knight, Glad, and plus assassin. Now for the reason I know some of you going to disagree and tell me what Im saying is wrong but hey its rather you take my advice or not Mercenary aren’t good solo dungeon like Zerker can but they are a two person team most likely someone who can heal is perfered but yeah you can basically use pots with two people and own in dungeons. Its a proven fact since Im a Mercenary and did it several times the only downside to this is you can’t finish the time set dungeons with two people unless you have a damage dealer that can kill bosses easily then yeah you can crush the dungeons.

Ok back to the point of me saying they are a mix they dotn have high dmg dealing skills like a berzerkers have or glad. have but good enough dmg dealer that will finish off most people, you can’t be a tanker cause your not a super tank like a knight is but still good enough equip can defend off most pvp and pve battles, and assassin this will sound crazy but you will once you reach lvl 30 there is a speed attk boost that you can do for 1% I know you will say why there but listen since you don’t have the power you need speed and you can basically destroy a player with a setup that you feel comfortable with.

I will teach you the setup I had which if you were pvp fighting against 1on 1 you will win even by a little that still counts as a win and will keep you alive in places where open pvp map starts.WARNING!! One thing through a Warlock can kill you if you don’t kill them first.
Here we go:

Main passive Skills to focus on until lvl 30
Dual swords = Max it out
Charge = Max it out
Inquiring Mind = Max it out
Resilience = Max it out
Fortified Heavy Armor = Max it out if you want to this is all up to you I maxed this because I hate those damn Magician and Warlocks this will somewhat help you survive and give you a hand in killing them.
Echanted Armor= Max it out
Strengthened Armor and Enhanced Armor= This is all up to you and your play style of your character I put no SP in this because i found it useless to me. FYI you still have a SP reset potion once you reach lvl 30

Now onto Dual Sword Skill until lvl 30
Tempest Slice= MAX IT OUT!!! I capitalized this because this skills my friend will be your best friend throughout most of your game
Hastened Slash= Max it out
Accelerated Chop = Max it out
Tempest Slash = Max It Out Both Tempest will be your Mid Range Attks
Cruel Focus = Max it Out
Dexterity= Max it out
Robust Protection= Max it Out
Annihilate= hehe Will be your handy tool when you can’t get that last out of attk in but CAUTION: THIS ONLY WORKS WITH DEVIDED SLASH EFFECT IF IT DONT EFFECT THE OPPONENT DONT PRESS IT. Anyways you can max it out since I did
Subdue= hmmmm Im not too sure on this one you can try it if you want i got 1 SP on this so yeah try it anAccelerated Jab= This will come in useful especially for a speed attk on a d see if its any help
person who has little or no life left like a mage who is trying to heal you can get that final kill in.
Focus Attack N Final Flash= This are up to you this skills are for dmging people
Focused Protection N Final Promise= This are to defend IDK what the huge difference is because Protection is good but Final promise just sucks while Focused Attk loses the defence but Final Flash comes in Handy both arent long skill effects so just go with your gut feeling.
The setup of how you use this skills are up to you. Im pretty sure you will know how to use my skill set but if you can’t Send me a letter in game My name is Shukan.

Oh about the part of being assassin type will come later once I experimented a bit with it but yah there is a skill which boost up your attk speed and can kill monsters fast.

This class isn’t meant for those who like to tank or be a tank you will be doing both depending on the situation of the time and place. For me I can own a 1v1 battle if we are equally lvled or a lil bit different it dont matter with somewhat similar armor. The ones you will have trouble finishing off fast will be a Knight and a Magician or Warlock if you can attk first do it LOL don’t wait for them to be rdy to attk you. Oh one more thing make sure you load up on MP Pots they run out quick Idk how many Mp pots i went through in dungeons but oh well I still farm and make alot of Gold so yeah Mercenary are fun class but if you suck at timing some attk and setting skills right Mercenary will end up being a doom class so be sure that you know what your getting yourself into. Like I said I can help just send me a letter and ask away ^_~ Name is Shukan ingame.

If anyone have opinion Post away LOL which i know half of the people mostly zerkers and Warlocks will do lol.

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