Gunshine Medic/ Doctor Guide

Gunshine Medic/ Doctor Guide by DoubleBarrel

Attend Hut! I’m tired of getting killed. Hear that Recruit! Happens ‘gain I’m busting you Back to Basic!

Some Body assigned for you, god knows who, your training and payed for your skills!
Use them! Heal your Allies! Save more then your own worthless hide! Now drop down and give me twenty!

Healing friends: Target them with a green circle, and then SHOOT THEM with Healing Shot.
Or Target them with the Team/Grupo player FACE icon picture, top left.
Use 2-3 healing shots and if needed 1 quick help (major heal).
(To heal other – target them. To heal other, use skill when target = them. After heal other -Target monster again. Heal is easier target as melee weapon use.)

KEEP in inventory as Many Energy PACKS as you can GET!. Use Healing Packs for personal use, instead of skills.
Give yourself First Heal After using an energy pack to “spare Heal” yourself.

When a Doc is in a team/party/Group Every player is less likely to waste/use items, We trust in your training!
HEAL MY MERC’s, ROOKIE! They cost me the big bucks! And no boss is worth the price of 3 merc!
!! HEAL anyone Being TARGETED BY A BOSS!

When in the arena/pit zones,
Doc’s are a powerful “opening the door” Clearing force.
Behind the arena door lines you can keep your Body-Guard’s HP loaded, your hunters semi-active and Maintain your battle Hardened Doc friends energy-bar lengths growing, by Saving them energy- speed up their healing!

Self Healing arena doctors, Don’t waste time sniping, the faster you shoot, the longer you can keep going.
Don’t let your HP bar drop down to 100hp At that point you are vulnerable to EVERYTHING from knock-back to stuns, and your healing timers will not keep up under any concentrated fire.
Try Dancing around a little. Mobility is not vulnerability or always deadly to take some spare hits for timer time.

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    I would like to fight by your side sometime. You seem like you know a lot about the game so it would be interesting to see your knowledge put to good use. Just remember, I'll be watching you hunter.

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