Gunshine Hired Guns Strategy

Gunshine Hired Guns Strategy by Dravda

Hired Guns, Tanks & Grenadiers:

Double click target from a good distance while using a ranged weapon, take 2-3 shots, then press space, you will switch weapons and approach effectively dodging the projectile. The amount of shots you can take before they throw depends on your firing speed.

Hand guns: 3 shots max
Machine guns: 2 shots max
Sniper rifles: 1 shot max

With this strategy I use a 0.6 or 0.7 speed hand gun/pistol.
* you get 1 shot for long ranged rifles, shotguns aren’t viable for this.

My ranged weapon also has the unarmored bonus so this strategy works even better. Versus tanks I’d recommend getting a good mechanical bonus melee weapon, my armor bonus one works just fine tho. * make sure you only “target” when you double click, approaching to shoot messes with this strategy.

Rockets: Stun or grenade or hit a environmental to get them to pause long enough for you to close the distance and pound them. Rockets mean trouble if you are outnumbered. Take these guys out first and you can win or retreat easier.

* If you sneak up on them and rudesmash they will not launch the rocket.

Shooters:They can out shoot you leave these to hunters or approach quickly and smash them.
* You can’t outshoot them without the proper equipment:
You need armour, ranged weapon, and stamina stats.
You should also use a smg or similar weapon, the hand gun wont cut it with them. My Wacky SMG works really well.. against just about everything.

Engineers are lame, just use skills. On second thought don’t waste skills just shoot them.

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