Grepolis Super Building Guide

Grepolis Super Building Guide by Darksunx

Super buildings are the 2 sets of 4 buildings available to you later in the game.
These sets are:

Thermal Baths

Divine Statue
Merchant Shop

So here’s how they work.
First: You are only allowed to have ONE building from each side. So, if you wanted the Library and Theater, you’re out of luck.
Second: Like all buildings you have to get the prerequisites to build them.

So what to choose?
Left Side:

Theater: This opens up the option to put on the “Theater Plays” available in you Agora to raise Culture. Even though there are 3 other ways to raise culture, 1 Requires Gold, 1 Requires Battle Points and the last one requires more Resources. Now, many of you may think this isn’t too worth it because, even though it is cheaper than holding a City Festival, it takes 5 days to run a play and there are other options. So the Theater is only usable once every 5 days. Take it from me, later on when you have more cities and you’re working on getting more CP you’ll need all the help you can get. Plus resetting a research in the Academy also takes CP and you’ll never get a perfect city during a conquest. Make 1 city out of every 4 a Theater city. I may raise that to 1 out of 3 or even 1 out of 2 later. 9/10

Thermal Baths: This will give you an extra 10% to your total population. This mixes with Plow and will give you a good number of extra population. A level 40 Farm will provide a population of 3000 so that’s an Extra 300 Population. So look at this way: This is an extra 300 Slingers or 100 Horses or 30 Light Ships, etc… Note: If you build this AND research Plow in the academy you will get an extra 500 Population. I currently make 3 out of 4 of my cities Bath cities. 10/10

Lighthouse: This will give your troops a 15% boost to movement speed. Being able to hit your opponent hard and fast is key. Unfortunately, this building’s bonus is a little useless since it can also be researched at the Academy. Granted, the academy bonus is 10% and not 15% and costs 8 points, but that still leaves you with 4 points to research something else. Note: If you choose this building AND research Cartography at the academy for 10% you will have a total of 25%. Also note that it has not been verified that these bonuses stack. If anyone can verify this i would appreciate it. This is very useful for a Naval City. It’s a toss up between do i want 37 more Biremes / 30 more Light Ships (from Baths) or do I want more movement speed? 8/10

Library: This will provide you with an extra 12 research points. . With 12 points you can cover any of the bonuses given to you by the other 2 building on this side that are worth noting (They will be a little weaker). The problem is that an extra 12 points may be too much. Once more cities are available you can simply have specialist cities. I’ve never really run into a problem where i needed more CP now that I have multiple cities specializing in different things. Defense, Offense, Conquest, Navy, Mixed and so on.. 3/10

Right Side:

Tower: Gives a 10% bonus to defending troops. It’s a pretty good upgrade but only helps in defense. If you’re not on the defensive much this is pretty much useless. 7/10

Divine Statue: This gives a favor bonus that stacks with the High Priestess. This bonus technically works like adding 5 levels to your temple. So, if you have a level 15 Temple, adding a Statue will make it provide favor like a level 20 Temple technically. The more favor you can produce the better and anything to help is worth it. So far all of my cities have a Statue.9/10

Oracle: Will always tell you who is spying on you even if they are successful. It’s always good to know someone is spying on you especially when they actually succeed since you don’t know. This is again a more defensive tech but may be more useful than a tower in some situations. While a Tower may strengthen your troops in an attack this could mean the difference between losing a battle (and giving the attacker a few more losses because of the Tower’s 10%) or winning it (by knowing you’ve been successfully spied and reinforcing yourself in case of an attack.) 7/10

Merchant Shop: Will increase the ratio villages trade with you from 1:1.25 to 1:1.35. While it may seem like it’s worth it the other buildings are much more worthy of your attention. 3/10

So, for the Left side it’s really simple. Thermal Baths are king. The extra population you get from the baths mixed in with plow will let you build a pretty scary army. The Theater should be something to consider for the long run since, believe me, you’ll need it later. The lighthouse is also pretty good since, if mixed with the research from Library they will give you a very speed navy. The Library isn’t so bad if you really need those extra few points but keep in mind you’re giving up a lot.

On the other hand, the Right side was a little more complicated. The tower is an average upgrade since the 10% bonus to defense is always good. The Oracle is also good since it’s always good to know who’s spying on you. Lastly, the Statue is good since more favor means more god powers and creatures.

I’m going for the Thermal Baths and Statue in most of my cities personally. I’ll update this if i find more information which changes my mind.

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