Grepolis Running Alliances Guide

Grepolis Running Alliances Guide by JKP3nt

this is a guide on alliances in general, not just alliance rights
Joining alliances
in order to join an alliance, you must receive an invite from a person in the alliance with invite abilities, if you receive an invite, you will receive a notification in the reports tab and you can accept an invite by going to the alliance tab and clicking the check mark by the alliance’s name, clicking the red x will delete the invite. Usually you will have to request an invite from an alliance (their invite requirements and who you contact is usually posted on their alliance profile) but sometimes, in the case of MRAs (massive Recruiting alliances), you will receive the invite without any warning

Founding an Alliance
to found an alliance, you go to the alliance tab and you type in a name and click ‘found alliance’ and a new alliance will be founded, now within this new alliance you will have to:
to start out, you will probably want to invite everyone within a 5-island radius who is over 175 points, you might invite more, just remember, to start out you will need members, so do not have qualms about mass recruiting, though you will want to cut down once you reach ~50 members
create protocols
you will need to create some set of protocols, such as the restrictions of who may join your alliance, whether all of your members get invite rights to start, etc.
create forums
set up a nice forum on the alliance forum tab, you can create and edit new tabs in the administrate forums link in the bottom right hand corner
create a profile/publicity
you should make sure to choose an image for your alliance, a banner (later you may decide to use a blank banner) and you will want to create a profile. A profile is usually something like this:
Alliance name: The Spartans
Points: 10000
members: 10
Spartans have ruled the western civilization for centuries and shall not stop!!!!
For recruitment and diplomacy, contact xxxx
If you want to be or enemy, mail us, if you want to be our ally or NAP, then give up

so basically, the profile goes like this:
-attention grabber, related to alliance theme or name
-who to contact
-something about allies and enemies and some sort of macho-like phrase about enemies

In general, an alliance will not have one founder and a whole bunch of members, instead there will be some sort of officer and leader set-up, so you will have:
-founders: one or two people you implicitly trust, usually others who helped found the alliance, these people will have the full founder rights
-leaders: people you trust who have good leadership abilities
-some sort of high-council or senate: a combinations of just people whose advice you trust but have no other rights, and the more trusted officers, these people have internal forum rights
-recruiter(s): people in charge of recruiting members, sometimes leaders just do this when an alliance stops recruiting very much
-diplomat(s): people in charge of performing diplomacy with other alliances, although there are no binding contracts, as with recruiters, sometimes leaders simply perform the diplomacy
-forum mod(s): people with forum mod abilities, who will make sure that no profanity or exposing things are posted,you should get the idea
-task force leaders: people who lead individualized groups of people (3-10) in the alliance to help with organization, only use these if you are absolutely confident of your organization abilities
Now, the available rights for these people in the hierarchy are:
founder: has all other abilities as well as being able to rename the alliance and dissolve the alliance. founders can kick out other founders
leader: in addition to all below rights, leaders also have the ability to edit/create/delete forum tabs, alter internal announcements and alliance profile, and to kick out members, leaders can kick out other leaders but not founders
Invitation: gives ability to invite players, no more then that
Diplomacy: currently it is purely symbolic, may change with a later update, though I am not sure
mass mail: gives a more convenient option to be able to mail the entire alliance at once
forum moderator: gives ability to edit, process, or delete posts and to move, lock, or delete threads. Can not edit or delete tabs
internal forums: gives ability to access the hidden forums of an alliance

The rights below the dashed line are all completely independent of each other, founders have every single right, leaders have all the bottom 5 rights as well as the rights I listed for them

setting privileges
In order to give people privileges (rights), you should first make sure that you trust a person. This is done by observing this person to see if they are the type to help alliance members, you might know a person previously, you might ask another person that you trust, etc. This is one of the most important factors pf choosing someone for a position. Second, you must check that they are actually competent, so here is what you probably need:
leaders: good administrating, not abusive of power, do not choose leaders because they are ultra-high in points, good players are not necessarily good administrators, so choose wisely, particularly because leaders can be very powerful
recruiters: people who can have good abilities to tell a person’s personality from first impressions and recruiters should be able to use that ability.
diplomats: must have good judgment and good sweet-talking abilities for a situation. they also must be wiling to take the initiative
forum mods: make sure you trust them not to unnecessarily delete threads, posts, make it seem like people have said something they haven’t, etc.
high council: people you trust and whose judgment you trust on situations

Assigning the rights
in order to give rights, you go to the alliance tab, click members, and then click ‘edit authorizations’ and then check/uncheck rights

there is no such thing as binding diplomacy *yet* currently it is just an agreement, the most common diplomatic relationships are:
Ally: when both alliances are willing to help each other with attacks and support
NAP: Non Aggression Pact, both alliances officially pretend that the other does not exist and it’s player’s do not exist, basically meaning that they do not attack, support, etc. each other
War: dur, a war, if not officially recognized as a war, you can call it border skirmishes

forum moderation
basically, you want to edit out profanity, sensitive information (troop counts, ‘top secret’ plans of the high council, etc) in order to do this, simple click ‘process’ on a post and edit out the necessary info, it is sometimes best to note in the post that you have edited it. it is best to be very careful about using this right, you should not simply delete something you do not like, people will not like this, use forum mod ability with great discretion, but do not be shy about it when it is needed

and we start coming to the less, ah, ligit parts of this guide .
most alliances will have at least a few people who are giving information to other alliances on what is happening, where everyone’s troops are, what diplomatic relations are, etc. this information can be used against an alliance to know when, for example, mass-attacks will be launched on specific players or cities, when someone will have their troops outside a city, etc.

malicious disbandment
a we come to jarpenguin’s favorite part, disbandment.
disbandment only really tends to occur when players really disrespect an alliance. So alliances like GrepoHugs, and any other elite alliances on worlds (sorry, can’t be bothered to look up the stats) will not be disbanded (in general) this treatment is usually reserved for the worst MRAs on the more recent world(s) (ie, theta). A perosn with leader or founder rights can effectively disband an alliance, although it is easier for a founder, getting into the right position will usually take a lot of uber-sweet talking or complete failure on the alliance’s part.

Q: Doesn’t internal forums right let you edit the internal announcements?
A: NO! most definitely not, it just lets you have access tot the hidden forums, nothing more

Q: Does forum moderator ability let you edit the internal announcements
A: No, you can only edit posts and threads of the alliance forum with forum moderator ability

that is all for now.

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