Grepolis Gods Guide

Grepolis Gods Guide by Eclipse

You need a temple before you can worship a God. The higher the level of your temple, the faster the favor increases. Favor allows you to use the God’s various divine powers and create mythical units. You can switch God’s at any stage, but when you switch, you lose all favor points and mythical units. If you go back to the God, you start from 0, so choose wisely! If you choose to worship the same God in multiple cities, and decide to change in one of them, you lose the favor in all cities worshiping that God.

Gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Athena.


Divine Forces:

Divine Sign: Can gift 1 chariot to yourself or another player. (Cost: 50 favor)
Bolt: Damage a random building in your opponent’s city. (Cost: 200 favor)
Fair Wind: Naval forces of the selected attack fight 10% stronger. (Cost: 250 favor)
Zeus’ Rage: Can destroy 10-30% of your enemy’s land units in the selected attack. (Cost: 300 favor)

Mythical Units:

Favor: 202
Attack: 420 (Blunt)
Defense Blunt: 675
Defense Sharp: 300
Defense Distance: 560
Speed: 10
Temple Level: 10

Favor: 405
Attack: 945 (Sharp)
Defense Blunt: 170
Defense Sharp: 225
Defense Distance: 505
Speed: 22
Temple Level: 15


Divine Forces:

Kingly Gift: The selected city receives 800 wood. (Cost: 25 favor)
Call of the Ocean: The production of harbor in the selected city is increased by 100% for 12 hours. (Cost: 60 favor)
Earthquake: The walls of the chosen city loses 1-3 levels. (Cost: 500 favor)
Sea Storm: Can destroy 10-30% of enemy battleships in the selected attack. (Cost: 280 favor)

Mythical Units:

Favor: 360
Attack: 756 (Distance)
Defense Blunt: 945
Defense Sharp: 0
Defense Distance: 1310
Speed: 8
Temple Level: 12

Hydra (only water unit)
Favor: 400
Attack: 1000
Defense: 715
Speed: 8
Temple Level: 22


Wedding: The selected city receives 125 wood, 200 stone and 200 silver coins. (Cost: 30 favor)
Happiness: Increases wood, stone and silver production in the selected city by 50% for 12 hours. (Kosten: 120 Gunst)
Population Growth: Speeds up the barracks. All recruitment time is accelerated by 100% for 12 hours. (Cost: 80 favor)
Desire: The attacking troops fight 10% weaker in the attack. (Cost: 140 favor)

Mythical Units:

Favor: 130
Attack: 266 (Blunt)
Defense Blunt: 105
Defense Sharp: 70
Defense Distance: 0
Speed: 25
Temple Level: 5

Favor: 210
Attack: 425 (Sharp)
Defense Blunt: 625
Defense Sharp: 435
Defense Distance: 375
Speed: 6
Temple Level: 10


Patroness: The selected city receives 5 random units. (Cost: 60 favor)
Wisdom: You get a spy report on an enemy attack. (Cost: 140 favor)
City Protection: The selected city is immune from divine forces for 12 hours. (Cost: 130 favor)
Heroic Power: Land units become 10% stronger in the next battle. (Cost: 200 favor)

Mythical Units:

Favor: 100
Attack: 156 (Distance)
Defense Blunt: 150
Defense Sharp: 450
Defense Distance: 60
Speed: 18
Temple Level: 4

Favor: 180
Attack: 100 (Sharp)
Defense Blunt: 850
Defense Sharp: 175
Defense Distance: 200
Speed: 35
Temple Level: 12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    did you click worship under the gods portrait?

  2. tracymar says:

    I just started to play for the first time and when I get to click on the Temple and choose a god, I’m unable to choose a god. I’m told to choose Hera but the mouse click doesn’t work. And I can’t progress further in the game. I’ve closed the game and restarted several times but I’m just guided back to the Temple to choose a deity, which again doesn’t work. How can I get it to work?

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