Grand Fantasia Fortification Guide

Grand Fantasia Fortification Guide by Liddokun

Equipment Fortification

Weapon/Armor fortification is a very important process in Grand Fantasia. The most obvious benefit is making your weapons and armor stronger than it’s basic values.

There are several places where you can fortify your weapon:

All the 3 capital cities (Kaslow, Jale and Illya) plus Angoya City have a fortification service npc.

The Fortification window:

A – This is where you place the fortification scroll.
B – This is where you put in “Fortification Clover” or any fortification success enhancement item
C – This is where you put in the item you wish to fortify.
D – Cost for the service window.
E – Fortify or Close Window

Note: On our version the box beside the fortify button is the REPAIR button. You can press it to repair your item when it reaches 0 durability during a failed fortification process.

Note: Costumes CANNOT be fortified.

Press “FORTIFY” to commence fortificaton of the item and wish for the best. +1 fortification seems to be the safe point, anything above +1 has a chance to fail. The higher the plus the bigger the chance to fail. A fortification clover will add roughly around 10% chance for a successful fortification. Using a higher grade fortification scroll will increase the success rate. There are special items that can be found or bought from the cash shop that significantly increases the chance of a successful fortification.

When you fail a fortify several things will happen:
1. The fortification scroll is consumed.
2. Your weapon/armor’s durability is reduced to 0.
3. You will need to repair your weapon/armor before you can fortify further which will have a very small chance of permanently reducing the item’s maximum durability.

Note: A greater hammer of repairing (cash shop) can be used to bring back all the lost durability of an item. Your equipment can has it’s total durability reduced till 0/2 durability before requiring a hammer of repairing.

Maximum fortification limit is +9. Once your weapon becomes +5 it starts to glow and have a small lightning effect, +7 will glow even brighter and +9 will add a small sparkle effect. Armor does not glow when enchanted. Fortifying a weapon will add +3% increase to the ATK and MATK of the weapon per fortify and +3% to the item’s defense value if it is an armor.

Enchant: +5 > +7 > +9

There are 2 types of fortify scroll one for weapons and another for armor. Each type has 3 grades of scrolls that increases success aptly named as C, B and A.

C grade fortification scroll can only be obtained as quest reward and monster drops.
B grade fortification scroll can only be obtained as an uncommon monster drop (lvl 31+ monsters)
A grade fortification scroll can only be obtained from a BOSS drop.

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