Faxion Online Multiclass Guide

Faxion Online Multiclass Guide by baked

running as just a single class in the game, at least at this point in time, is basically useless. Without multiclassing, you leave yourself open to something, in short you end up with some sort of flaw.

There’s a few ways to multiclass in this game- one would be to go deep into 2 different classes (ie get to circle 5 in both), the other is to go heavy in the primary and then pick and choose from the other 2. This is going to be a basic sum up of each class for new players, so they get a basic idea as to what each class contains that may be useful to most builds (but no all)

Fighter line: The fighter line contains the most cc (crowd control) abilities, as well as a few very important buffs:

There is a body buff, mind buff (both stack with scrolls) as well as a magic resist buff and melee resist buff, all of which are found early in the fighter tree (thus making them fairly easy to get without having to spend a great deal of skill points.

As well, there are very useful skills such as stun and root (as well as skills to break these effects) further along the tree, if you end up wanting to drop a lot of points into this line.

Healer line: The healer line has numerous heals available for those who want to go wisdom, but for the rest of you there’s still a lot of useful stuff here:

There is a mental and physical buff that REPLACES the int/wis/soul and str/bod/focus scrolls, provided you get these abilities to 10. These are both found very early on, so no need to dump alot in this line if these are all you want.

AS well, further along you will find a number of wards that aren’t wisdom dependent, most of which will aid in cc- blind wards, silence wards, knockback wards may all compliment your specific build. There is also a few debuffs available in this line that may be particularly important to mages and fighters.

Mage line: In my mind, the mage line as a secondary class has the least amount of skills to accent the other classes, unless of course this will end up being your primary damage class (ie, picking fighter for resists, but then climbing the mage tree and topping int for max damage). However, i’m not here to talk about this, i’m here to show what is useful to accent other builds.

In this line, you will only find a few useful skills to accent other builds. There is a random low distance teleport (blink) as well as another sprint skill. There’s also a medium range silence/root skill. You will find, however, that you will need go decently high up the line to get these, and in doing so will buy a number of magic damage skills.

This is just a quick run through, i’ll add to this later, but at least this will give some new people the general idea. My advice would be to spend some time at a trainer, look through the different skills and pick the path that will accent your playstyle the best. Also, if you click on an ability, you can look through the rank levels to see what added effects are added at higher ranks (also very useful)


Also a tip on the Multi-classing –

I have only been playing Faxion for a week but I’ve picked up some things while playing.

I am actually running a Guardian-Crusader build now. Guardians are great well rounded fighters. However, as the levels get higher and the skill points get more difficult to obtain you should try not to spread them over too much. Read each spell/skill in the trees to figure out some strategies.

The Guardian is regarded as the “Healer” as they have the most potent healing spells. I wanted my Guardian to be hardier and be able to survive face to face combat. So I multi-classed in the Crusader for a few melee attacks, and buffs.

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