Faxion Online Mage and Healer Multiclass Build

Faxion Online Mage and Healer Multiclass Build by Cyrexys

This character build is designed around the power of the mage’s long range spells, and the healer’s many wards.

With this build you will be the security of any pvp zone.

Skills & Spells: (All ranks will be at 10, as there is no real benefit to any lower rank)

Mage side:

Miasma (Optional)
Chain Storm

Healer Side:

Rejuvenation Ward
Restoration Ward
Infinity Ward
Ethereal Ward
Regeneration Ward

Play style:

Restoration and Rejuvenation will be your most active wards for pve. For pvp, All will be used and kept up. You will attempt to make a weave fashion with the wards. So that they overlap one another like a flower, so that even if you have to move slightly, you will not suffer the loss of a ward effect.

Now with your feet securely inside your protective barriers, you can use the various (largest range) mage spells, to launch incredible power into the fray. These spells were specifically chosen because they are near instant cast, have small cooldowns (except puncture) and are missile-like. The spell you will be using most often is Propel. It can cause confusion in enemies.


We want to be able to launch countless missile spells at our targets. As well as put down more wards when they fade away. This costs lots of spirit power. Especially since wards use spirit reserves. Regeneration Ward will be needed to help you bring back that lost spirit after battles. So your stats will look something like this:

Best to start as a Zealot/Guardian: str 5, int 5, wis 16, Body 12, Soul 10, Focus 12

INT: 255, WIS: 150 (10 points x 60 levels + 10 you began with = 610 attribute points for base stats)

(255-5) + (150-16) = 384 (236 points remaining)

SOUL: 80, FOC: 80, BOD: 80

70 + 68 + 68 = 206 (36 points remaining) (Use these as you see fit)

Gear Build:

As a Turret Gun you will be aiming for Focus, Soul, and INT gear primarily.
Secondary stats are Body, and Wisdom. Resistances are well enjoyed but are not so greatly needed.

I hope you enjoy this character design.

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