Facebook Dragon’s Call Newbie Guide

Facebook Dragon’s Call Newbie Guide by Aviral

This is a complete guide to Dragons Call for all the new players in order to acquaint our new recruits to understand the basics of the game as well as the interface and gameplay. It’s a complete guide and includes most of the topics you need to know to get yourself in the game, detailed links to topics are given in the appropriate sections .


1.  Self Introduction
2.  Introduction to Game
3.  Classes and skills
4.  Rules and regulations in game and chat
5.  Important Times to remember
6.  Action Points (AP)
7.  Health Points
8.  In Game gold
9.  Dragon Stones and Dragon Gold
10. Interface Diagram
11.Game Interface (part 1)
a. Reward
b. Forum
c. Website
d. Bookmarks
e. Settings
12.Game Interface (part2)
a. Character
b. Skills
c. Quests
d. Warehouse
e. Upgrade
f. Achi. (Achievements)
13. Game Interface (part 3)
a. Faction
b. Instance
c. Mercenary
d. Social
e. Guild
f. Rank
g. Mail
14. Equipments
15. Upgrading (Detailed)
16. Instances
17. VIP
18. Gems
19. Runes
20. Shops
21. Arena
22. Plundering
23. Monsters
24. Chat Interface
25. EXTRA- For Busy Lads
26. Gift System

1. Self Introduction
Hello guys, Im a lv75 mage as of now who goes by the name [GH]Battousai. I intend to write this guide as I once was a noob too and had few problems like not knowing divine upto level 40 or not knowing how to get more AP . Moreover, as a game helper, I feel the newbies need to know everything so it will make their experience on dragons call warmer and easier  

2. Introduction:
Dragon Call is an awesome game in my view ,fun for all ages with a nice gameplay and a nice and friendly community too. it’s  is a Casual Browser MMO with amazing graphics . It is a Worldwide game that originally hails from China. While it tenders to the casual gamer, even the most hardcore and experienced players will enjoy and love it .
This game also provides a lot of freedom and does not always bind you to your pc, so an appropriate and must playing game for working class and busy lads out there as well who are interested in playing games.

3. Classes and Skills

There are 3 Classes in Dragons call. These are :

1. Mage: Control Lightning or fire or both and deal insane amount of damage. Mages have various skills like armor ignore and palsy making them even deadlier. For more information on Mage class, please refer to the following page: http://forum.gamedp.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=9

For lightning mage guide, refer here:http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=2814&extra;=page%3D1

2. Assasins: This class is all about dodge. Dodge your enemies and stab them to death with your high attack speed. Assasins have various passive abilities to cripple the opponents as well as fatal strike. For more detailed information on this class, please click here: http://forum.gamedp.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=8

3. Warrior : This class has loads of health and physical defense. You can just watch the enemies attempt to kill you while you tank their attacks with ease and unleash dangerous combos on them. For more information on this class, click here: http://forum.gamedp.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=10

4. Rules and Regulations in Game and Chat:
There are certain rules in game as well as in the chat that need to be observed by all the players at all times. Violation of these may lead to muting and repeated violation or serious cases can lead to a very serious punishment that may include banning of ip address or account. For a complete list of rules, follow the link:

Game and Chat Rules http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=3613&extra;=page%3D1:

5. Important Timings:
This game is a limited AP based game and there are various times for various daily events that occur in the game. You can find the game time on the top left corner of the game screen.The following is a list of all those daily event timings:
a. AP reset: 08:00 EST
b. Daily quests reset: 07:00 EST and 19:00 EST
c. Arena Reset: 00:00 EST
d. Instance Reset: 00:00 EST
e. Arena prizes : 21:00 EST
f.  Auction House: 22:00 EST

6. Action Points (AP):
This is the main and most important feature of this game. When a character starts initially, he/she gets 200 AP. AP is used for :
a. Fighting Monsters: Each battle with a monster costs 1 AP.
b. Entering Instances: AP required to enter instances depend upon the layers of instances. The general Formula for calculating the AP required is : 5x+10, x-no. of layers in the instance.
For more information on AP consumed in instances, see the Instances section.

Apart from 150 AP that is recharged daily, a character can get  a maximum of 40 AP daily (without using dragon gold/dragon stones). Additional AP can be obtained via following methods:
a. Click on the ‘+’ button just on right side of the AP bar and buy 10 AP(5 X2) from in game gold.
b. Again more AP can be bought by using dragon gold ,using the same way as mentioned above.
c. Maximum 30 AP can be obtained from Arena by using your honour points. Click on ‘Munition venedition ‘ button in arena and exchange your honour points for 10 AP and 20 AP respectively.

7. Health Points (HP) :
Health as with all games is same. You will not be able to attack monsters if your HP drops to 0. The following ways can help you restore your AP:
a. Buy health potions from Tavern and Alchemy Store to restore your HP.
b. Better way, go to any Tavern, buy HP packs and make sure your Auto use HP pack option  is turned on (its on by default). This technique will heal you automatically after each battle which is tons better than the first option.

8. In Game Gold:

This is the basic currency used In the game. U can easily check out the amount you have at the top right corner just above yr pic. Also, this amount is displayed just under your inventory in the character screen. Gold is used to purchase items from the shop and also as a means for trading with other players. Gold earning is not that difficult in the game, initially you might find yourself a bit short of it, but gradually you will understand that gold earning is not very big deal.

9. Dragon Stones and Dragon Gold

Dragon Stones(DS) and Dragon Gold(DG) are a special currency in this game. Every character starts with 300 dragon stones and dragon stones can be earned by participating in various contests held in the Dragon’s Call forum. Dragon Gold on the other hand can only be bought by real money. Please refer to other help guides if you want to know about different methods of payements. The difference between DG and DS is that with  former apart from all the uses of DS, can also buy gems and dragons shards. The following is a summed up account for all the things you can do using DS and DG:
a. Buying VIP
b. Buying Magic shards (To increase success rate in refining)
c. Purifying (the case when you want to preserve stat(s))
d. Expanding Inventory/Warehouse
e. Reducing various times and resets
f. Buying Gems and Dragon Shards (only DG) and many more.

The above mentioned are the most common uses and there are various other uses too which i am sure you all can easily find out as you gradually get into the groove. For a complete list of the DS/DG uses refer to this guide: http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=2271&extra;=page%3D2

10. Interface Diagram:

11. Game Interface (Part 1): These buttons are loacted on the top of the game screen.

a. Reward: It is  divided into 3 parts: Divine , Quiz Show, Event NPC

*Divine: This is basically a spinning wheel that can give u either gold, 1 day VIP, gold/xp blessing,a gem appropriate to your level.

*Quiz Show: This is a fun feature of the game. Its basically a quiz consisting of 25 questions and based on your score, you get experience. Moreover, if you are in top5, you can also gain a gem as reward.

*Event NPC: This NPC shows you all the current events and contests that are taking place in the forums and an option to claim the gift if you have won in those events.

b. Forum: Clicking this button takes you to Dragon’s Call forums where you can find various things related to the game as well as participate in contests and events.

c. Website: This button takes you to the game official website.

d. Bookmark: This button can be used to place a bookmark for the game page.

e. Settings: You can adjust various options here including managing your account lock settings.

f. Exit: This is self explainatory

12. Game Interface (part 2): These buttons are located on the right side just below your character picture, AP and HP bars.

a. Character: This button brings you to your character page where you can see all your attributes, stats, soul power, your equipments as well as experience earned. The equipments can also be changed when you are in your character screen and you can distribute stat points when you gain levels. For more information on stat points, please refer to this:

b. Skills: This brings you to your Skill page, an important feature of your character. Here you can distribute skill points as you see fit and can load your skills. There are three types of skills: Primary,Secondary and Passive Skills.
Primary skills can be used at a time . To use the primary skills, simply load them in the primary skill 1 and primary skill 2.
Secondary skills can be loaded in the same way as the primary skills. Again, 2 secondary skills can be used at a time.
Passive skills need not be loaded. These provide passive bonus to your characater.

Please refer to the respective class guides for skills distribution

c. Quest: This game features an insane amount of quests. This button takes you to the quest page. On the right hand side, you can see a complete list of all the quests that you have accepted and are in progress or completed. To get a detailed explanation, just click on the  quest and the details will appear on the left hand side. At the bottom, there is an option of ‘Available Quests’, which shows you all the available quests according to your level that you haven’t accepted yet.

d. Warehouse: This is basically a storage area where you can store your equipments and unused stuff and also deposit some money for safe keeping. The gold limit increases as you rise higher in your level.

e. Upgrade: This button takes you to the Upgrade screen which has various options like : Refine, Purify, Embed, Inject Soul , Decompose, Combine. These are further explained in detail in The Upgrade section.

f. Achievements: This screen basically gives you the option to get achievement points to the feats that you have achieved. Apart from this, you can also obtain titles based on the feats and use the titles.

13. Game interface (part 3) : These buttons are located at the bottom of the game screen.

a. Faction: Not functional yet

b. Instance: This basically gives you the options to enter instances, hiring mercenaries, instance exchange etc. To enter instances, you will need to create a team and hire mercenaries (maximum of 2). The mercenaries available can be seen from the mercenary market. With Instance exchange, you can exchange your damaged items that are instance exclusive for usable items. However this requires some instance points and little in game gold. You earn instance points by going into instances. Instances information can be obtained from the ‘Instance List‘ button.

c. Mercenary: This takes you to the mercenary market to create a team and hire mercenaries.

d. Guild: This gives you various options related to searching and joining guild. When you are in a guild, you can donate gold to the guild too.

e. Social: This has 3 options: Promote, Mentor, Friend.

*Promote: You can obtain some gifts easily by promoting the game. All you need to do is make someone sign up with your code, and u can easily get some gifts.

*Mentor: This is the place where you can choose your mentor/apprentice. Level 49 players and below can apply for being an apprentice while level 50 players and above can apply for mentorship. For more details on mentor/apprentice system, see the corresponding detailed guide.

*Friend: You can add friends and enemies using this option, so that you will no longer have to remember their names allowing easy access.

f. Rank: This button takes you to the page where you can see your character rank as well as the rank in gold earnings.

g. Mail: This is an important page. Using this, you can write mail to others as well as access your inbox. This is also the trading method used in the game. To sell something, you can include an item and mark the mail as a paid mail and enter the amount you want to sell for. Fore sending gold, select the send gold option and you can send gold to any character. Please be cautious while writing the name of the receiver to whom you are sending.

14. Equipments:

The game features an insane amount of different types of equipments to suit the taste of various players. Foremost point to be kept in mind is, the equipments are either bound or unbound. Bound items CANNOT be traded or sold. These are only meant for personal use. Once u use the equipment or refine it using DS/DG or purify it using DS/DG, it will automatically get bound to you. However the Unbound equipments can be traded and sold. Following are some of the pretty useful guides that explain about prefix/suffix of the equipments as well as the maximum stats of the equipments:
http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthre … &extra;=page%3D1


15. Upgrading (Detailed)

The upgrade feature is one of the most important feature of this game. Basically it is divided into the following:

a. Refine: Refining the equipments grants your equipments additional power. In case of a weapon, the attack or damage of the weapon increases while in case of other equipments, the defense increases. Maximum level of refining is 9. The success rates are as given below:
1-3:100% success rate
4-6L:75% success rate
7-8:50% success rate
+9:25% success rate

Magic debris or Magic shards can be used to increase the success rate of refining. Additionally, being a VIP gives an extra 5% boost to success rate. Upon failure upto 6, the level goes down by 1, however upon failure from 7-9, the weapon level drops to zero. Maximum  success rate that can be achieved using debris is 15% and magic shards give a maximum success rate of 30%.

b. Purify: This option lets you reroll an equipment to change the stats of that equipment. Its totally random and requires dragon shards to reroll items. Another option is rerolling is to hold a stat. In this case you, can hold a stat (i.e. either a prefix or suffix or both) and reroll ,so that the stat hold will b preserved while the other stat will change. However, this requires 8 DS/DG to do so.

c. Embed: This option is used for socketing runes into the equipments

d. Insert Soul: This is used for inserting soul power in your equipments. Soul Power basically gives an edge over the others in pvp or arena fights.

e. Decompose: This is basically used for decomposing or breaking the +2 and above objects to get magic debris which can be used to increase success rate of refining. This costs little gold to do.

f. Combine: This is a special option that has no significance in usual gameplay. However, this is used in case of certain special in game evens and is used to combine those special event drops.

For a much detailed upgrading guide, please refer to my friend’ guide :http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=2587&extra;=page%3D2

16. Instances:

Instances can be entered once your character eaches level 27. Instances can be thought of as dungeons that are explored by a team of 3 characters. To enter instances, you will need to create a team and hire mercenaries (maximum of 2). The mercenaries available can be seen from the mercenary market. With Instance exchange, you can exchange your damaged items that are instance exclusive for usable items. However this requires some instance points and little in game gold. You earn instance points by going into instances. Instances information can be obtained from the ‘Instance List’ button. The various instances as of now are:

1. Claymose Altar( lv27 onwards)-2 layers,20 AP required
2. Blood Axe Camping Ground( lv 33 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
3. Netherwind Fort (lv43 onwards),4 layers, 30 AP required
4. Silent Hill (lv52 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
5. TUS Camping Ground(lv57 onwards)-3 layers,25 AP required
6. Ancient Stone Statue Group(lv63 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
7. Cold Wind Grave(lv67 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
8. Orcmu(lv73 onwards)-4 layers, 30 AP required
9. Splitpaw Mine(lv77 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
10. Ancient Arena(lv83 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
11. Sandwalker’s Den(lv87 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required
12. Flaming Dragonnest(lv93 onwards)-3 layers, 25 AP required

The basic formula for calculating the AP requirement is 5x+10, x-no. of layers in an instance.
There are some equipments that drop exclusively in instances. These can be identified by their yellow colour. Also, there are true items that are obtainable from instances which really are powerful. However these equipments are bound and cannot be traded.

There is also an option of transferring the leadership to one of your team members. In order to this, just goto the team settings and promote one of your members as the leader. Please AVOID LEAVING THE TEAM WHILE IN AN INSTANCE, it can lead to serious consequences. If you are a leader and need to take a break due to any possible reason, please do let your team mates know by mail or any other method.

17. VIP:

This is a special feature in the game. Being a VIP has numerous advantages summed up as:
1. Auto Fight option is free, does not cost any DG/DS
2. Increased experience gain
3. Increased gold earnings
4. Arena time is reduced to 1 min
5. Plundering interval is reduced to 10 min
6. 5% increase in success rate.
7. Work earning are increased by 50%.

VIP can be obtained by following methods:
1. Purchasing from DS/DG.
2. Gift packs
3. Divine
4. Contest prizes

18. GEMS:

Gems are the stuff with which you can refine your weapons. Gems are basically of diffrent types as given below with the level of equipments given in the bracket on which they can be used:
1. Splinter of lucky gem(lv1-20)
2. Lesser Lucky Gem(lv21-40)
3. Lucky Gem(lv41-60)
4. Greater Lucky Gem(lv61-80)
5. Regal Lucky Gem(lv81-100)

Gems are generally dropped randomly by monsters. They can also be purchased from Dragon Gold. Unbound gems can also be traded by the players. Gems are also obtained from gift packs and can also be obtained through forum events or ingame events.

19. Runes:

There are different types of runes in the game. These runes can be inserted in the sockets of the equipments for bettering the equipments. However using the correct level runes with correct level equipments is essential.

20. Shops:

You can find different types of shops in each city you visit. Following is a list of shops and places you can visit in most of the cities:
1. Weapon Store: For buying weapons and socketing equipments
2. Armor Store: For buying armors.
3. Gem store: For buying Gems(only from DG)
4. Trinket Store: For buying rings and necklace
5. Arena: for fighting against other players (PVP)
6. Job Center: Can be used for setting your character for jobs to automatically earn experience and money based on the amount of hours spent on the job.
7. Training Field: If you have extra unused AP and are a non VIP member, you can burn your AP here and earn some experience. However use this option only if you dont have time and are a non VIP.
8. Market: Here you can find a variety of equipments being sold by the players. You can either buy an equipment or bid for it.
9. Auction House: This contains some equipments for bid automatically and randomly generated by the game.

Note: The items in the shops are reset after every 20 minutes and the equipments can range from white to red which is a totally a random aspect of this game.

21. Arena

This is a fun place to be if you like kicking people and owning them. A character is allowed 20 arena fights daily and the fight counter is reset at everyday 00:00 EST. The usual waiting time between fight is 5 min ,however being a VIP member reduces that time to just 1 min. Honour points are obtained from fights in arena which can be used for obtaining various items from ‘Munition Vendition’ . Runes ,Gems, experience, AP, gold etc can be obtained from honour points won in the arena.

22. Plundering:

This is another fun feature that lets you loot gold from people who are in wild. However, the person to be plundered needs to be within 10 levels of your character and necessarily in wild. The gold looted is given by (10+)% ,x- the level difference between the level of the characters involved.

23. Monsters:

Apart from normal monsters, you might encounter some elite monsters, an account of all such monsters is given in the following reference link: http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthre … amp;extra=page%3D1]

24. Chat Interface

This is pretty self explainatory as chat interface is very simple to understand. However there are few options that need some attention. These options can be accessed by clicking the small arrow beside a player’s name. The following is a short description to the various options:
1. Invite to duel: Initiates a friendly duel between your character and that character.
2. Chat report: For reporting any illegal or unsuitable chat material written by that character.
3. Block Msg: For blocking that character.
4. Send Mail: For sending a mail to the character
5. Add Enemy: For adding in enemy list
6. Add friend: For adding in friend list
7. View Info: to view information about the character

Lastly, you can whisper or send a private message to a player by simply clicking on the name of the character or by writing his name in the small box above the chat textbox

25. Extra-For busy lads:

This game is great in the sense that you need not always be glued do it as it is a limited AP game and also provides lots of options for development of your character inspite of being away from your computer. Following are few of its “AFK” or “Offline” features:
1. You can auto fight mosnters of the same level as your character or below and earn experience. This option is free for VIP members.
2. You can also put your character for a job and earn gold and experience.
3. You can burn your AP in training field if not a VP.
4. You can get your instances done automatically by listing yourself as a mercenary.

26. Gift System:

The game features a unique gift system which lets you enjoy free gifts like gems or equipments as well as free vip and xp blessing based on the levels u achieve. These can be claimed as u reach the particular level from the left side of the gift page. On the right hand side, there are options for buying various packages with DRAGON GOLD only. These packages once purchased need to be claimed from the left hand side window titled ‘Claim your gift package’. On the bottom of the gift page, there is an option of purchasing VIP and you can also see your remaining VIP days. The ‘Purchase VIP’ button opens a new page where on the left hand side you can buy various VIP packages and on the left hand side you can buy exp/gold blessing as well as protective blessings.

I hope this guide is helpful to all the new players and a huge thanks to the invaluable players for their superb guides which i have used in this guide for detailed explainations.

Ending Notes:
1. Comments are really appreciated but try being positive please.
2. Dont edge me to include all kinds of details, this guide is just for making the newbies get the hang of the basic systems of the game.
3, Help me in improving the guide .
4. Enjoy and have fun (Most important of all)

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