Facebook Dragon’s Call Instance Guide

Facebook Dragon’s Call Instance Guide by Jowlstar

Instance Guide:

The Start:
First thing’s first, getting to level 27 so you can run Claymose.  Once you are 27 you’ll be able to go to the Mercenary Market which is located at the bottom of the ingame page, note that its between Instance and Guild.

Mercenary Martket:
Click it and you’ll go into it, inside of it you’ll see a lot of things.  All of them are pretty important to you, you’ll want to first decide if you’re going to be a mercenary which means another player is leading the instance “often times is a good idea if you’re an AFK type of person” or if you’re going to be a player leading the instance.

Being a Mercenary:
It’s a job we’ve all got to do sometimes, real life overtakes us and we don’t got the time to lead an instance.  Mercenary is both a blessing and a lot of heartache at the same time. The reason I say that is sometimes people will just merc you and go afk, or they’ll do something weird and not do every fight/etc.  That is why you find some good friends who will merc you daily and make sure that they only know your mercenary password.

Setting up being a mercenary is relatively easy, just click the to be a mercenary button next to create a team

Now that you’ve clicked the button you’ll notice the first thing is selecting what you want to merc for, since you’re 27 it will be the first one “claymose”.  Second thing is selecting how many times you want to be merc’d for this instance, if it is over 1 time then it charges you DS or DG to keep you merc’d.  Third thing is commission, you can charge players a fee to use you as a merc, here’s a tip if you’re just after the quick EXP don’t put a price up just use 0,  if you really need the gold then do it.  Fourth is setting a password, a password can be anything just don’t make it easy or else some player might guess it, I have set up a sample version for you see below.

Leading an instance:
If you want to lead it click the create a team button, from there it’ll pop up a square window that says “I want to join a team” at the top and then it’ll have a scrollbar with the instance names in it.  Since you’re new to instances you’re going to be leading Claymose.  Click create team, and then your team’s created.  The next thing you need to do is grab two mercenaries, the type of class they are and their level is very important.

Building a team is the most important part of an instance, most players seek one of each class “Warrior, Assassin, Mage”.  Honestly there’s no wrong team combination, there’s only ones that can’t take the hardest difficulty of an instance which will lead to your group getting worse instance loot.  Another big thing is your team’s level in relation to the instance level, if your instances minimum level to enter is 27 then you best be bringing people that are much higher than 27 if you wish to be able to take the hardest difficulty.  Do some testing with levels, you’ll find the sweet spot eventually but remember if at first you don’t succeed with a certain group doing something… try try again.

I see a level 35 mage merc’d for Claymose, a level 50 assassin, and a 40 warrior.  Out of these three the two I’m going to take are the 35 mage and 40 warrior, the reason why is this.  For one you can only instance with players within 15 levels of yourself and for two the character I happened to be pretending to be is an assassin.  So in this type of situation I wouldn’t want to take another assassin with me, team synergy is key and can make or break how long the instance takes, a more synergetic team will make the instance flow and be shorter. Now that I’ve chosen my two people and clicked on their thing that says hire.  They’re now in my group and I’m prepared to start the instance.  Up top where you saw “create team icon”, it now says “Enter Instance”.  Click that button and it’ll take you in.

Now that you’re in the instance, you’ll see lots of blocks that are clickable.  You’ll also notice a glowing circle on the bottom right hand corner, at the top you’ll notice this is “layer 1”.  Claymose is a three layer instance so you will be passing through one more layer.  On the upperhand right you’ll notice “team settings” under there you can change between Tank, Sub-Tank, Balance, Main Attacker, and Sub-Attacker.

This is your armored truck for the instance, up’s your defense heavily but it makes you hit like an elederly person.

You’re starting to hit more now but still weaker than the average joe, with a lot of defense still.

You’re just normal, no super damage here, but you are average. Got some defense, and can deal some damage.

Your defenses are weaker, but you’re starting to be a crouching tiger, prepare to unleash the hidden dragon.

The dragons unleashed, this is your super damage all in one.  This is what most players pick for all players in their group.

Now that you’ve chosen what you want all three of your players in your group to be.  Like stated above its probably best you go with all main attackers, mainly because who can die when they’re dealing damage so quickly. The next thing is clicking on the squares, if you see a scroll looking icon stay away from it because it can give you bad debuffs to your party.  If you see a sword like icon that means attack there’s mosnters.  If you see nothing in the square move forward because its just a blank square, if you see another icon that looks like a monster its probably a boss.

Here’s a sample of how a fight will look:

It’s time to kick them to the curb, before the boss starts you’ll have a chance to pick the difficulty of it.  First try it on hard, if you fail by a small bit maybe within 2,000 hitpoints then keep trying hard.  If its not close then DO NOT GIVE UP.  Try normal next, if you can’t take normal, then its time for easy.  If your group fails on easy more than 3x in a row its time to give up and leave the instance.  Things to note are that the sub bosses are relatively easy, most people only have issues on the final boss, when you get to the last layer of the instance in the place where the glowing circle was to advance to the next layer you’ll instead notice a boss sitting there.  When you have killed it you will advance inside his square, however the bosses icon will not go away, don’t be alarmed and be like hmmm I must not of killed him… this is perfectly normal.

The end:
You’re at the end of the instance now, and you’ve killed the final boss, what you do now is click the team inventory button right under team settings.

Left click the item and give it to the player that has the class it corresponds with. Once all loot has been handed out, hit “end instance” and if you see that player ingame thank them for a wonderful run.

Other notable things:

Lets say you do your 3 allowed instances per day and then want to purchase more, it only costs 10 DG/DS to purchase 1 more instance run.  Please note you do need to have the AP required to do the instance run though:

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