Elsword Online PvP Beginner Tips

Elsword Online PvP Beginner Tips by Little

Some things to keep in mind while pvping:

If you’re trapped in a combo and know that your ♥♥♥♥ is gonna get kicked, you can hold the “z” button and you’ll get knocked down immediately so that cancels the enemy’s combo.

*You need at least 1 bar of mp to do this, it will be consumed when done so

Awakening Mode
To use “Awakening Mode” press “ctrl” when one of the circles in the top left-hand corner of your screen is lit.
When using awakening mode it will give you a small delay for you to execute a combo or skill. (So use it wisely) During awakening mode you will get a red aura around you, which will give you a buff that increases your stats for a certain time period.

There are many type of attributes that can help you in PvP.
Fire – Will burn the enemy and damage them for a certain amount of time.
Ice – Slows down the enemy and lowers the enemy’s defense.
Nature – Causes a weaker than fire DoT and slows the attack speed of the enemy.
Light – Petrify the enemy and cause some damage, when petrified the enemy’s defense increases.
Wind – Gives a chance to have an attack that adds 40% extra damage regardless of the enemy’s defense.
Dark – Takes hp and mp from your opponent and adds it to your own.

*You can put an attribute on your weapon at a nearby Alchemist Shop.

Socket StatsPhysical Attack – Increases your attack damage.
Magical Attack – Increases your magical attack damage.Physical Defense – Increases your defense from physical attacks.Magical Defense – Increases your defense from magical attacks.Maximum HP – Increases your max HP.Critical Hit Rate – Increases critical hit rate.
Evasion – Increases your chance of dodging an opponent’s attack.Attack Speed – Increases your attack speed.Movement Speed – Increases your movement speed.Jump Speed – Increases your jump speed.Accuracy – Increases your accuracy.Awaken Duration Increase – Increase your awakening duration.Awaken Charge Speed – Increases your awaken charge speed.Elemental Resistance – Increases your resistance to an element.

Stats are pretty much self-explanatory and can be socketed into your equipment.

TechniquesYou can continue a combo with basic attacks like “zzz>>^z” or “zzz>>^x” (elsword)Active skills like “kick” can be used to extend a combo.

*Look up tutorials to learn how to combo.
The point of pvp is obviously to deplete your enemy’s hp.
But an easy way is to keep your combos going, try not to knock them down to soon.
Don’t be afraid to use your mp and think that you will mess up and if your hp is low run away.

This is a strategic way of surviving!

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