Elsword Online Play with PS3 Controller Guide

Elsword Online Play with PS3 Controller Guide by Valerosus

How to play Elsword with a Playstation 3 controller.
I recently started playing Elsword with my PS3 controller and it’s pretty fun. i decided I would be nice and show people how incase they want to know.

Installing Motioninjoy
Installing the drivers
Configuring the controls (Quick)
Map for the provided profiles
Configuring the controls yourself (Long)
Custom profiles
Final words/PS3 controller gameplay video

Step 1: Installing Motioninjoy
Simply download Motioninjoy from here: http://www.motioninjoy.com/download
Grab the lastest version, according to your version of windows and install it.
Once installed, plug your PS3 controller into the computer via USB cord then run the “DS3 Tool” shortcut.
This will open the program and you will see the following window.

Step 2: Installing the drivers
Now you’re going to click on the button that says “Driver Manager” on the top of the page which will bring you to this screen.

Notice it says that the drivers are already loaded. That’s because i already intalled them.
But what you’re going to do is check the box by hardware location and then click load driver.
Wait for it to complete and the screen will now look like this.

Congradulations Your controller is now ready do be used! BUT! It still needs to be configured.
Luckily, I’m a nice guy and I’m going to share my configurations.
And show you how to set them up yourselves.

Step 3a: Configuring the controls (Quick)
This is the quick way to configure the buttons. By using my settings.
I’ll map them so you know what does what.
Completely close out Motioninjoy for now
Then go to: C:UsersYour usernameAppDataRoamingMotioninJoyDS3tool
You’ll see a file called appconfig.xml
Make a backup of it. Zip it or something.Open appconfig.xml with notepad and copy paste the following above

Save and close the notepad
Open DS3 Tool again, click the circle beside custom and choose the profile you wish to use.

Once you’ve chosen a profile, click the “Enable button and there you go. All done.

Step 3b: Map for the provided profiles
Elsword 1
Movement: Directional Pad
Normal Attack: Square
Strong Attack: Triangle
Jump: X
Awakening: Circle
Skill A: L1
Skill S: R1
Skill D: L2
Skill C: R2
Ready(F8): Start
Map: Select
Item 1: L3
Item 2: R3
Item 3: PS Button

Elsword 2
(Only change is movement and item usage)

Movement: Left control stick
Jump: X
Item 1: D-Pad Up
Item 2: D-Pad Left
Item 3: D-Pad Right
Item 4: D-Pad Down
Item 5: PS Button

Step 3c: Configuring the controls yourself (Long)
Click the circle next to custom and press create.
It will bring up the configuration menu and you can configure the controls yourself.

When you’re done save the profile, click the Profiles button up top and click enable. Then you’re done.
Custom profilesIf you’d like me to make a profile for you. I can.

Just map out what you want the buttons to do and i’ll get the profile to you when I can.

Final words/PS3 controller gameplay video
I hope this guide was useful for someone.
I felt i should contribute something to the community and so i did.
If you have any problems let me know.

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    the settings you label didn't work the same way for me so i had to make a customer ELSWORD NA one

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