Elsword Online Aisha Elemental Master Guide

Elsword Online Aisha Elemental Master Guide by Cinderella
Path to Elemental Master

This is from my experience and how it fit my taste when I played Aisha from JP. I know it’s not the best build but I would like to share it. It’s more of an dungeon build thoughI’ll keep this updated every now and then. Feel free to comment!

Opinion on skillsChain Fireball: Personally since I left this at one point because I don’t find it useful at dungeon
Lightning Bolt

: this has been my core skill for pre-job and 1st  and has good damage + kills super armor with good mana returnMeteor Call:

Reason I got this is because it saves a lot of skill points, and is pretty decent at boss if you Passives

: Don’t think i need to explain on theseTeleport Study: As a teleport spammer, I found this very useful. Unless you don’t use teleport much, I wouldn’t recommend getting it so get Armor Buff instead

Mana Shield: This is a must, probably one of the best skill, one of the best protection

: Increases your mana regeneration by A LOT, it’s a must
Fireball Study: As a fireball spammer, this will save your mana and increase your damage, its a must

Infinite Energy:Increases your maximum mana, don’t need to explain why you shouldn’t get it
Blizzard Shower: One of the best AOE skill for dungeons, it hits them all, causing them to freeze
Magic Adrenaline: Increases magic damage by 50% at level 5, it will boost your skills up by a lot
Cyclone: Good for mobbing, great damage, low mp cost, and at level 5 it lasts for 5 seconds while cool down at 5 seconds, what a killer!
Meteor Shower: Good AOE skill and causes enemies to get an burn damage over time. Not as good as Blizzard in my opinion.
Blaze Step: Its a fun skill and who doesn’t like walking with fire on their foot!Also, it does great damage over time
Encouraging Aura: Not really needed, it just makes your buff last longer and reduce the mana required, if you find something more useful, don’t invest your skills here and use it on something else
Abundance of Energy:  An debuffs for enemies, you don’t have to max it right away but, you can if you want

Statue of Glory: Builds an statue that blocks enemies path and absorbs damage. This is pretty much optional, but in some situation it will come in handy.

Skill tree guide

Level 1: Chain Fireball, Teleport
lvl2: 2 Basic magic defense training
 lvl3: 2 Basic magic defense training 
lvl4: 1 Basic magic defense training, 1 Basic Physical defense training
 lvl5: 2 Basic Physical defense training 
lvl6: 2 Basic Physical defense training
 lvl7: 2 Lightning bolt
 lvl8: 2 Lightning bolt 
lvl9: 1 Lightning bolt, 1 Basic Magic Training
 lvl10: 2 Basic Magic Training
 —————————————————————20 skill points
 lvl11: 2 Basic Magic Training 
lvl12: 2 Aura Magic Accelerator  
lvl13: 2 Aura Magic Accelerator
 lvl14: 1 Aura Magic Accelerator, 1 Teleport Study
 lvl15: 2 Teleport Study
 lvl16: 1 Teleport Study, 1 Meteor Call
 lvl17: 2 Meteor Call 
lvl18: 2 Meteor Call
 lvl19: 2 Mana Shield
 lvl20: 1 Mana Shield, 1 Aura Shield Accelerator
 —————————————————————40 skill points 
lvl21: 2 Meditation
 lvl22: 2 Meditation
 lvl23: 1 Meditation, 1 Intermediate Magic Training
 lvl24: 2 Intermediate Magic Training
 lvl25: 2 Intermediate Magic Training, 
lvl26: 2 Fireball Study
 lvl27: 2 Fireball Study,  
lvl28: 1 Fireball Study, 1 Flame Circle
 lvl29: 2 Flame Circle
 lvl30: 2 Magic Adrenaline 
————————————————————–60 skill points 
lvl31: 2 Magic Adrenalinelvl32: 1 Magic Adrenaline 1 Blizzard Showerlvl33: 2 Blizzard Showerlvl34: 2 Blizzard Showerlvl35: 2 Infinite Energylvl36: 2 Infinite Energylvl37: 1 Infinite Energy, 1 Blaze Steplvl38: 2 Blaze Steplvl39: 2 Blaze Step lvl40: 2 Cyclone —————————————————————80 skill points
lvl41: 2 Cyclonelvl42: 1 Cyclone 1 Encouraging Auralvl43: 2 Encouraging Auralvl44: 2 Encouraging Auralvl45: 2 Abundance of Energy lvl46: 2 Abundance of Energy
lvl47: 1 Abundance of Energy, 1 Meteor Showerlvl48: 2 Meteor Showerlvl49: 2 Meteor Shower
lvl50: Pending

Just to show how the skills work


Elemental Master Combo Video

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