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Dungeon Empires General Guide by DungeonDodo

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There are 4 different rarities, sorted by color. You may assume that the colour also implicates a creature’s strengh:

gray – green – blue – purple

Of every creature and level you can own a certain number :

gray: 12 – green: 8 – blue: 5 – purple: 3

How to level up Creatures

To level up a creature, you have to own a certain number of one special type, but you don’t need to place them in your dungeon. The minimal numbers depending on the colour are:

gray: 6 / 12 – green 4 / 8 – blue 3 / 5 – purple 2 / 3

You can see in your Dungeon Editors Creature list, how many of a creature at the actual highest level you own.
If you reached at least the minimal number of one creature, you may force the mastery (level up) by paying gold, or you can collect further creatures. The more creatures you collect, the less money you need to level it. If you reach the maximum, the mastery is for free. In addition, your hero has to be on a certain level (e.g. lvl 15 to create lvl 2 creatures).
There is a button with an arrow on it to the right of every listed creature. Click to level up that creature. Once one creature is being leveled up, you will get one creature of the new level. The old creatures placed in your dungeon will remain there, but you can’t level them.


By training creatures you can improve a creature’s stats… e.g. health or speed. You also have a chance to gain a mastery point with every successful training


The higher your creatures’ morale is, the more loot you will find in your dungeon chest. You can increase the morale by either sacrificing creatures or by “feeding” gold to your creatures. If you pick up a creature an altar will appear in the lower left corner. You can pick up gold by click&hold; on your gold ammount, and then either give it directly to one creature or spread it to all your creatures by dropping in into the altar.

Dungeon Areas

The placement of a Dungeon into one of the different Areas shows the highest creature level in that dungeon. In the first area you will encounter only lvl 1 creatures, in the second area at least one creature of lvl 2 and so on. The recommended levels for a hero to raid in a dungeon area are guidelines, but you should not hestitate to try a dungeon of a higher level, maybe by picking one with few creatures in it.
Depending on your char level, raids in different areas cost different amounts of AP. For example if you raid a dungeon above your current level, it costs less than raiding on a lower level.


The Ranking is no definitve Value of a dungeon’s difficulty, but it is a guideline. Very frequently visited dungeons can have a low rating, although they are tough, depending on how many heroes died in there. If someone dies in your dungeon your ranking will increase significantly, If another player conquers it will decrease slightly.

Improving Rooms

You can improve your dungeon’s rooms in different ways. By clicking the magnifying glass you proceed to a detailed view of a room. On the left there are informations about the actual room level, the available room points etc. You can increase a rooms level by either forcing instant level up (you need the rare divine runes to do so), or level it over a certain amount of time.
In the middle you see your room. everything green lighted already exists, everything in gray you can “buy” with room points.
On the right you can choose more detailed views of room styles and fixtures which you can place and level as well.

The Shredder

Using the Shredder you can destroy unwanted or unneeded rooms, Fixtures and Room Styles to gain runes. The chance to get divine runes is quite small, but increases with the rarity colour.


Using Licenses you can “team up” with another player’s char in Dungeon Raids. It is not a real teamwork, since the player who borrowed the Mercenary is in control of it.
Once you reach lvl 30, you can produce licenses of your own char and give them to other players.

To use a player’s license you have to be no more than 3 levels lower than the mercenary’s level.

You can also buy Mercenaries in the Premiumshop. The minmal level to use them is displayed in the shop.
Premium as well as Playerlicenses can accompany you for three raids.

If one of your licenses is used in a successful raid, you will get a star siplayed above th AP Counter. Each star is automatically used to reduce your next raid’s AP costs by then. After that the star vanishes.

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