Dungeon Empires Essences Questions

Dungeon Empires Essences Questions by Brutakuz

Specific questions are:

1. what is the strongest essence I can attach to a starter weapon (to send to a new player)?

Any essence level.

2. strongest essence possible for the level 18 and level20 weapons

Any essence level.

3. strongest essence for the level 28 and 30 weapons.

Any essence level.

4. confirm you can only have one essence on a weapon/armor at once.

Armor pieces and weapons can only be enchanted with 1 essence at a time. Rings and necklaces can NOT be enchanted with essences.

5. can you overwrite an essence with a new one, and if so does it have to be a higher rank essence?

You can overwrite any essence with other, regardless of the levels of the essences. The last one placed is what gets infused (on a successful enchantment).

6. are these principles for weapons different for armor in any ways ? (although level minimums and stat requirements vary, you can still tell what is meant to be T1 or T2 armor)

T1 = Level 1 gear
T2 = Level 16-20 gear
T3 = Level 26-30 gear
T4 = Level 36-40 gear
T5 = Level 46-50 gear
I bet you can guess what T6 gear would be.

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