Dragon Nest Heraldry Guide

Dragon Nest Heraldry Guide by Impression

Objective: This guide will shed some light on how to use Heraldry in Dragon Nest, its overall importance, and useful information about the system and how it affects gameplay.

What are Heraldry Plates and why use them?

Heraldries are special plates with endowed stats that help boost your character’s performance in PvE and/or PvP. They have a range of enhancements from class skill boost, status boosts, and special skills.

This guide will explain each of those enhancements in detail and will be broken up in the following format:

1. Heraldry System General Info
2. Status Boost Heraldry
3. Class Skill Boost Heraldy
4. Special Skills (Nest) Heraldry
5. Rarity and Level
6. Heraldry Sets
7. Additional Information tabs

Section One: Heraldry System General Info

The picture above represents a character’s heraldry set. As you can see, the heraldry set is pretty organized and is broken up by type and level. Level in this case does not refer to the level of the heraldry plate but instead your level.

A Dragon Nest Character has Heraldry slots (the picture above are these slots). Each slot, at the beginning of the game is locked, and while leveling up, each slot will slowly unlock.
Refer to the picture above for the exact level needed to unlock that particular heraldry slot.

As each slot unlocks, you are allowed to put heraldry in that slot.

Heraldry can be found in dungeon instances, Dark Lair, or other users. Each Heraldry Plate is locked and untradeable until unlocked and gives the choice between two effects when unlocking it except Special Heraldry. Special Heraldry only gives one effect (quite a funny one too!). If this confuses you, don’t worry about it and read on. I will explain in precise detail what I wrote in a bit.

First, after you have your locked Heraldry Plate, find Heraldic Scholar Bailey. You can unlock your locked heraldry here.

When unlocking your heraldry plate, you will be given a choice between how you unlock it. You can only choose one choice. Let me explain the choices. The two choices basically give different effects. For example, one effect can increase the buff duration while the other can decrease MP costs. You have to choose one and then create the unlocked heraldry.

By hovering over the heraldry icon, the Bailey will tell you exactly what the effect of that particular heraldry skill choice gives.

Of course, not everything in life is free. You need to pay for Heraldry with gems AND currency. How much and type/number of gems depends on the Heraldry. It’s a given that the rarer and more powerful the Heraldry, the more expensive it will be.

Heraldry, once used, is permanent. You cannot unequip it, retrade it, seal it, etc. But worry not, if you find better Heraldry in the future and want to replace your current heraldry set, then you have the option of DESTROYING your heraldry.

To do this, right click on the heraldry that is destined to be terminated, and a popup will come up asking for permission is DESTROY it forever. So don’t go around destroying your heraldry by accident because you’ll never see it again if you do ^^; (unless you remake/buy it from another user).

This ends the basics of Heraldry. Read on to find out the very specifics…if you dare.

Section Two: Status Boost Heraldry

Status Boost Heraldry is exactly what it sounds like; it increases your stats in one way or another. The usefulness of the stats all depends on the level, rarity, type of class, etc. For example, a class that eats up too much mana per dungeon run may want to use the following Heraldry:

As you can see, this particular heraldry increases your Max MP. There are 100s of different kinds of heraldry so experimenting with the status to see which fits you will be quite an adventure. For me, that meant 60 gold down the drain =P

Status boost heraldry will be the most common type of heraldry found in dungeon instances. They drop fairly often at higher difficulties so worrying about whether you’ll find one will not be an issue.

Also, status boost heraldry outnumbers class skill boost heraldry 2:1 in your heraldry set. Refer to the first picture in this guide to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Section Three: Class Skill Boost Heraldry

Class Skill Boost Heraldry takes specific class skills and boosts them (duh =P). Each class has a type of heraldry, including the basic classes such as warrior, cleric, sorceress, and archer. And the 2nd class also have their own specific heraldry ^^;

For example, an Elemental Lord will have a specific heraldry that increases the debuff for her Flame Spark skill. Only an Elemental Lord will have the opportunity to use that heraldry. It won’t work if a Mercenary or another class attempts to use it.
However, Elemental Lords are allowed to use Sorceress only Heraldry as they used to be one themselves.

[The same concept applies to every single class]

There should also be 3rd Class heraldry and I believe that in the ‘unknown’ section of the first picture in the guide are for the 3rd Class. Once more information about them is available, I shall update the guide accordingly.

The picture above is an example of an A grade heraldry with a basic class skill for Sorceress.

Now this picture above is a picture of a subclass specific heraldry.

Also, remember, you can only have up to four and just four class skill heraldry in your heraldry set (refer to the first picture). So choose wisely which skill you want to enhance. Each and every skill a class has should have heraldry (all the active skills at least).

Section Four: Special Skills (Nest) Heraldry

Special Skills Heraldries are probably one of the funniest if not the most funniest heraldry type. Unlike the other heraldries, you are only allowed to have ONE Special Skills Heraldry. And generally, these heraldries are found in nests only so they are coined Nest Heraldry as well.

Above is an example of the rarest and most powerful Special Skill Heraldry as of date: The Apocalyptic Heraldry. It summons the Tentacle Monster and is A Grade. It costs approximately 350 gold in the Auction Hall in Chinese Dragon Nest for those who were wondering.

Here is an example of me summoning a bull from my nest skill. This is the ultimate troll, I tell you.

You can put your special skill into your hotkey and summon whatever creature you have temporarily by pressing it. It has a 3 minute cooldown though so don’t think you can just spam it and the creature/monster does not last for too long.

Special skill heraldries are different from the other heraldry while crafting it with Bailey. Instead of getting the normal two choices, you only get one choice to pick from. In other words, the heraldry has a set in stone effect from the get-go.

Refer to the first image. When you place a special skill heraldry into your heraldry set, you will the special skill appear at the bottom of the menu as well. The special skill in the middle of your heraldry set is the actual heraldry while the one at the bottom is the active skill gained which you can place into your hotkey for trolltastic fun.

Section Five: Rarity and Level

Many people online have asked me a simple question: “What is rarity?”

And I’ve always had to explain to them what it is. So I thought, I might as well include this tidbit in the Heraldry and explain how it affects the heraldry system.

Heraldry (and any item for that matter) range in rarity. Rarity is the grade heraldry comes in.

Let’s bring back that mana status heraldry example. It was a C grade item (if you remember from section two). That’s the lowest grade. The highest grade is A grade which is orange, B is blue and C is green.

As you can see, as the grades get higher, the better the heraldry becomes.

Grade isn’t the only thing that matters. The level of the heraldry also determines how much better it is. There could be two heraldries with the same exact name but with different levels. Look at the examples below.

Hope this mini guide on rarity and level clears up any confusion anyone might’ve had with the grade system.

Section Six: Heraldry Sets

The last but shortest section in the entire guide is about Heraldry Sets. Basically, the type of gameplay you want to go for, will also influence the kinds of heraldry you get.

For example, a solo PvE player may want to get heraldry that increases his/her health and mana, increases critical chance, and increases defense. A pure PvP player may just want to get sets that enhance strength, defense, and HP. Mana doesn’t matter as much in PvP after all since the games are short.

Here is an example of a set. The Force User here decided to enhance her mobility skills and time skills. Most of the Status Heraldries consist of either shield, HP, or attack. This means she is a PvP type of Force User (or so would I assume from looking at her PvP based heraldry set).

Additional Information of Heraldry Types

Heraldries, to be clear, cannot stack. There are key names that heraldries have (refer to the mana heraldry example) that may be different grades or levels. Even if you find them at different grades or levels, you cannot use the same type at all. That’s why when making a heraldry set, be sure to have the highest grade and level of whatever type of heraldry you want and pick out of the many types which ones you prefer.

There are more types of heraldries than there are slots, and your heraldry build will depend on your decision making skills in regards to that.

These are the available Heradry types:

Bound – boost delay
Deadly – boost critical
Impact – boost stun
Vigor – boost MP regen
Healthy – boost vitality
Life – boost HP
Destructive – boost physical attack
Magic – boost magic attack
Fortunate – boost crit resist
Final – boost final dmg
Volitional – boost stun resist
Impregnable – boost defense
Barrage – boost magic defense
Agile – boost agility
Dire – boost strength
Wisdom – boost int
Mana – boost MP
Indomidable – boost delay resist

All Heraldries come in three different grades. Each grade up adds a bonus to the heraldry plate.

C(green border): boost stat only

B(blue border): boost stat and a % of that stat

A(orange border): boost stat and a larger % of that stat

Additional Information of Boss Plates  

There are super hard dungeon instances in Dragon Nest called Nests. One of the great things about a Nest is that they have a possibility of dropping special boss Heraldry Plates.

Minotaur Nest:

Charge Bull Plate: required lv16 and B grade, unleashes a bull for trolling purposes

Cerberus Nest:

In Cerberus Nest, the three plates dropped have three element attributes. Unfortunately, despite appearances, the three plates don’t do any elemental damage and aren’t flexible at all.

Fireball: Shoots 3 fireballs, can change direction while shooting. This skill forces you to stay in one place during the casting making you very vulnerable to attacks.

Ice: Shoots one ice ball that has a homing effect. The ice is slow but cast time is extremely fast. This is the plate that Sething (a talented force user and an awesome member of this community) recommends.

Lightning: Shoot lightning in front of you. Forces you to stand in a stationary position, casting time is slow and the damage is horrible.

Manticore Nest:

Black Hole: Requires you to stand still and has some sort of suction effect.

Gravity Ball: This plate is highly recommended. Grants superarmor, great range, and very quick casting time. The damage isn’t the best but the other aspects overshadow the minor flaw.

Tornado: Fast cast time and can catch mobs. It doesn’t last too long. Use this until you find a Gravity Ball plate.

Apocalypse Nest

Call Tentacles: Summons two tentacles. These monsters have HP and they constantly do damage on an enemy. They don’t bind.

Lost: Stand still and shoots a few attacks from the ground. Don’t use this plate. It sucks.

There are other non-nest plates that adds a skill as well. From the dark channel, there are these two towers. One has 24 rooms and the other has 36 rooms.

The 24 Room place drops one plate

Hound Attack: Dogs fall from the…sky? >_>

The 26 Room place drops two plates

Physical: Based off your physical strength.

Magical: Based off your magical strength.

Protip: Don’t rely on damage from your boss plates. You want to use them for the utility they bring to the battleground.

Additional Information of Skill Plates 

There are a few key aspects of skill plates that need to be gone over.
The things that skill plates can boost are:

Skill animation speed
Skill dmg
Skill MP reduction
Skill Buff time
Skill CD
% chance for skill to CD immediately

By grabbing the plates that lower skill CD, and increase skill animation speed, you will be able to create and maintain better builds in PvP. PvE it’ll do better to increase damage more so than the others but the others play a role too. It’s up to you to decide how you want to maintain your heraldry build.

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