Dragon Nest Gladiators and Moonlords Build Guide

Dragon Nest Gladiators and Moonlords Build Guide by DanxDDan

So I figured to make things easier for me, here are some builds for the essentials of a Swordsman. I’ll have spare SP in the end and I’ll give my input on what that extra SP could go in. This guide is also intended for complete newbies without any knowledge of a Swordsman so I’ll be feeding you guys like babies :P. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Note: I’ll refer to the names MMOsite gives. I’ll be using a Chinese skill simulator as it is most recent with the skills that we have in our version and it tells how much SP you will be spending and how much leftover. The skill names might be different in game or subject to change. Check the MMOsite simulator or DN Armory skill calculator for translation of skills.

MMOsite: http://db.mmosite.com/dn/t3_skill/swordmaster.php

DN Armory: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=1≻=11

Warning: Reading ahead might cause vertigo and fear of walls of text. Read at your own discretion. Oh what the heck, conquer your fears and read to be enlightened.

I guess we’ll start with Gladiator.

Now let’s discuss skills starting with Warrior

Impact Punch and Heavy Slash both at Lv. 1? Yes. Raising them makes barely a difference. You’re limited in SP.

Rising Slash Lv. 6? Isn’t 5 good enough? Lv. 6 adds an extra slash in the attack which can combo into Aerial Combo. Also very good in PvP. I hear Rising Slash at 10 or 11+ gives more superarmor but I haven’t confirmed that.

Surprise Attack simply because it’s good for recovery. Don’t wanna be tossed around by them elves *evilstare*

Impact Wave Lv. 4 cause it’s prerequisite for Moonlight Splitter.

Drop Kick and Sweeping Kick are nice to have. Especially if you get a 50% Animation Speed Crest. Lv. 1 on both is fine.

Circle Break (Destructive Swing) Lv. 1? You won’t be using it as much later on but early on, it is a great skill. Wish the cooldown could be lower though :P

Tumble, Aerial Evasion, and Dash are a must. Applies to all Warriors. Max them. You have no idea how much they save you and prevent you from being squash. You will always be dodging enemy attacks in the future.

Highlander (Lifesaver) is a given. Take it. 0 SP.

Physical Mastery (Health Bolster) should be maxed. You could never go wrong with too much HP. On the other hand, Mental Mastery (Mental Fortitude) should just be Lv. 2 to unlock Mental Training. I just take Lv. 1 for it but you could take more.

Finally, Relieve should be maxed. Its cooldown decreases with skill level and removes more buffs. You could keep it at Lv. 3 if you want (because I have no idea anyone could have 3+ debuffs on them at the same time).

Swordsman skills.

Triple Slash at Lv. 11 to get Triple Slash EX when a Gladiator. It’s a decent skill.

Aerial Combo at Lv. 1. Any more into it doesn’t matter because damage increase is minimal and no cooldown decrease.

Deep Straight (Forward Thrust) isn’t the best but it’s pretty good to have. Keep at Lv. 2 to get Hacking Stance.

Hacking Stance in PvE, not so great. In PvP if you can get it in, destroys your opponent. The hit-stun is low. Keep it at Lv. 3 because damage increase is minimal.

Line Drive (Frenzied Charge) is amazing. You can get up to 6 hits with this skill depending on who or what you’re fighting. Against small mobs, not many hits. Against Nest-sized bosses, many hits. Were it not for its long cooldown would it be the best. I keep it at 3 but it’s one of the skills that you can invest leftover SP on because it’s powerful.

Infinity Edge is your Ultimate and the strongest skill in the game to be exact. The good thing is you need to get it for a Gladiator skill.

Dash Slash and Dash Combo both at 1. This is why you don’t add any SP into Dash Kick. Cause this is the better of the two.

I choose to keep Eclipse at 1 because I find Lv. 1 to already be good. Another skill that you can invest leftover SP on. This skill is awesome in decreasing the superarmor of enemies. So you won’t be interrupted as easily.

Heavy Hammer (Luring Slice, Hemorrahage, whatever) is amazing. it gives you an awesome damage multiplier. I keep it at Lv. 5 because the multiplier doesn’t increase as much after that. But this is definitely a skill worth investing leftover SP. This skill is more for PvE than PvP though.

Counter Exile (Counter Cross) at Lv. 1 is fine. Anything beyond is a waste of SP. Though you get this kinda late at Level 35, it’s your main aerial recovery skill alongside with Aerial Evasion -> Aerial Combo.

Parrying is simply Lv. 3 to unlock the next skill. 10 or so percent of blocking does show up though.

Counter Slash Lv. 2. Counter Wave Lv. 1. Beyond those levels, it’s pointless.

Parrying Stance is another skill that could use the leftover SP. 100% of blocking when not in the offensive state. Sounds nice? In PvE, yes. In PvP, no.

I don’t think I need to explain Moonlight Splitter Lv. 2.

I choose to keep Cyclone Slash at Lv. 3 to unlock Crescent Cleave. If you’re worrying that you can’t mob enemies well, then get Cyclone to Lv. 6 for a bigger cyclone. But then again, I feel that the extra SP could go elsewhere since you’ll barely have any Magic Attack to back this skill up.

I decided to get Crescent Cleave Lv. 5 because it shoots out 5 waves than the typical 3. Not very strong considering you’re a Gladiator but it’s a great utility skill. But if you really don’t want to, drop it down to Lv. 3.

Lv. 1 Halfmoon Slash cause again, not much Magic Attack to back this move up. Line Drive will do you more justice. But regardless of that, Halfmoon is still amazing. Just not as amazing in the hands of a Gladiator.

Phew. A little break here. But it’s not over yet. Actually I shouldn’t explain the Tertiary classes since we won’t be getting them anytime soon.

Now is what I’m sure a bunch were waiting for. The Moonlord. I’m not going to be posting the Warrior skills as they are exactly the same as Gladiator.


Since the Gladiator and Moonlord builds have a lot of similarities, I’ll only be stating the differences (and that means no wall of text *cheers*). Plus why would I want to restate the same things again?

Swordmaster skills:

Moonlight Splitter at Lv. 11 because it’s the prerequisite for Moonlight Splitter EX at Moonlord. This is one of your main DPS skills even before getting its EX skill because it’s strong and has a low cooldown of 9 seconds. It gets even better with its EX skill.

This time I went with Cyclone Slash Lv. 6 cause that cyclone is huge. This time with Magic Attack to back it up, it’s certainly a great skill to mob with. It’s damage isn’t as nice as Moonlight.

Lv. 5 Crescent Cleave for its 5 waves. powerful if a Nest-sized boss were to take the impact of all 5 waves. I believe it was 30 hits? As for mobs of enemies, it’s also nice to clear away enemies if they’re all closing in on you.

Halfmoon Slash with a 50% Animation Speed Crest can make 30 enemies poof before you even blink (okay, maybe not). This is a skill worth investing leftover SP on.

Great Wave doesn’t have crazy damage like Infinity Edge, but come on now, Infinity Edge is just rigged with power. Great Wave is a more standard Ultimate. Powerful, flashy, and destroys mobs. As a future Moonlord, you’re gonna have to get this skill to unlock Moonblade Dance at Moonlord.

I hear some people really like Line Drive for its power. So this is another option for investing leftover SP. But I just got 1 Lv. for it simply just to get this skill. More skills means more versatility.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    THIS BUILD is NICE… but sorry IT is NICE . LoL .

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey guys i have some questions about this build.. at first is that a pvp or pve build? and what is the differince between a gladiator and a moonlord ? who is a pve or pvp or a mixed race? would be nice if someone could help me…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The link works but does not have builds set up. I am wondering if it was moved or something like that. If someone knows what has happened I would be very thankful if they posted it on this site.

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    i plan moonlord pure int and some hp/agi you think this is good idea?

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    the link doesn't work D: what happened?

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    this confuses me good but confusing could someone explain to me what order specializations are in

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    i just want to ask you if how many sp do i need to put into the moonsplitter to be able to cast it longrange…mine is lvl5 already but it still short range

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    is this a hybrid build for moonlord???

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    thank you very much for the info. i've learned a lot. can i have a request? can you post accessory build guides and heraldy actual builds for swordsmen and cleric? i'm wasting money and gold listening on heresays

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    xXxSergxXx here… every slash to my moon splitter is 6k+ ^_^…
    its perfect moonlord build…

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    do moonlords need parry?

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    do you have great build for mercenary PvP? :D

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    is this a pvp biuld?

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    Best guide. Ever. Seriously dude solved all my problems. I am definitely bookmarking this one and is linking it to other people in need of a good build. Thanks a lot dude!

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    Can you show us what to put in when we reach lvl 15 and make a job advancement thank you

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    There is no way to select all these skills because of the limit of 250 at level 40

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    Seems logical. I still can't decide whether I want to go moonlord or gladiator though T_T

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    Interesting way of putting your sp.

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