Dragon Nest Archers, Bowmasters and Acrobats Explanation

Dragon Nest Archers, Bowmasters and Acrobats Explanation by fataly1

*Arrows buzzing through the sky*
*Monsters getting kicked up in the air*
*Multiple arrows coming from all directions*
Who could it be?
Well, no other than the tatatata!!!


Archers are a very versatile class in the world of Dragon’sNest. Simply because the Archer in this game is very unique and has the ability to do something that is not present throughout many MMO’s. This is their ability to fight at close range!! Most of you will be like WTF?! close range+Archer=Omega fail! Quite frankly, it’s the exact opposite of what you expect. This being said, Archers have the full capability to excel in matters of long range or in short range. So let’s get into skills shall we?
Warning: Archers are known to be Glass tanks(If you get hit you get really hurt) so warning before you attempt to play this class…

One of the first skills you obtain as an Archer from the very beginning is the move called Twin shot. Like its name implies, it shoots two arrows at once. This is the most spammable skill an Archer uses, and believe me every archer does use it.

The next skill you obtain is a skill called Piercing shot

Piercing shot is basically a shot that does the damage you usually do(like if you deal 100 damage with regular arrows, then piercing shot will most likely as well if not a bit more) but this move is an AOE move and effects every mob in a close radius to the one you hit. Not really a useful skill in my opinion (I have a 44 BOWMASTER in CN DN so I know what I’m talking about) so just level it up if you need to unlock other skills or don’t at all.Use it on early levels

The next and 1st acrobat type move you get is

Revolving hit (or willow spin kick as I call it)
“Revolve to attack nearby enemies with both legs and kick them into the air finally.”
It’s a move where you literally go on your head and start spinning your whole body in circles with your legs wide open and attack monsters(So you get the mental image). It launches monsters in the air at the end preparing them for cool combos. Really fun

At level 5 you get one of the strongest archer skills in the game and it’s called

Multi shot!
“Fire 7 shots within 3 meters. It has nothing to do with weapon.”
AoE move that has a really good burst. If you get at close range to a monster/Player and use it they will take some heavy damage. It’s a really helpful skill.

Your first magical skill as an archer is the move called Magic Arrow

“Shoot the magic arrows to cause small explosions instantly.”
Basically, magic arrow is an arrow that explodes upon impact. It is an AoE skill so it will hit more than 1 monster. This is a good skill to start using combo moves on as it temporarily stuns the target( for 1second) and you can start hitting them.

Last blue skill you get is the self buff called

owl’s insight
“Increase the crit chance by a certain percentage within certain time.”
It increases your critical by a certain percentage (100,200,300or 400 depending on skill level) for 10 seconds.

Now I’ll get to what are called the Passive skills…..
First one you get is called Spin kick

“Right click on the ground to launch attacks, using Circle Kick to repulse nearby enemies.”
bascially, you right click to kick, nothing special. Can be used in combos

Next one is low spin kick

When the enemy is one the ground, you right click how you would do a kick and it does a low spin kick. Has a 3-4 second cool down.

Ah here is our first dodge :). It’s called TUMBLE

“Double press a direction key quickly to use this skil lso as to dodge all attacks in a short time.” Tumble is a skill that[s]ALL[/s] archers use to dodge incoming attacks( Since archers are defensively weak) and we must learn to utilize dodge so we never get hit. To activate you either double press the direction you want to go (Like for forward WW, to left AA and ect) or you press SHIT+Direction you want to go(One i use,alot easier)

Another passive skill is the skill Moonsault kick

“Jump and right click to kick the opponent in theair.”
Yep, you jump and right click which results in you coming down in the air really fast. Pretty cool skill. In my opinion, this skill is an Acrobat only skill and you should not use it if you are a Bow master… That’s just my opinion.

Next defensive skill we get is called PinWheel

“Click left key after falling down in order to rise to kick the front opponent.”
While on ground left kick and you will do what it says in the description.

Don’t bother getting HIGH SPIN KICK… So useless so we will skip it :P

Next kick we get is Somersault kick!

“Right click on the stunned enemies to kick them into the sky.”
When the enemy is immobilized for a few seconds (dazed) you right click on them and it launches them in the sky perfect for opening combos.

Our second dodge is called Urgency trick

“Double press the direction key to tumble and dodge attacks under hit recovering.” Same way you would use dodge but use this when you are being attacked. Pretty useful

One of the most useful skills that an archer can use is the skill aerial evasion

“Use the jump key to be in the right place when being floated by enemies. It can help avoid falling down and being attacked continuously.”
When knocked in air, press space and boom you gain control again. Good for escapes when getting combo’d by a Swordmaster, or mercenary or any other class that knocks you in the air. Really useful

That covers all the USEFUL archer skills for now…
Now when you hit level 15 as an Archer, you get the opportunity to either job change into a BowMaster, or an Acrobat. Both will be explained briefly to help you decide what you want :)

So your 15, you changed your job and became a Bowmaster..Congratulations!

Welcome to the word of Bowmasters.

Bowmasters are Archers that specialized in the way of the bows and fighting from afar range. They can be deadly and cause huge damage.They are very quick and nimble making it hard for them to get hit. As a bowmaster, one must be alert to his/her surroundings in order to dodge so they avoid getting hit because they ARE glass tanks.

Bowmasters are fairly good in PvE. If equipped with the right gear, they can shred through monsters like it’s no one’s business.Bowmasters have 50% of their skills physical and 50% magical so they have the ability to be hybrids. This works well because monsters have both Physical and magical defense, but usually one of their defenses is higher than the other.This information makes great use on bosses to see how to defeat him faster.Bowmasters are one of the best PvE players in game as of now because they deal damage fast.

Bowmasters USE to be great in PvE, but because of the recent”Balance”, they received some nerfage to their damage. So now to be good in PVP, you MUST dodge alot in order not to get hit because once that happens your health starts to go down like crazy. In my opinion, if you are looking to be extremely well in PVP and don’t care about PVE then this isn’t the class for you I’m sorry.
*You need to have good aim to play in PVP*
Skills and my explanation of each:
1st skill at 15 is called Charge Shot

“Gather strength to shoot forceful arrows to the distance with penetrating effects. The shot range is increased by 3 meters. It can be cast upon the enemy that is lying on the ground.”
This skill is a really strong skill.. It’s your strongest one shot skill because it does 300% of your physical damage in 1 shot. It takes4 sec to charge up and then shoot; also it can be used on your PVP opponents lying on the ground so you can combo on them :).

Second level 15 skill, Extension arrow!

“Shoot forceful magical arrows to the front. The arrow that hits the enemy will pierce its body and turn into 6 arrows flying to all sides. ”
Your first BM magic attack. It’s an AoE arrow that launched and upon impact splits up into 6 other arrows flying to all sides. Pretty good skill to break someone’s super armor ( If you don’t know what super armor is,google Dragon Nest super armor)

You get a new skill at level 19 called Bulls Eye

“Reduce the opponent’s ranged attack and defense for some time.”
As stated, it reduces opponents range attack/ranged defense for a whole 15 seconds.. In order to get it to work, you must be in a straight line with your opponent when you cast it or you’ll miss. I personally don’t use this skill and I don’t see people who do. Do w/e you desire though. At lv 1 it reduces ranged def by 20% and increases 5% every level i believe.

Your next magical skill that you get at level 17 is called Rapid shot.

“Shot piercing arrows to the nearby appointed direction”
It basically shoots 6 arrows in front of you and they explode.. It’s really cool and flashy. It’s also an AoE and makes people flinch alot in PVP so it’s good to use.

Next skill is called Aerial chain gotten at level 17

“Shoot more arrows to a certain area in the air. It can be used on the enemy lying on the ground.”
Very cool skill, I love using it. Good to get out of the way of a charging enemy in PVP and PVE.. To use it you have to be in the air and EITHER double click the left mouse button or press the number key on the actionbar that Aerial chain is under.

Level 23 you get your first Bowmaster self-buff called Spirit Excellation

It increases your Agility and Intelligence for a whole 60seconds. At level 1 it increases by 10% and increases by 2% every level.

Another skill you can get at 23 is one of the best Skills a BM has for PvP. Stun Shot

“Release arrows that can generate intense impact. The enemy being attacked is more likely to fall into the faint state. ”
Basically it fires an arrow, and if the arrow hits the target the target is then knocked on the floor making it perfect for combos in PVP. (Does not work on bosses, the knocking down)

A skill you get at level 26 is called Siege Dance which is a pretty interesting skill.

“Keep the attack stance for some time to shoot a deadly arrow. The casters cannot move. The stance will be cancelled if only the caster jumps.”
This is more of a skill for PvP in my opinion, but you can use it in PVE just won’t be effective.
This skill when casted puts you in a stance for 13 seconds,and you Left click like you would to use arrows and it shoots a charged shot that once hit by an enemy gets knocked in the sky. Pretty cool :).
Another skill obtained at level 26 is called Swift Shot and it’s your second Magical Bowmaster skill.

“Produce magical arrows around the bow and shoot rapidly and continuously to the front. The arrows can pierce the enemy.” I really don’t know how to explain this skill’s animation, so i’ll post a video

Good for pvp as it also breaks super armor and makes opponent flinch

At level 29 you get another Self buff that’s useful in PVP called Syphyl’s aid.

“Increase the range for some time.”
Self buff.. Increases range by 1 M at level one and adds .5Mto every level

One of the best PVE skills and PVP skills a BM obtains at level 29 is Ankle Shot.

“Emit arrows that can bind the enemy’s legs and reduce its movement speed for some time.”
This shoots 3 arrows and if one of the arrows hit the opponent, it makes them still for 3.5 seconds at level 1! Perfect for pvp!Gives .3 more seconds per level.

At level 32 you get your most damaging skill in the game…ARROW RAIN(or shower)

“Shoot rainstorm-thick arrows to the front wide area.”
This thing shoots a $hit load of arrows everywhere. When used on a boss, about 50-70 arrows can hit in a matter of 5 seconds and WILL do big big damage.
Really cool animation effect too.

At level 32 you get one of the best (or use to be the best)Skills for a BM.. GUIDED Arrows!

“Shoot an arrow to track the enemy. It cannot be used if no target is found within the range.”
This thing is too cool… You don’t have to aim, but have a target within range and cast the skill. When done 12 arrows will emit from your bow and chase after the target. Really cool skill

Now I’m going to get into the Bowmaster’s Ultimates.
Warning: You can only have 1 ultimate no matter which class you are.. So choose wisely
Both ultimates are obtained at level 40, one physical one magical
The physical one is called PinPoint shot
“Continuously emit 16 forceful arrows in a flash.”
Shoots 16 arrows in 5 seconds every arrow doing 105% of your damage

Next Ultimate is the Magical ultimate Revolutionary Ballista

“Emit a forceful magical arrow to the front after summoning a huge bow. Meanwhile, shoot more arrows to the nearby enemies around the magical arrow.”
I never used this skill as I went for PinPoint shot, so idk how to explain this one, but it looks pretty cool. It shoots an arrow and makes a big boom haha. AoE skill.

Well that’s all for the Usable skills, let’s go to passive skills now

First Passive BM skill is Fake Shot obtained at 15

“Click the common attack key while rolling to jump backward and emit arrows to repel the enemy.”
While dodging you left click mouse and you jump back and shoot the arrow, good for PVP and PVE escapes. CD 8 sec

Second Passive BM skill is triangle shot at 19

“Click the special attack key while rolling to jump and emit magical arrows of high critical strike.”
While dodging, right click the mouse to jump in the sky and shoot a magical arrow. This is # one used for escapes CD 10 seconds.

The next 2 Passive skills are both Mastery skills which focus in on which weapon you want to use. Both are gotten at 35 and I recommend you only choose 1 and stick to it.
First comes LongBow mastery

“Increase the range and damage when using a longbow.”

At level 1 increases range of longbow by .5 M and damage by 3%. As each level increases you gain an extra 2% damage and .25 M

Next Mastery is CrossBow Mastery

“Increase the range and damage when using a crossbow.”
Increases Range of Cross bow by .35M at level one and damage3%. For each level you gain a .15M increase and a 2% damage increase.

That’s all for Bowmaster skills. Now you can decide on what you want to do to be the best Bowmaster there is :)

Here is a Bowmaster with her team doing a nest

So you got to level 15, did not want to be a BM and chose to be an epic, smexy comboer? If so, Acrobat is the choice for you and congratulations! You have just stepped into the world of Acrobats!

Okay, well to begin we will discuss the PVP and PVE aspects of Acrobats and then get into the skill breakdowns where I give my own description of each..

Let’s begin shall we :)?

Ok, well let’s start why Arobats are good in PVE. Acrobats are totally different from every class in the way they play. They launch their targets in the air the most and can get so many combos on them. They are immense dodgers so they are good and not getting hit. Now let’s start on why they are bad. They have low defense and die pretty easily. 95 % of their moves are 1v1 moves and not AoE so they don’t hit many targets, making them less viable in PVE. Compared to everyone else, they don’t come in par with everyone.They can be better damage out putters than some, but only 1v1 and most classes are AoE. To boil it down to 1 statement: If you solely want to PVE or be really good at PVE, then Acrobat is not the class you should roll.
I will say this below but i’ll say it now to. THIS IS ALL MY Point of view of the classes. You don’t have to agree with every word i say

Okay, this is where Acro’s excel at baby! Acrobats are the ultimate comboers and can pull off long and hard combos in PVP. There are so many things you can do with an Acro it is not even funny. For me this is areally fun class to play when I don’t want to play my BM and I can tell you its hell of fun. Why? They have moves that can help them escape from almost every predicament you can imagine. They cut through some classes’ hp like butter.They dodge like crazy as well! They are quick and nimble; sometimes they are a pain to actually hit. If you like to combo, be a nimble class, and have a lot of fun, then Acrobat is the class for you

Skill break downs:
First I will be explain the Usable skills in action bar,including ultimates, then Passive skills.
Warning: Some skills can only be used with a short bow
The first skill you get at 15 is Kick and shot. Your first flashy skill!

“Kick the enemy to the sky and then emit arrows at the enemy.”
This is a pretty flashy skill. Basically you run up to an opponent, kick them in the air and shoot 2 arrows while he’s coming down and he flies back. This skill can be used a lot to start combos or during combos. It even works while your opponent on the floor.

At 17 you get an epic skill called Eagle’s descent

“Give a powerful blow to the opponent in the air and the jump to the original position. Cast the skill which can only be used in the sky after using common attacks or Air Walk to attack the enemy.”

This skill can be used in a lot of situations and does some good/heavy damage for just 1 skill. It can be used during combos when you are in the middle of air walking your opponent, or when you opponent is on the ground and want to do some damage. It can also be used with chain tumble to initialize the fight between the two.. You will learn how to use it in good time.

Once 19, you unlock one of the best skills in the game simply because it’s the start of most combos or helps with a lot of combos. I present binding shot.

“Emit arrows that are connected with ropes in a fan-shaped area to draw most enemies to the caster. Press the special attack key while pulling enemies closer and use Swift Kick to kick them to the sky.”
This skill is amazing! You shoot arrows which pull your opponent in and temporarily stun them so you can cast somersault kick and start doing air walk or eagles decent when he is on the ground. You experiment withthe combos, there are limitless ones you can do!

At 23 you get your first self-buff Spirit Excellation

“Increase Bow Masters’ agility for some time.”
Same as the BM one. Increases Int and Agi by 10% and adds an extra 2% every skill level.

Another skill you get at 23 is Blooming kick an advanced kick that stuns the target on impact.

“Take one step forward and use Circle Kick to stun the enemy. It can also be cast by clicking the special attack key after using Circle Kick.”
It takes a step forward and kicks the target which temporarily stuns the target. This kick is a pretty good skill that can be used to stun an oncoming opponent or use then use cyclone kick when he is stunned.Or w/e you want. Like i said, there are endless possibilities.

At level 26, you get one of the best super armor breakers in the game, circle shot!

“Jump to release forceful arrows to a circle area and knock nearby enemies away.”
This move is just to epic and smexy. I always use it and my opponent always fall for it. Basically you jump a few feet in front of you and while in the air you create a circle which knocks the opponent if they are within that circle. Then you can start comboing while they are on the floor!

Level 29, oh so close to 40.. :) Here you get another Selfbuff called Spirit Boost

“Increase teammates’ movement and attack speeds for a certain time.”
Self-buff that increases your movement speed by 30% and it lasts for 10 seconds. Every skill level increases your movement speed by 3% and duration for 1 second.

Finally, level 32 and you have unlocked 2 great acrobat skills that deal awesome damage. First one is Spiral vortex

“Gather vigor in both hands and initiate multiple continuous attacks to nearby enemies.”
This skill does a lot of damage when used upon an opponent.You put both hands together and create a big ball in a 1 meter circumference that does damage to enemies touching it or in it. One of the few AoE moves.

The other level 32 skill is cyclone kick; oh snap even more kicks haha!

“After kicking the enemy back, charge forward to follow the repelled enemy and attack rapidly with legs.”
You shoot a bunch of kicks to the opponent, around 7-10 i say. This move is usually moved towards the ends of combos in my opinion, but that’s just my use. You can use it however you want to use it :).

Your 40 and get your 2 Ultimates now, let’s start with Astral Illusion

“Launch fiercely continuous attacks to the front opponent.”
I really can’t explain this move.. It’s just such a big move. Only downside is, it’s hard to actually hit the opponent, but when you do it does insane damage. Here’s a video of the skill alone. Note: the whole videois 1 skill

The other one is Spiral Edge, not quite as flashy as Astral Illusion

“Jump high to attack downward, using strong shock waves to knock the opponent down.”
Like it says in the description, you launch high in the aira nd crash down causing a big shock. This is another AoE move.

That’s it for the Action Bar skills. Let’s get to the passive skills.

First passive skill you get is at 15 and is used as early at level 15 to start combo-ing, Air Walk

“Attack the target’s head in the sky and then jump again.”
Basically when your target is in the air, or on ground but it’s hard to use this while your target is moving, you jump on them and press the jump button again which makes you jump on them and causes damage. You can use air walk 3 times in a row. Great for combo with eagle descent or moon sault kick.

The other one you get is called Spiral kick and it’s also gotten at level 15.

This move is pretty cool.. You use this move when dodging and right click to launch forward into a spiral and then a kick at the end. Can be used while opponents on the ground. And can be used in a combination of willow spin kick.
For example, Spiral kick then use willow spin kick.

At 17 you get spirit flame!! This skill is the most epic dodge type skill i have seen yet..

“Press the attack key while rolling to unleash the power condensed in the hand to dodge.”
This is a skill used when you are dodging and shoots aflame. Upon impact it causes the opponent to flinch which causes the possibility for combos. Or this can be used when trying to escape from an opponent to buy you time. Regardless, this skill is worth getting.

The move used to escape, or used to start combos, or just to reach an opponent that’s far from you is Chain tumble unlocked at 19

“Press the jump key while rolling to dodge toward the distance with the help of rolling.”
This skill is used when dodging and then you press the spacet o make a massive jump. During this jump you can cast Spirit flame, eagle’s decent or spiral kick. This can also just be used for plain escapes to get away from the opponent.

At 26 you can another continuation of kicks as a passive skill. Advanced version of somersault kick… Double flying kick!

“After using Reversal Kick, launch special attack to kick the enemy to the sky.”
After you use somersault kick you basically right click,launch into the sky and start hitting the opponent in the sky. Really good for using combos.. I like this skill. Everyone uses the skill in PVP because it’s really good and hard to escape.

Just when I thought there couldn’t be anything powerful than Circle shot when I was playing, I come upon cancel circle shot at29..

“Click the special attack key when being attacked in the air to use Circle Shot to reverse the war situation.”
When you are knocked in the air, just right click and you cast circle shot! Just the passive cd is used so you can still use circle shot!Amazing skill ^-^

Remember when I said Acro’s can almost escape any situation?Well, this is one of them, say hello top spinning!

“While rising to attack, click the common attack key to dodge forward or the special attack key to dodge backward through rolling.”
When you are on the ground, you cast pinwheel and double click on the direction you want to go to and you launch into a big spiraling vortex(not the skill )and launches you in the direction.
It’s a really good skill to attack the opponent or to just get away. Watch out for other acros with this skill because they can counter on you with this if they are on the floor and you leave them there for too long!

Well if BM’s have longbow and xbow masteries, Acro’s must have one to right? Correct! Introducing short bow mastery

“Use a small bow to increase the range and damage.”
Increases range by .15 M and damage by 3%. Every skill level increases the range by .15 M and 2% damage.

Here is HolyElf doing PVP and he is pretty good with it.

This is the end of my guide. I hope you enjoyed this and found this guide to be helpful and to your liking.

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