Dragon Nest Archer and Bow Master Skill Build Guide

Dragon Nest Archer and Bow Master Skill Build Guide by Zora


The Archer is as willowy and flexible as the bow she wields. Like all the elves of Arendel, she’s a lover of nature, for in that land, elves who find their destiny ascend to a second life as a tree. She’s left her beloved home to embark on the journey to find her Telezia, her destiny. Should she succeed, she will return in honor, to one day join her ancestors by becoming a tree. To fail in her quest, means oblivion, being reduced to nothing more than a pile of dust.

Archer Features

• A long-range class with high attack, high dodge and low defense.
• Their basic attack is a single arrow or a double arrow using crossbow and they can attack while moving.
• Have diversionary and long-range powerful attack skills.
• Have melee skills based on legs.
• Have various dodge skills, but are weak in defense and stamina.

Bow Master Features

• Have extremely strong ranged attack power
• Have the longest range among all classes
• Have comparatively weak defense

Skill List

Bow Master
Skill List

Job Advancement

You can make your job advancement at level 15.

Talk to the skill instructor (should be Archer Master Adelline) located in the Carderock Gateway and select the first option, accept her request. You’ll be redirected to a field with two-legged dog monsters running across from left-to-right or right-to-left. Your goal is to kill as many as possible without letting more than 20 dogs escape. The second quest will ask you to go to a dungeon (I don’t have much information about that). After complete these tasks, return to the skill instructor and you’ll be able to choose your job.

Bow Master Skill Build

Longbow Physical build

1st Job: Archer

Level 1: None
Level 2: +20 Owl’s Insight (Lv.1)
Level 3: +6 Piercing Shot (Lv.2), +5 Tumble (Lv.2)
Level 4: +20 Aerial Evasion (Lv.1)
Level 5: None
Level 6: +32 Multi Shot (Lv.1)
Level 7: None
Level 8: +6 Piercing Shot (Lv.3), +5 Tumble (Lv.3)
Level 9-14: None
Level 15: +6 Piercing Shot (Lv.4)
Level 16-18: None
Level 19: +20 Urgency Trick (Lv.1)
Level 20-23: None
Level 24: +6 Piercing Shot (Lv.5)

2nd Job: Bow Master

Level 15: +40 Charge Shot (Lv.1)
Level 16: None
Level 17: +10 Charge Shot (Lv.2)
Level 18: +20 Bulls Eye (Lv.1), +20 Fake Shot (Lv.1)
Level 19: None
Level 20: None
Level 21: +10 Charge Shot (Lv.3), +48 Aerial Chain Shot (Lv.1)
Level 22: None
Level 23: +12 Aerial Chain Shot (Lv.2), +32 Spirit Excellation (Lv.1)
Level 24: +40 Ankel Shot (Lv.1)
Level 25: +8 Spirit Excellation (Lv.2)
Level 26: None
Level 27: +12 Aerial Charge Shot (Lv.3), +60 Siege Stance (Lv.1)
Level 28: None
Level 29: +15 Siege Stance (Lv.2), +8 Spirit Excellation (Lv.3), +40 Sylph’s Aid (Lv.1)
Level 30: None
Level 31: None
Level 32: +15 Siege Stance (Lv.3), +80 Arrow Shower (Lv.1)
Level 33: None
Level 34: +20 Arrow Shower (Lv.2)
Level 35: None
Level 36: +8 Long Bow Mastery (Lv.2)
Level 37: +32 Long Bow Mastery (Lv.1)
Level 38: +20 Arrow Shower (Lv.3)
Level 39: None
Level 40: +8 Long Bow Mastery (Lv.3), +100 Pinpoint Shot (Lv.1)

Note: Pinpoint Shot requires extra skill points from quests in order to be used.


Twin Shot Lv.1 SP – 0
Piercing Shot Lv.5 SP – 24
Spin Kick Lv.1 SP – 0
Low Spin Kick Lv.1 SP – 0
Tumble Lv.3 SP – 10
Owl’s Insight Lv.1 SP – 20
Aerial Evasion Lv.1 SP – 20
Multi Shot Lv.1 SP – 32
Urgency Trick Lv.1 SP – 20

Charge Shot Lv.3 SP – 60
Bulls Eye Lv.1 SP – 20
Fake Shot Lv.1 SP – 20
Aerial Chain Shot Lv.3 SP – 72
Spirit Excellation Lv.3 SP – 48
Ankle Shot Lv.1 SP – 40
Siege Stance Lv.3 SP – 90
Sylph’s Aid Lv.1 SP – 40
Arrow Shower Lv.3 SP – 120
Long Bow Mastery Lv.2 SP – 40
Pinpoint Shot Lv.1 SP – 100

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    In Archer you’ll need Agi not Str. Str is pretty useless in Archer.

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    I think there is some mistake on taking ankle shot, the requirement level to take ankle shot is lv.29, not lv.24

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    Thank You , I Go To Take Bow Master :D , Have More Skills

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