Dragon Nest Archer and Acrobat Skill Build Guide

Dragon Nest Archer and Kick Acrobat Skill Build Guide by Misuki

I’ve attempted to make a skill build according to the NA Dragon Nest. Please leave any opinions on changes toward skills. Also, I’m separating the Lv1-15 apart from the Lv15-cap (Archer & Acrobat) for future (if any) confusion.

2nd Update! North American Translations added. Also note, please stop complaining for those of you who ask/say, “THE LEVEL CAP IS 24! I CAN’T FOLLOW THIS BUILD!” O.F.C. The level cap for OBT and Full Release is 24 until FURTHER NOTICE. Patience is a virtue. 

3rd Update! Proofreaded and included skill simulators and trees with new notes! Also removed minor errors.

Note: Pictures are not updated yet

Lv1: None
Lv2: None
Lv3: 1 Willow Kick
Lv4: 1 Piercing Shot, 1 Moonsault Kick
Lv5: 1 Pin Wheel, 1 Multi Shot
Lv6: 1 Somersault Kick
Lv7: None
Lv8: 1 Multi Shot
Lv9: 1 Willow Kick
Lv10: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble
Lv11: 1 Multi Shot
Lv12: 1 Willow Kick, 1 Wisdom of the Owl (Your choice to get this skill. I find it very useful for that extra “boost”.)
Lv13: None
Lv14: 1 Multi Shot
Lv15: 1 Willow Kick (Optional, read the note in results)

Lv2 Piercing Shot
Lv4 Multi Shot
Lv5 Willow Kick
Lv2 Tumble
Lv1 Everything else that you have either already had or put 1 into.

It’s your own choice if you want to get Wisdom of the Owl. (which is probably useful for your play style.) Also, from Lv15-Cap Archer SKill Table, you will only be raising Multi Shot (to 8 max for Ring Shot) and Willow Kick (to 9 if you need it for extra damage purposes). I would leave it at 4, if all you need is the Acrobat Skill pre-requisites.

Congrats! You’ve made it to Lv15 and are able to do the Job Advancement and pick between Bow Masters or Acrobats. Have fun doing those fancy spin kicks and Chun Li styled energy blasts!

*Note* On every Willow Kick listed in the build below, It’s your choice if you want to Level it up for PvP/PvE damage.*

Archer (Lv15-Cap)
Lv15: None
Lv16: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv17: 1 Multi Shot,
Lv18: 1 Willow Kick
Lv19: None
Lv20: 1 Tumble, 1 Multi Shot, 1 Power Tumble
Lv21: 1 Willow Kick
Lv22: None
Lv23: 1 Multi Shot
Lv24: 1 Willow Kick
Lv25: None
Lv26: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv27: [I]1 Willow Kick{/I]
Lv28: None
Lv29: None
Lv30: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble
Lv31: None
Lv32: None
Lv33: None
Lv34: None
Lv35: 1 Fury of the Owl (Mandatory)
Lv36: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv37: None
Lv38: None
Lv39: None
Lv40: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble

Acrobat (Lv15-Cap)
Lv15: 1 Kick Shot, 1 Air Pounce, 1 Spiral Kick
Lv16: None
Lv17: 1 Spirit Shot, 1 Eagle Dive
Lv18: 1 Kick Shot
Lv19: 1 Marionette, 1 Chain Tumble
Lv20: 1 Spiral Kick, 1 Eagle Dive
Lv21: None
Lv22: 1 Marionette
Lv23: 1 Eagle Dive, 1 Spiral Kick, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Chain Tumble, 1 Spiritual Focus
Lv24: None
Lv25: 1 Binding Shot
Lv26: 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Somersault Dance
Lv27: 1 Chain Tumble
Lv28: 1 Spiritual Focus
Lv29: 1 Ring Shot, 1 Counter Ring Shot, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Spirit Boost(Optional)
Lv30: 1 Somersault Dance
Lv31: 1 Chain Tumble
Lv32: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Ring Shot
Lv33: 1 Spirit Excelleration
Lv34: None
Lv35: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Shortbow Mastery, 1 Chain Tumble, 1 Spindle Tumble
Lv36: 1 Shortbow Mastery
Lv37: None
Lv38: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Spiritual Focus
Lv39: 1 Chain Tumble
Lv40: 1 Natures Rage, 1 ShortBow Mastery, (For Wind Walkers: Quake Barrage!)

This is the updated version WITH TRANSLATIONS and covers ALL skills that you will use and need. My own build saves 54 SP for the Tempest Job however, you may add them to the Archer Job shown below.

omgkenny’s build: http://db.mmosite.com/dn/t3_skill/acrobat.php?zytuPyAIOZS-IpiwCXVI|151$249

Lv24 Tree Example: http://db.mmosite.com/dn/t3_skill/acrobat.php?UQib-BYg1DppO7jo|88$105
Lv40 Tree Example: http://db.mmosite.com/dn/t3_skill/acrobat.php?o1CVwKtpIrX8wivJaBH_|101$242

Congratulations again! You’ve made it to Lv40! Now you have to wait until they release the Lv50 Cap to NADN to reach the next almighty Tempest Job. (Or Wind Walker) I know very little of this job, so will update accordingly.

Tempest Build
*Will Update Accordingly*

Here’s a little video for you all to see the awesomeness! Enjoy!

Please PM me on the forums if you wish to post this Kick Style Acrobat Build in other website/forums and leave credits. Don’t go saying you made this on your own now.

Thanks to omgkenny for helping me update this guide with the necessary buffs included.

Thanks to everyone who likes and uses this build! ^^ Love w/ cookies<3

Copyright© Pikachuxbboy

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17 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome guide dude =]

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait, so this build works for people who want to be Windwalkers or Tempests? Not just one?

  3. Anonymous says:

    theres a limit to the amount of sp you can put in acrobat skills and archer. the skills you have in acrobat passes that limit

  4. Anonymous says:

    what is marionette ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to the next updates when the Lv50 Cap is released. Thanks for this guide. Cheers! =] (I'm from Philippines btw)

  6. Anonymous says:

    im using it now too

  7. dalexli says:

    any tips for acrobat in pvp? im so noob when it come's to pvp…i always die…and what heraldy do you put?

  8. Mark Anthony V. Arica says:

    why did you put the archer build up to level 40 and acrobat at the same time? does it mean that i will upgrade my archer skills with my acrobat skills at same time?

  9. this one here has been updated as well so you don't have to open anything =]

  10. Anonymous says:

    could you repost the link for the updated version? I can't open it

  11. Anonymous says:

    WHich bow do you use?

  12. Thank you Pikachuxbboy / Misuki, this copy of your guide has been updated

  13. This build is outdated as I've updated this guide 3 times as of the first release. (I'm pikachuxbboy btw) Here's the link to the 3rd update. http://dragonnest.nexon.net/Community/forum#http%3A%2F%2Fforum2.nexon.net%2Fshowthread.php%3F5863-Kick-Acrobat-Skill-Build-Updated*%2Fpage18

    Go to page 16 for it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Friday, July 29, 2011 6:57 PM
    Seeing that this guide was made on this date somehow I doubt its outdated…And this is a kick build..so I'll assume that Magic Shot isn't need/want for this build but if you must have it. Guess you'll have some leftover SP

  15. Anonymous says:

    magic shot is far from useless.. I don't think this guides right. or atleast, outdated.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering, for level 1-15, is magic shot useless? Because i dont see it anywhere

  17. Anonymous says:

    You cant get willow kick till lvl 6..

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